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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Arizona governor slaps down ‘birther’ law

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

In a rare moment of sanity in a state not known for logic, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Monday vetoed a controversial bill that would require Presidential candidates to prove their U.S. citizenship before they could appear on ballots in that state.


The bill, a knee-jerk political homage to the so-called “birther” movement popular with the rabid right and aimed directly at President Barack Obama, come from the state that spawned the illegal immigration law that allows profiling and widespread discrimination against those of Hispanic descent.

Brewer said she vetoed the bill because it gives the state’s secretary of state virtually unlimited power to determine who can and cannot appear on a Presidential ballot in Arizona.

Brewer, a former secretary of state in Arizona, said “I do not support designating one person as the gatekeeper for a candidate, which could lead to arbitrary and politically motivated decisions.  In addition, I never imagined being presented with a bill that could require candidates for president of the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth to submit their ‘early baptismal circumcision certificates” among other records to the Arizona secretary of state. This is a bridge too far.”

A circumcision certificate is listed in the bill as one of the records that a candidate could submit to prove citizenship.

Birthers, led by right-wingers, claim Obama was not born in the United States even though Hawaii officials have certified he was born there.

Opponents to the Arizona bill say the law could be just another black eye for a state that has kowtowed to the right-wing fringe in recent years.

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5 thoughts on “Arizona governor slaps down ‘birther’ law”

  1. Donald Trump was pro-choice until about two or three weeks ago, when he told some half-baked story about seeing how happy some friend of his was at the birth of their child. Bologna pours out of his mouth faster than out of any cold cut factory I’ve ever seen.

  2. Is it common practice for all boy babies born in America to be circumcised? My generation did not do this to all the boys. My husband was not clipped nor was my step son. Is this procedure now done under the laws of the federal or state government?

    The State of Arizona does not furnish a long form birth certificate and trying to use it for voting or running for election is ridiculous.

    I sat at the farmer’s market in Cambria Califoirnia registering voters and it was my job to check one ID before submitting the form. I turned in the forms by county as it was the responsibility of the country to check for felons and proper addresses. These hateful Conservatives will never allow undesirables to vote or even register without a problem. They are developing a shadow government and believe they are in the majority.

    Will they take this to the Supreme Court based on their supposed numbers?

    Would it be possible for them to break away from the general elections and come up with a sub political party where they would have a seat in the D.C. area and become a lobby? I want to know more about this new movement that will put all members under the control of federal law. Is there any mention of privacy when it comes to circumcision? I expect a law forcing all women who have had abortions to register with the government. A.G. Ashcroft tried to do this in 2000 and failed. Will women who have had their female parts removed get a special classification from the federal government?

    This morning, Donald Trump was questioned about his being pro-life as regards to the privacy part of Roe v Wade. He did not know how this could be part of R v W. This is what happens when the religious right gets their teeth into our federal government.

    If this continues, American will not need a federal governmentr and the council of churches will handle all decisions and actions.

  3. Now we know just how crazy the wing-nut conservatives are, that Gov. Brewer had to veto this bill. The schizophrenia of that crowd becomes apparent when their “solution” to a nonexistent problem is to crown the AZ Secretary of State as the official kingmaker.

    I would think that a more reasonable position, especially for the anti-government folks, would be to allow every individual to determine a candidate’s qualifications (including place of birth) on their own. We need big government to tell us what to believe because we, the people, aren’t competent enough to make out own decisions?

    I fear I will swoon from the contradiction and ill-logic in this drama.

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