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Friday, June 14, 2024

The teapot boils over: Americans pissed about Medicare cuts

Rep. Paul Ryan: Is the tea party over?

In a poll that tea party extremists should read, a clear majority of Americans clearly oppose the drastic deficit reductions proposal of Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan and his fellow right-wingers in Congress.

The new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds most Americans want Medicare left alone and oppose cuts in Medicaid and defense.

The only thing they do support is President Obama‘s plan to raise taxes on the rich.

The poll shows eroding support for Ryan’s budget plan, which calls for major restructuring of Medicare and Medicaid, with even a majority of those that align themselves with the tea party say Congressional Republicans are going to far.

Some 78 percent oppose the Medicare cuts and 69 percent don’t like the cuts in Medicaid.

In the poll, Obama has a double-digit lead for what Americans see as his efforts to protect the middle class.

For the rabid right, the message is clear: Finish your tea, the party is over.

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  1. Feed then crack and get they addicted for life or votes for life with the usual sacred cows of entitlements. Then get after the defense budget right along with it.

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