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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Rep. Paul Ryan booed at town hall meeting

Rep. Paul Ryan: His extremes aren't playing well at home.

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, architect of the GOP budget that preserves tax breaks for the wealthy and phases out Medicare, took his message to a series of town hall meetings in his Congressional district this week.

He didn’t play well.

Ryan was booed at a town hall meeting in Milton when a constituent questioned him on his budget proposals and Ryan tried to claim that the GOP is taxing the rich.

Those at the meeting didn’t buy the claim.

“We do tax the top,” Ryan claimed. That remark brought boos.

Polls show Ryan’s extreme budget proposals aren’t playing well with the mainstream, including Republicans who disagree with the changes to Medicare or the tax breaks for the rich.

A Washington Post-ABC news poll says 72 percent of Americans want taxes raised on wealthy Americans who make more than $250,000 a year.

But Ryan and his Republican followers in Congress want to preserve tax breaks for the wealthy.  It’s not the first time Republicans have overreached and those who supported him are now suffering from buyer’s remorse.

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5 thoughts on “Rep. Paul Ryan booed at town hall meeting”

  1. The idea is to make the tax structure so punitive that there is no more rich. Income distribution of the have section to the have not.

    • Yeah, funny that… all the folks declare that they want no class war, but what they mean is that there should only be one [poor] class.

    • It’s easy for people who don’t make any money because they live off the government to just say “oh, just tax the rich!” Just like in Madison, when you don’t get what you want…cry, scream, and act like animals.

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