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Friday, July 19, 2024

Rand Paul files for re-election…in 2016

Rand Paul: Like father, like son?

Freshman Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is filing for re-election — five years before his six-year term expires in 2016.

The son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul — a twice-failed Presidential contender — the younger Paul is also flirting with the idea of a Presidential run.

Paul beat the Kentucky GOP establishment in the 2010 election, upsetting the handpicked candidate in the primary and cruising to victory in the general election.

The younger Paul says he might run for the GOP Presidential nomination if his father doesn’t but the senior Paul is already making noises about a potential run.

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2 thoughts on “Rand Paul files for re-election…in 2016”

  1. I wouldn’t call Ron Paul a “frequent and failed Presidential contender”. He’s run twice, once as the Libertarian Party candidate, and once as a Republican. His run as a Republican was a much bigger success than anyone expected, and his popularity has continued to grow ever since.

    Rand Paul, in fact, was elected in a statewide Republican race in large part due to Ron Paul’s growing influence.

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