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Friday, July 19, 2024

BP lays a lot of cash on House Republicans

Speaker of the House John Boehner: A good friend of Gulf polluter BP

Oil mega-giant British Petroleum knows that if it wants to keep polluting the Gulf of Mexico it will need support from the Republicans in Congress.

So that’s where the oil company is spending its money.

Federal Election Commission reports show BP is maxing out contributions to top GOP leaders of the House.

House Speaker John Boehner got a check for $5,000. That’s the most BP can give…for now.

BP also sent a check for five grand to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton. Upton’s office says he sent the check back.

The National Republican Congressional Committee and the Senate Republican Committee also got $5,000 checks. So did House GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy.

But Ways and Means Committee chairman Dave Camp only got a grand while Democratic Rep. Peter Visclosky — the sole Democrat on the list — got a check for $3,000.

BP’s PAC still has plenty of cash to dole out — $322,408 at the end of March.

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9 thoughts on “BP lays a lot of cash on House Republicans”

  1. Bogofree. Most of the corruption found today in our Congress is legal. The law makers have covered their own butts and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Thousands of Americans want the rich taxed and someday they will realize who wrote the tax laws.

    It has been obvious to me that these laws that ended up destroying our economy and our jobs pushed overseas came from a simple problem within the Bush 41 Administration. I worked like holy hell to get NAFTA defeated and even here at CHB it got ugly. I worked around the clock to get Perot’s message out to the voters but at the time I was banned from RR but figured that multitudes of whiners really didn’t care.

    I sincerely believe that America has no interest in getting changes or even holding the system where it is. Their televisions are showing comedy shows and tabloid news. When our government tries to make a statement we expect a laugh track. A very Conservative political forum has decided that Trump and Palin will make the best team in 2012. There are some who want Charlie Sheen to run because he has spirit. If these folks want good ratings after the election, then Trump/Palin and Sheen are in.

  2. Griff, you are absolutely correct in your words about Obama adhering to the neocon plans of Karl Rove. Will the voters bother to straighten out his agenda on this remaking the Midfdle East and North Africa? President Obama has broken so many campasign promises that trying to prioritize them would take too much time.

    I am keeping watch on the latest book on the subject of Libyan plans. If there is one, Morning Joe will find it for us.

    They leave in a couple of days to cover the Wedding in London. I’m always interested in the styles worn by the bride and her family entourage including the Queen. I grew up wanting nothing more than to be Princess Margaret. My grandmother even ordered a white rabbit skin coat with the blue velvet muff for me. I felt like a Princess when I wore it. In those days I still believed in King Arthur. If and when the new bride has a baby that they name him Arthur.

    • Of course the banksters have their hand in this as well. I posted a similar link when this all began.

      In fact the first two items on the rebel’s agenda were to establish a central bank and get the oilf flowing again, making deals with oil companies.

      • Libya – on its best day – pumps 2% of world oil production. If the people of Libya have it as good as the article claims – with all the largesse disbursed by Ghadaffi – then what is the point of revolution, except for pressure by foreign influence and the prospect of power?

        I would suggest that it may only be the CIA and its counterparts – churning the rebels – in the name of US monetary interests – that has been the issue. After all, rebels bank ???

        How about a bank – beholding to global (read US) control – without local sovereignty?

        Doesn’t that sound more likely?

        • I wholeheartedly agree. You raise a valid point, one that I also raised when this all began.

          Oil prices skyrocketing over a country that supplies very little oil in the grand scheme of things. Manufactured crisis.

  3. BP wants to continue polluting the Gulf of Mexico? Yeah, I guess that’s their main mission.

    I’m sorry to burst every one’s bubble on this, but maybe the oil industry supports Republicans because they’re not openly hostile toward them. Until there is a viable solution to oil, I’m afraid we’ll have to get it from some where.

    Of course, the Obama administration speaks of reducing our “dependency” on foreign oil while travelling to Brazil in support of their offshore oil production in order for us to be “their number one customer.”

    Furthermore, we are now bombing Libya in order to protect “our” oil supply from being disrupted and “our” oil companies from being ousted from the country due to the regime’s threat to nationalize their oil industry.

    We won’t mention Iraq and Afghanistan.

    But I am some what surprised, considering Obama is closely adhering to the neocon PNAC doctrine of remaking the Middle East and North Africa.

  4. This is perfectly legal. Our congress has been involved in payola for decades. We elect the Republicans knowing they will take any amount of money to support the industries. We might be able to do something about it but it would involve some action from the voters. The Corporations do what gets them into the Congressional support.

    For some reason the Republican side of the aisle is far more eager to accept money for their services. We get what we vote for and it causes the corruption that has destroyed our economy. The voters don’t want to be bothered with the corruption.

    I exposed the big business conglomerate who were funding the Congress causing them to change votes and write bills protecting their clients. All hell broke loose here at Reader Rant and the denial of any corruption caused me some nasty emails phone calls. The base of the GOP at that time believed that Capitalism was for anyone who got to the congress first. Doug was not in charge and was home healing from some nasty surgery. Many of us thought he would never return and many left Reader Rant. The wave from the Texas Republican Party was sailing with Governor Bush and wanted only the GOP House and Senate to be in charge. In my eyes, it hit a new low in corruption from Texas. I was shocked at the Christians who wanted Bush in the White House at any cost. We got him and in my opinion America may never recover.

    Abusing the name of Jesus Christ for monetary gain must be the bottom of the barrel of ethics. It offends me greatly and I do not believe Jesus is my savior. I do believe who ever wrote his dialog had something to sell that needed to be bought by honest men and women.

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