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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Bachmann, Paul fault Republicans

Michelle Bachmann

Two possible Republican presidential candidates speaking in Iowa on Monday criticized their own party leaders for failing to cut enough from the federal budget.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul criticized both President Barack Obama’s budget and a proposal by Wisconsin Republican Congressman Paul Ryan in a speech at an Iowa college.

“Neither of those budgets will solve our problems, won’t even come close,” said Paul, speaking at the Dordt College Campus Center in Sioux Center Monday morning.

In a speech at an Iowa high school, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann criticized a last-minute budget deal reached Friday between Obama and congressional leaders which narrowly averted a government shutdown. The compromise plan would cut $37.8 billion in spending for the rest of the fiscal year.

“I broke with my own leadership this weekend…” Bachmann said at Pella Christian High School. “I’m very disappointed at the bill that came through… The voters expected us to defund ObamaCare.”

Paul said both the Obama and Ryan plans accept the idea the government will want to run the welfare system.

“Ryan’s, even though he makes an attempt at it, doesn’t reject that notion. I do,” Paul said.

Ryan is the new chairman of the House of Representatives Budget Committee and has offered a detailed proposal for holding down federal spending over the long term.

Congressman Paul also criticized spending on “maintaining our empire” and “being the policeman of the world.”

“All great societies … have ended for foreign policy reasons,” Paul said. “That’s what brought the Soviets down.”

Paul said he also opposes raising the nation’s federal debt limit.

Bachmann spoke extensively of her Christian credentials. She talked of trying to get a constitutional amendment passed in Minnesota that would ban gay marriage and about how she and her husband have been “sidewalk counselors” on abortion.

“I will not give up until we give life the position it deserves in the United States,” Bachmann said.

Iowa’s party caucuses early in 2012 are the first test of presidential contenders.

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1 thought on “Bachmann, Paul fault Republicans”

  1. Poor Congresswoman Bachmann believes that homosexuals need brainwashing through prayer to see the advantage of marrying women who can give them children. The brainwashing includes that if their wife should develop a terminal disease unless an abortion is performed, those poor fools will need to just get over it. These born-again bores appear to be overly interest in straight sex. Their own husbands break every moral sin known to man and I feel they even have their own set of sins. But we must realized they live according to Jesus and are not responsible to the government laws.

    I dated many Christian from our church in Santa Monica and I was very uncomfortable when the evening kiss goodnight was approaching that I was being tested for my fertility. Every so often I wake up in a bad nightmare and wondered what would have happened to me if I had been made pregnant during my rape at the age of 12. Would I have had to live with the guilt of an abortion or having to donate my entire life trying to figure out why me?

    This is the word of the occult living on the edge of terrorism. I would not do this to my own girls and I resent the doubletalk coming out of Bachmann. She reminds me of an unprepared actress auditioning for a role in a play and trying to make up the words as she goes along. It saddens me what she must be doing to her own children. What if one of them is gay?

    By what model does she judge others? Could it be a form of autism? Pushing religion on Americans is a foolish attempt to push the same old missionary culture around.

    The facts are that more Americans are ignoring the religious traditions of their youth. It is just another label to use on others. It was fully accepted by the GOP just before President Bush 43 entered the white house. In my book he is no model for any level of decency.

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