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Monday, June 17, 2024

Time for Mike Huckabee to get off the fence?


Potential Republican Presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee needs to make up his mind if he wants to be a contender for 2012.

The former Arkansas Governor gets high poll numbers among likely GOP voters but time is running short and Huckabee is still on the fence.

“Nobody knows what is going to decide,” Randy Davis, an rabid supporter of Huckabee in Iowa, told Reuters. “I’ve tried to encourage everyone to be patient.”

But patience is wearing thin among the GOP faithful who are looking for someone — anyone — to become the standard bearer for a 2012 race against Barack Obama.

Republicans have become so desperate that they are even looking at flamboyant real estate developer Donald Trump — king of the comb overs — as a serious Presidential contender.

As other candidates create “exploratory” committees and hire staff, Huckabee continues to ponder and avoid direct answers about his plans.

He bristles at those who say he is not running.

“How do you know that? I don’t know yet,” he said in a radio interview in March.

Huckabee is a potential tea party favorite but other darlings of the faux grassroots movement are flocking to Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum, who are already working the voters in Iowa.


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13 thoughts on “Time for Mike Huckabee to get off the fence?”

  1. No one wants a good candidate more than I do. I fear the religious right as coming from a sense that America had no values other than Jesus Christ. It feels that the American brain has thrown on the brakes and cannot handle the future of freedom. If the American culture stood on a firm foundation of individual rights, we could elect the Pope without giving away our values.

    Every 4 years I search for the base of American values and every year I see it slipping away under the great pressure of the churches. Every bill passed, every debate programmed and every fund raiser for the candidates based on getting money from the Christians. We end up catering to the weakest sinners. I received a document this morning warning of a man who has been chosen by the Social Conservatives to work on changing the American history being taught in our public schools. I will not mention his name as it would promote his actions even here at CHB.

    America sits only on the laws written by the Christians. This message is the first shot at gays and women to sit down and shut up. One can only imagine what will be taught about the African Americans and the civil war.

    I had hoped Gov. Huckabee would stand up against this propaganda being spread by the RNC. He can not and he will not. To have an honest Christian stand up for American values is what we need.

    America was founded on individual rights and not based on a Christian only nation. Americans should never have to choose a religion to live in America. When the next generation of kids hit the schools under this new plan, it will make men like Gingrich and Beck into Saints. Trump is feeding into this movement. Huckabee will convince himself that Jesus would expect his complete support.

    This whole movement will be the final straw of convincing Americans to go to church or go to hell. Weakening the human spirit is the final act for a takeover from people who have no belief in science and advanced education of the children.

  2. I did not complain about the time used prior to the 2008 election. I love these elections and sponge up the campaigns hoping the voters would vote more for the candidate they consider the best choice.

    Tonight on Rachel Maddow show she exposed some of the actions done in several States to make it more difficult to campaign in the primaries and final elections. The Conservatives are coming up with nearly impossible laws for each candidate. The problem is that the citizens seldom realize they are being manipulated.

    When it appears that the agendas of these parties are only an illusion and the candidates themselves are hearing a distant drummer touting issues of zero worth. It is time to take some time and figure out our agendas based on our individual desires. It used to be easy as the platforms seldom changed. In the past we had 4 years of one Administration to see if that President was as he/she promised.

    I’ve seen a shocking change in the Republican platform that turned me away from voting for any GOP member. We need time to promote a better system of honesty in our elections. The Democrats have kept their agenda firm and I have decide whether I can vote to rid the election of the Republicans. I’ve never voted against a party campaign without feeling guilty. I write in anyone rather than to simply ignore the ballot.

    Trying to make a list of good actions found within our candidates is nearly impossible because I apparently live in the wrong Nation. America is turning into South America where the leadership within the individual nations never changes and a new president is selected when the voters get pissy.

    Apparently CHB is still home to many politically interested members who feel we need a Christian in the white house. The cost of upgrading the Constitution would be ridiculous but if we cannot survive as free Americans, we will need a new Constitution that will tell us what Orwell tried to tell us and that is the way to live is to be directed from a single source.

    I saw this coming just before Christmas and was a wreck about how I would have to conform and pretend to use Jesus as my savior. We had a family gathering in Palm Springs and I felt it would probably be my last gathering of these wonderful people. The light was dimming in my mind’s eye and I tried to ignore the fear that humans were losing their special qualities from expanded brains and intelligence.

    It’s as if a madness has taken over the voters. Leaning to the right is giving in to the madness of the fear of Armageddon. Freedom is no longer worth the effort as our future sits in the Christian churches. There is no place for the Secular Humanists because 75% of the Republicans believe we are Satan sent.

    A list of States claim that Obama will never make it on the ballot because of the doubt that his birth certificate is legal. It’s that same 75% who will work nonstop to keep Obama off the ballots. They will do it in the name of Jesus Christ and “there was great rejoicing. “

  3. By the way, didn’t every one complain last election about how long the campaign season was? But here we are, pushing all these morons to declare their candidacy already.

