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Saturday, July 13, 2024

California Republican sent photo of Obama as an ape

Altered photo sent out by California GOP official. The caption read: "Now you know why no birth certificate."

A senior Orange County, California, Republican official sent out an email that included an altered photo of President Barack Obama, portraying him as an ape.

Marilyn Davenport, a member of the Southern California Republican Party central committee, reportedly sent out the email that included a photo of chimpanzee parents and child — with Obama’s face superimposed on the chimpanzee child — with the caption: “Now you know why no birth certificate.”

Davenport sent the photo to her right-wing GOP mailing list and it went viral on conservative forums and bulletin boards.

Davenport promised the Associated Press that she would issue a written response to the charge but then went silent.

But Davenport admitted sending out the photo when contacted by the OC Weekly newspaper, telling a reporter that it was “just an Internet joke.”  Then she added: “You’re not going to make a big deal about this are you?”

The paper doesn’t have to. Davenport’s questionable actions took care of that.

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24 thoughts on “California Republican sent photo of Obama as an ape”

  1. This is absolutely disgusting and I think that she should FIRED!!!! This racism in this country has to stop. President Obama is our Leader and we should give him more respect.

  2. Those poor chimpanzees. How dare they associate those poor lovable animals with Obama!

    In all seriousness, that was pretty low brow. Something like this is much more funny because it is so true and no animals are harmed.

    Another one:


  3. Google search for obama+monkey = 29.6 million; google search for bush+monkey = 35.9 million. However, if it’s about Obama it’s racist, if it’s about Bush it’s a fair comparison due to his IQ.

  4. I do agree that she never should have sent this, BUT, let’s not have a double standard here. There were plenty of Liberals, even political cartoonists that portrayed Bush as a monkey in their comics. Is it OK to have pictures of Bush as a monkey with no call for recourse, but ask for the resignation of someone else for doing exactly the same thing, just because the president is African American? Everyone wants equality. Let’s not draw a line in the sand where equality is no longer wanted.

    • dude this depiction is just racist. white men have never been historically considered monkeys or apes, so yes there is a clear and distinct difference between Obama being depicted this way and Bush. This photo coupled with the caption questioning his birth is extremely racist and xenophobic. I’m appalled. She needs to get fired.

      wanting equality doesn’t mean we want to be racially bashed. this country has a long way to go.

  5. I hope everyone here listens to Decmocraps talk day in and day out. They are the ones that set the stage for these kinds of tactics… With the media (everything else other than fox news) on their side, the Democraps call Repubs dirty hateful things all the time… I agree this is racist and all I’m saying is, STOP AT THE SOURCE. If the Democraps so not stop why should the Repubs? I mean, the Democraps get away with calling Repubs “Teabaggers” and its played on national radio.

    Democraps ask why the hateful rhetoric, guess who changes there tone, the Repubs. and guess who’s back at it again…. the CRAPS.

    honestly, make a clean sweep and get rid of them all….

  6. It’s sad to know that we have officials that are supposed to be for the people, but don’t support the decision of “the people”. The truth of the matter is President Obama holds our highest office in this country and I wouldn’t disrespect him or myself to support and make excuses for such ignorance as Davenport’s “internet joke”. President Obama has received this country in its worst shape since the Great Depression ( thanks Bush!) and while I don’t always agree with his decisions, I can admit that that this type of bigotry only sets us thousands of years back as a country. With all the issues we have, we now have time to send hate emails? This is an embarrassment for the GOP and anyone who is ignorant enough to “ask” her to step down. There shoudn’t be a question. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t go back and forth on whether this is racism or not, everybody has an opinion. However, what’s a fact is that ….we can’t afford this type of nonsense! It just goes to show that we’ve come so far in that the “sheets” are off, but so far to go, as ignorance obviously lives in this lowest and highest places and positions.

  7. In many countries today there is a widespread use of racist and nationalistic ideas as one of the tools that will definitely attract people’s attention when the elections are about to take place. And it seems to me this trend has been on the rise in the last few months when politicians in Britain and France and in other countries as well attack multiculturalism and question its impact on society. However, I think that Davenport’s joke will only damage the reputation of the tea party and the GOP.

  8. So what. remember all the satirical pictures of W. that went around of him be portrayed as a monkey. public figures are open to ridicule.

  9. And yet, a image search for “George W. Bush Monkey” returns thousands of images of Bush as a monkey. Is this about race, or politics? I think people on both sides need to grow up.

    • Of course it’s a double standard. That’s why the “liberals” so love having a black president. Bush as a Nazi? No problem. Obama as a Nazi? Racist!

