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Friday, July 19, 2024

Is the Obama administration soft on porn?


Attorney General Eric Holder is shutting down the Bush-era Justice Department Obscenity Prosecution Task Force and conservatives in Congress are mad as hell.

The rabid right wants more action against porn and they are agitating the faithful in Congress to create yet another headache for the Obama administation.

Justice Department spokesmen say the government is not giving up the fight against porn but want local U.S. attorneys and the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section of the Criminal Division to handle porn cases.

The Obscenity Prosecution Task Force was set up during George W. Bush’s administration because of pressure from the right.  The operation targeted Internet porn.

But pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry and readily available. Legal experts say prosecution of porn is increasingly difficult and not cost-effective, given other crimes that rip through society.

But the hard-core right, led by Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, is not happy.

“We write to urge the Department of Justice vigorously to enforce federal obscenity laws against major commercial distributors of hardcore adult pornography,” said an April 4 letter signed by Hatch and 41 other Senators. “We know more than ever how illegal adult obscenity contributes to violence against women, addiction, harm to children, and sex trafficking. This material harms individuals, families and communities and the problems are only getting worse.”

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7 thoughts on “Is the Obama administration soft on porn?”

  1. I will guarantee you that these 41 Senators that signed this letter with Orin Hatch were mostly southern Senators. My husband and I drive down south at least every other year because his mother and two brothers live in Mississippi. And each time we drive there, I marvel at the amount of roadside porn places we pass. Peep shows, movies, live nude girls, and all the accessories you need and a few you never even heard of.

    These Senators are busy signing letters but they aren’t doing a damned thing to help clean up their own backyard, are they? In fact, I’d bet you a year’s salary that if they haven’t been in one of those establishments, then someone in their immediate family is a regular customer.

  2. I hear ya, Sandune, but I disagree with the ‘cheapens’ bit. If you want to make human life valuable, you first have to make it scarce – That’s elementary economics – So if you don’t want cheap people, you should be radically for birth control.

    Elementary logic.


  3. I’m not against selling sex. Entire nations are run by the condition of the Emperors. Not everyone has the same sex drive and when people try to manipulate the business of selling sex, it becomes absurd. I have no interest where or with whom anyone sleeps but when parents deliberately dress their little girls to attract boys and men, then it crosses the barriers of taste.

    The development of the family cannot be good when the little 10 year old girls are padding their bras and learning how to walk and dance as if they are having sex. It cheapens the child and hurts their reputations.

  4. Waste spending is a problem, and that was a waste. Like many things, from alcohol to cigarettes to charging interest, the best solution isn’t outlawing and prosecution, but regulating and taxing.

    Unfortunately, the idea of ‘normal way of showing the body’ doesn’t exist. In Cretan styles, both men and women exposed their breasts. In the original Olympics, athletes competed in the nude.

    What is normal? Perhaps women should wear the burka everywhere, and expose nothing beyond their eyes? Some Puritans would have a problem with exposing a calf; some Shiites would have a problem with exposed hair.

    I’m sorry, but I’m not going to buy any religious argument about what should and should not be exposed, because they’re contradictory.

    And finally, what really cheapens people isn’t pornography. It is trying to make a living off asking, “Would you like fries with that?”.


  5. How boring… like we have nothing better to fix with this nation then porn… Guess what, as long as there’s conservative perverts consuming porn, us liberals will keep producing it and masturbating over the thoughts of corrupting your pedophile ministers.

  6. Now they are beginning to cut back waste spending. Thanks to the television, movie industry and the world of music, our last, current and future generations will be hooked on porn.

    From where I sit, the Conservatives may be the most active group of hypocrites living in America. Here’s a clue; walk by any Junior High School within the Public school district and look at how the kids are dressed. Parents decide what they wear and the style is early whore house.

    I hope this is just another cycle of parental abuse and maybe a new set of cultural actions and styles will return to a more normal way of showing the body.

    If anyone watches the trailers for the many new shows of “Wives of _______” one can see the new models for our girls. I am no fan of porn as it cheapens our young girls.

    • Hatch makes me embarrassed to be a Republican. I wish he would just go retire. I don’t trust the Democrats either as they would do it for control. I wish the Libertarians would actually win something and send these two zealot parties packing for retirement completely.

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