    There’s nearly two years before a new president is sworn in. A lot of work to be done.

  4. I like Gov. Huckabee but what qualifications does he bring in a potential run for the White House? The mass making up the voters include a lot of women and certainly a lot of gays who came out of the closet several years ago. Will either of these groups vote for Gov. Huckabee? He believes that President Obama is a Muslim which is not true. Huckabee seems to care for the multitudes of Americans who can or do not work and the many who are handicapped and need a few freebies. This element of Americans must not be ignored. There is much that can be done to add academics to these folks and train them to survive as individuals. He did little as Governor as his state has a high rate of illiteracy. I also understand that the rate of abortions is higher in Arkansas than the surrounding states. If Huckabee runs on ythe prohibitions that legislated against sins, his own state may feel the pressure and may not bother to vote at all.

    Outside of the social issues, what exactly would Huckabee bring to the government? He has not worked in construction, manufacturing or even tending to the sick or poor other than praying for them. Is that enough? I don’t know as I have nothing to pray to or for.

    I want all Americans to be able to be employed and tend to their families and continue the family trees with joy. If we look to the government to set up crime and punishment instead of the honest use of tax dollars nothing will will ever improve. The Conservatives might very well back Huckabee and then will spend the next two years of his Administration writing new laws in the Constitution and figuring more ways of punishing the people for their sins.

    Is this the function of the White House? I remember the discussiom of the “Sin Amendment” prior to 43’s election. It is the same movement that hired the Inquisitions in Europe. The Huckabee group believes that God must be obeyed in all levels of American culture. Do you believe that all Americans are Christians? I remember Pat Buchanan’s campaigns and yes he believes that all Americans are Christians and if they don”t admit it, they will be trained to qualify.

    This is government out of control. It is a dangerous assumption. In America we can be anything we want and as long as we accept the laws of the states we live in, there is no problem. Why make a problem?

    Huckabee has been a good governor. He knows his people and he gives them the religious leadership that they want. I like his personality but I would never choose to live in Arkansas as I am a social liberal. I have no desire to change my neighbors as long as they can put up with me.

    My mother;s parents left Utah due to their social behavior and moved to California where the attitude of the people was healthier. The dedication to the church was too much for my grandfather who worked only for Jesus Christ. Piling on unwanted children just to support the church was not a part of the agreement. The children had to be perfect. One characteristic carried from that level of the family were high count f left handedness and having miss matched eyes. I got the first problem but my eyes are the same color. Life in California wore down the extemist actions of the Temple and the family finally broke away. Music took the top priority and all could play, compose, arrange and all were members of symphony orcxhestras or jazz bands.

    I arranged for a Mormon group of women to dress my grandmother when she died as she was the closest thing to a Latter Day Saint found in our home. We had the ultimate freedom of choice and we survived. But I would never promote or support Gov. Romney for the White House as I have seen the pressure the Temple puts on the members. They still do not allow women or gays in the Priesthood.

    The GOP is so eager for a openly Christian President that they they may lose this next election. I just don’t see the advantage of a Christian White House.

    I chose not to marry one as I did not want to be a brood mare. I wanted my kids to be individuals with tons of music, art and theater in their background. I sure as hell don’t want an Evangelical in the White House. I would love to have Huckabee as a neighvor as his personalitry is enchanting.

    Maybe the next President could appoint a religious leader and give Huckabee a position of being able to pray for the sinners in our government,

  5. I guess 15 straight months of continuous campaigning won’t be enough to satisfy the media. Let Mike Huckabee declare when he is ready. I agree with Jeannie Chambers above: America needs Huckabee more than he needs to be President.

  6. Doug, nice article from a Democrat observer. Thanks for sticking to the facts and not distorting them the way some do including some in GOP. Your mom and grand mom would be mighty proud of you. Vote smart with the majority of Americans and help us vote the Huck into office !
    Have a great day, Doug !

  7. We have NO declared candidates yet for 2012–your fence analogy suggests a corral full of declared candidates and Huckabee sitting on the fence dithering and indecisive. What we actually have is an empty corral with several possible candidates considering a run in 2012. I think Huckabee will run–he doesn’t need to be president, but WE desperately need him.

    Ronald Reagan turned us around after the fiasco that was the Carter administration. It will take a greater president to fix the mess Obama is creating–and Huckabee is the only possible candidate with the potential to do that.

    He has an army of loyal supporters who are saving to donate all we can and getting ready to do all we can to usher in a Huckabee administration when he does. The timing is up to him, but I see no need for him to be the first candidate to throw the proverbial hat into the proverbial ring.

  8. Does having a combover have any affect on one’s ability to be president? Aren’t we supposed to be above all that? I don’t like Trump for president any more than the next guy, but his hair certainly has no influence in that regard.

    Huckabee has much better hair, so I guess he’s a shoo-in. He plays bass guitar too. F**k policy, I’m in with the Huckster!

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