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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Why is a crybaby running the House of Representatives?

House Speaker-designate John Boehner of Ohio wipes away tears as he waits to receive the gavel from outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. during the first session of the 112th Congress, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

John Boehner cries more than a woman with PMS.

The Speaker of the House is more of a crybaby than the woman who preceded him as in the job. He’s shed more tears in three months than Nancy Pelosi did in four yours.

On Wednesday, Boehner appeared before a GOP caucus to talk about the budget impasse and a pending government shutdown and teared up once again.

ABC New quoted a attendee at the meeting: “He cried, but only briefly.”

That he cried at all is a sad testament to the GOP.

Why is this wimp running the House? As Speaker is third in the line of succession to become President. Do we want a whiner who breaks down and bawls like a baby?

It’s one thing to show emotion. It’s something else to be so emotional that you cry often, which is exactly what Boehner does.

When the GOP won control of the House in last November’s mid-term elections, he cried.

He wasn’t the only one. A lot of us cried over the prospect of GOP control and a freshman class dominated by Tea Party zealots.

“Boehner…is prone to tears,” Paul Kane of The Washington Post wrote on Oct. 27, 2010.  “It drives him crazy but he can’t help it.”

Once again, he’s not alone. Boehner drives us to tears…often.  As for his tears driving him crazy, he doesn’t need to worry. It’s a short trip.

Boehner’s ascension to Speaker came 13 years after Republicans publicly removed him as a player in their leadership because he had the gall to suggest working with House Democrats.

The zealots who run the GOP never compromise, even if standing firm is bad for the nation and the people who elected them to office.  Now, more than decade after he lost power in the GOP, Boehner is once again under fire, this time from the rabid right wing that controls his party and wants him to take tougher stands against President Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Maybe that’s what he cries so much.

He’s afraid history will repeat itself.

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14 thoughts on “Why is a crybaby running the House of Representatives?”

  1. Boehner is a lightweight and he knows it. He’s crying because he’s forced to actually respond to questions and fears he will be exposed.

  2. The meanings of words can bring on tears from anyone. A good actor can bring tears to my eyes when my brain takes in the meaning of the speech. I’ve been this way for years. After a Christmas program at our school, I ended up dry eyed and the director would judge the performance based on my eyes. I was raised on grand opera and Shakespeare and feel cheated if I can’t have a good cry. This is a woman’s problem and I have never tried to hide my emotions especially when it is one of my own kids up there.

    Some really great and famous movie directors can cry so loudly that their mikes have to be turned off. One very famous director broke down in tears when his horse won the San Anita Derby. One of the richest women in the world also nearly lost it when her horse won the Kentucky Derby. She kissed her horse on the mouth and wiped her own eyes on her sable coat. These are not normal reactions for most people but I love to be there when it happens. If you havn’t cried when one of your kids does something outstanding, you haven’t lived.

  3. The man is a wino. Too much wine makes some people maudlin. Obviously, he’s one of them. He needs to lay off the chianti. A stint in rehab wouldn’t hurt him, although he’d probably still spend most of the time crying.

    • My sorry experiences suggest he may need to alter his cocktail. Unless a baseball hit my shin I never cried as a child. But years of booze, Valium etc. had me crying over road kill.

  4. I have cried at my mother and fathers deaths, I have cried at other family member’s deaths, and I have cried at a good friend’s death, but this wussy assed wimp has an inner emotional problem that a grown man should be able to control. He needs to seek help to find the cause of this uncontrollable need to bawl like a baby and get out of politics until he grows up and becomes a man.

  5. “John Boehner cries more than a woman with PMS. The Speaker of the House is more of a crybaby than the woman who preceded him as in the job.”

    Nice to see that sexism is alive and well among liberals.

    How about this, which is probably closer to the truth anyway: John Boehner cries more than an alcoholic drying out.”

  6. Take note: He only gets “emotional” when he is being honored, somehow. You know, “lowly son of a tavern owner now a famous and powerful man” sort of thing. They gave him a standing ovation (for brinksmanship, the only form of modern conservative governance), and he cried at his own greatness.

    It’s true; watch for it…

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