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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Obama: A one-term President?



Barack Obama: Is the party over?

President Barack Obama’s public approval ratings is heading back into the cellar with a new Gallup Poll showing just 41 percent of Americans giving him a thumbs up for his job performance — tying a record low he reached twice in 2010.


The poll comes as the President launches his re-election bid and pushes taxes increases while most of the nation struggles in an uncertain economy.

Obama’s support is slipping the most with independent voters — the ones who put him into office in 2008 and his numbers are also falling with Democrats.  Only 35 percent of independents think Obama is doing a good job.

What’s causing Obama problems? The economy, of course plus gas prices and the constant hammering he is taking from a tea party dominated House of Representatives.

“President Obama is now as unpopular as he has been at any time since he became President,” says Gallup analyst Jeffrey Jones, who points to economic woes, gas prices and the rabid right as Obama’s big challenges. “His ability to navigate these challenges will help determine whether he will be elected to a second term as President.”

Three other Presidents faced similar low public approval ratings in recent years: Roanld Reagan, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Reagan and Clinton rebounded to win second terms. Voters fired Carter after just one term.

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6 thoughts on “Obama: A one-term President?”

  1. Obama’s share of the deficit accumulated through a little more than two years in office will soon surpass Bush’s share through eight years, which now stands at 4.7 trillion.

    Where, oh where are those deficit hawk Democrats that were so aghast over Bush’s spending?

  2. Believe a politician is honest? I’ve got a bridge for sale, cheap. Either way, I foresee a second term for the man my daughter called (and I was derided for this at the time) an empty suit. Primarily because while he may still be an empty suit, the Republican slate of potential candidates are even worse.

  3. One can only hope that he is a one-termer, but counting on the American public to see things clearly and truthfully cannot be counted-on. for instance, 6 in 10 Americans believe Obama to be honest!? I don’t think they know which way is east or west! since Obama took office, he has abandoned much of what he said during his campaign for pres in 2008. He even started another war in Libya!!

    • Yep, look up US citizen in the dictionary. If you can’t find it it’s probably because of your spelling… try G U L L I B L E.

  4. A one term president? Highly unlikely, given the Republican field of increasingly unappealing candidates.

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