      • obama as hitler is NOT racist. obama as chimp, or cartoonish african native with a bone through his nose, or jokes about “african lions and lyin’ africans” is.

        white people are not the racial group often compared to pongids, so a lampoon of a white guy as a chimp only implies lower intelligence, not racism, although if you think that anyone was using the “n-bomb” to describe georgie, you can be excused for your obtuseness.

        • So perhaps Obama as a chimp might imply the same as the white guy as a chimp. I really can’t help the fact that Bush is white and Obama is black.

          My point is that there was plenty of “disrespect” coming from the left during the Bush administration. The loving liberals can be and have been just as nasty toward Republicans, the only difference being they didn’t have the race card in their deck.

          That being said, I would much prefer that Republicans not give the Democrats any more racial ammunition than they already have. It’s stupid and it distracts from meaningful policy debate, and paints those of us that may oppose Obama on some of the same grounds as being part of the collective “rabid right-wing.”

  10. i want to see Marilyn Davenport’s birth certificate. For all i know she was born in Mexico and stole some hard working Americans identity. All these retards shouting ‘birth certificate’ need to pony up and release theirs to the public as well. Wow, what a bunch of hypocrites and bigots.

    • When one of “these retards” becomes President, he or she will be asked to “pony up and release theirs.” Until then, that’s a rather stupid request.

  11. Griff, I think these fools are proud of their racism. The throw it on every subject discussed. It points out to others that they are superior in their skin. Several of the Tea Party members are Jewish and have a history of being victims of how many others treated Jews. Did they discover some one quirk about others that made them feel superuior? I grew up in a very bigoted and racist home and there were many people in Santa Monica I could not play with or bring home. I had 6 gal friends who had been my pals since before we went to school. When we hit 21 in the same year, one of the family members decided to put on a party in a grown up supper club. We had all been to most of them but we pretended it was a first treat. I was not invited and wondered why my hame was left off the list. I had been dating a lovely Frenchman who was in America to learn about television programming. If he looked Jewish, I didn’t notice but somehow I was removed from the party. It hurt! and I did not tell my friend and did not ask him his roots. I would never play these games and I grew up feeling sorry for the wonderful Jewish people that I knew and the others would never know. When my firiend told me that he would never vote for a black person, I asked him if he would vote for a Jew. He was jewish and never answered my question. Maybe the victims wanty to laud it over others and it will never end………

    I received my newpaper from “Freedom from Religion” this morning and the issue addresses women in the churches and how they are labeled incorrectly and never say a word. American women are not anywhere being equal and I think the last freedoms to be recognized will be the women. What disturbs is that the women raise the children and are gulty of prioritizing their lives around their sons. So the world will take a little more time with women’s rights.

    There was an article in the paper about James Dean being molested by the family priest for years and when he and Elizabeth were starring in his last film, she promised that she would never say a word about this problem until Dean was deaf. She kept her word. . Dean was a great actor and had to fight through the actions in his childhood that affected him until he died. I was molested just once and has made me feel inferior for most of my life. I always felt that it somehow showed when I got dressed and presented myself at work or out in society. Nobody talked about it in the 40’s to the 60’s. I never even told my husband as I feared he would annul our marriage due to the circumstances of my rape. He might have. He was a strange bird whose father had been a Baptist Minister.

    I have some good Christian friends but I take them as individuals. When 2 or more get together, it becomes angry and ugly. I am still shocked that many here in California are uncomfortable coming into my home where I have 2 black cats. It’s that occult madness.

  12. That was pretty dumb, even by today’s political standards. Don’t these morons know the internet exists?

  13. How can anyone question the intentions of the Republican Party? My devotion to Darwin allowed me to hang the members of my family tree on my bedroom wall. On my father’s side I used a drawing of a Neanderthal man and my mother’s side had a lovely young chimpanzee holding her baby.

    In my world we are all the same color and came from the same origins and I resent my old political groups to abuse our current President in this way. The group make no bones about their racism and I fear they will win elections on the issue.

    I take pride in my human species and have no fear of our roots. I am far more pro-life than anyone I know who claims to be a member of the religious right. The GOP has become a tribe of its own with roots in the occult and the color of their skin.

    If the American people cannot see what this group of bigots stands for and they elect them back into the congress; they deserve what they get. If the south decides to leave the union, I will give them a farewell party.

  14. There are no words…except remove this woman from her post, and think long and hard about what what this kind of bigotry is doing to our country, and The Office of The Presidency. Not just this President, but for all who are now foolish enough to take on this impossible job in the future.

    • Really? Fired? For putting the president’s picture on a monkey? This is a SERIOUS offense for you guys? Putting a famous person’s face on an animal means you should be fired?

      Take it down a notch, kids.

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