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Friday, May 24, 2024

Uh oh: Palin supports The Donald


Sarah Palin is saying nice things about Donald Trump.

Should The Donald be worried?

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump: A match made in hell?

Palin jumped into Trump-mania with her usual foot-in-mouth style, slamming the press for what she called “unfair” coverage and claiming — with a straight face — that Trump has what it takes to be President.

The former Alaska governor, who quit before completing her term, praised the New York real estate developer and reality TV show promoter for raising the birther issue but said that contentious position is not Trump’s only issue.

Trump, she claimed, has good positions on other, more substantial issues but said the press is only focused on the birther question.

However, Palin won’t say if she supports Trump on the birther question and won’t provide a direct answer to questions about her position on the issue.

But she says the birther question of not Trump’s real focus.

“Trump is running on the issue, bottom line, that President Obama is in so far over his head,” she said.


Palin, wearing a Jewish Star of David around her neck, appeared on Fox News.

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