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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Can Obama recapture his magic or is it too late?

Barack Obama at a fundraiser in San Francisco Wednesday (Reuters)

President Barack Obama, trying to explain away his many compromises that neutralized his promises of change during his first term as President, sounded a 2012 campaign theme Wednesday that appears to tell voters that things will get worse, not better.


With polls showing eroding support from the independents that gave him victory in 2008 and a liberal base that is growing more and more frustrated with his move to the center on key issues, Obama says “I understand your frustration.”

But will voters understand and continue to support a President that now represents the dreaded status quo and not change? That is the dilemma facing Obama as he tries to travel a political minefield that includes the contentious debate over raising the debt ceiling and dealing with the long-term deficit.

There are times when I’ve felt the same way you do,” Obama told a fundraiser in San Francisco Wednesday night. “It’s a big, complicated, messy democracy. We knew it wouldn’t be easy.”

This is not the message that liberals want to hear as Obama tries to shore up support for a second term.  They are tired of him backing down to Republicans on spending cuts tax breaks for the rich. They want the Obama they voted for in 2008 but that Obama appears long gone after more than two brutal years in the White House.

Yet the reality of life as President may pale compared to the harsh campaign Obama faces as he tries to re energize the independents and first-time voters who swept him into the Presidency in 2008.  Many of those voters now see him as the problem, not the solution and he faces a long, uphill battle in trying to win them back.

Obama senior adviser David Plouffe recognizes this.

“This is going to be a close campaign,” Plouffe told The Associated Press. “The one thing we better assume is that it’s going to be closer than the last one.”

Obama, in the meantime, is asking for patience.

“It is going to take more than a couple of years,” he says.  “It’s going to take us more than one term to finish everything we need to do.”

Voters realize that. What they have yet to decide is whether or not Barack Obama is the one to do it.

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7 thoughts on “Can Obama recapture his magic or is it too late?”

  1. Who is out there to vote for Doc Stuart? Name one who isnt tarnished with baggage or just an outright fruitcake? There arent any!!

    Obama will get re-elected and I for one will vote fo rhim. Anybody that can piss off both parties is alright by me….

  2. I think former Obama supporters are more fed up with the secrecy and deception than anything else. I don’t see how he has any chance of re-election unless he reverses Executive Order 13489 (signed the day after he took office), which effectively seals all his pre-presidential records. We’re talking about someone who had no public record prior to 2004 and who has reneged on all nearly his campaign promises. I blog about this at “The President with No Past” at

  3. It’s sad because we are down to, “Will Republicans field a candidate that is worse than Obama?”

    Once again we’ll have a choice between bad and worse. That’s really no choice at all.

  4. Some puppets have strings,
    others a hand up their backside.
    This guy is a product of either genre…..Hack..

  5. If 2008 was any indication, there are still plenty of Americans that believe in magic. Such as, the deficit will magically disappear if we triple it, the wars will magically become humanitarian missions overnight, our jobs will magically return if we could only pass more “free-trade” agreements, our economy will magically rebound if we monetize more debt and raise taxes on the “rich,” and Americans will magically become safer if we surrender more freedoms.

    And all the things we hated about the Bush Doctrine will magically become not only acceptable, but championed, for the simple fact that it’s not a Republican at the helm.

    The Democrats will forget all about Obama’s transgressions once the campaign gets into full swing. Hatred for the “enemy” will trump any dissatisfaction with Obama. That’s how it works.

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