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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Obama wants another four years. God help us


Barack Obama wants another four years as President.

Oh boy. Be still my heart. I haven’t been this excited about something since I jumped stark naked into a vat of ice-cold Franklin dimes.

Four more years of failed leadership, four more years of meandering from side to side like a rowboat in stormy waters, four more years of flawed policies.

Sadly, because the other side can’t get its act together and find a credible candidate, he will probably be around for four more years.

Who’s the GOP going to field? Mike HuckabeeMitt Romney? Michelle Bachmann? Donald Trump? Sarah Palin?

God help us.

A good candidate could take Obama out. A good candidate could appeal to all those independents who have abandoned Obama.

But the GOP, now infested with the Tea Party extremists, is doing its best to alienate those who are looking for somebody — anybody — to support instead of Obama.

Thanks to the public union busting stunts of Tea Party types like GOP Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, the cops, firefighters and first responders who flocked to the GOP after 9/11 are deserting the party of the elephant in droves.  Even cops and first responders who don’t belong to a union support their brothers and sisters. That brotherhood is stronger than any political tie.

Suburban soccer moms who helped people people like Walker in office now regret their votes because he and others of his ilk attack the schools and threaten the education of their children.

And while the GOP flocks to the extreme edges of its party, it allows an opening for someone like Obama, who clearly doesn’t deserve a second term but probably will get it.

Obama’s Presidency is a failure on so many levels that it should be easy to defeat him next year but it will take a real candidate who can win, not some ideologue who can’t translate an over-zealous following into a serious political movement.

The Tea Party-backed field of candidates who swept to victory in 2010 are pushing too many extremes on Capitol Hill and support for them is dropping in poll after poll.

Palin is a joke. So is Bachmann. The field of potential GOP candidates is so pitiful that even the king of the comb-over — Donald Trump — is doing well in pre-election polls.

There’s little doubt that Democrats deserved to lose control of the House in 2010 and that fact alone gave the Tea Party-backed candidates an edge they would not have had in saner times. And like the Republicans who swept into power in 1994, those who won failed to realize that it was voter backlash against the other side — not an endorsement extremism — that gave them victories on election day.

So they came to Washington with fire in their eyes and started pushing their extremist issues. Now voters have buyer’s remorse.  Even other Republicans wince at some of the actions of the newbees.  GOP Senator Scott Brown of Massachussets calls some of the proposals of his party “nuts.”  That’s putting it mildly.

The buyer’s remorse will turn many of the GOP freshman House members into one-termers, probably deny the GOP a chance to control the Senate, and give Obama another four years to screw up this country even more than he has now.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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22 thoughts on “Obama wants another four years. God help us”

  1. I WANT Obama to get re-elected. Niether side has ANYBODY who is remotely half as talented as Obama. What Doug, you want The Donald to be President??


    WHO would you have replace him? Ron Paul?? Mitt Romney? Newt??

    Get real. We are stuck with Obama for another 4 years… @ least he is not another Bush kid….

    • There’s two to go,
      and then to be specific..

      Don’t go swimmin in the ole Pacific..
      Brought to you by glowing enterprise inc.

      G.E.I knew a girl from Kalamazoo……

      • Hey, don’t misunderestimate the stupidity of partisan Republicans. The only ones superior in the stupidity department are partisan Democrats, by a slim margin of 51-49.

  2. Obama hasn’t been doing a great job since he was elected. He did inherit an economy that was collapsing, with millions of jobs being lost. I think his performance can be considered passable. We will have to see by the end of next year. What will we say if the economy is still expanding?

  3. You guys are nuts! The stock market has rebounded, banks are starting to pay dividends, corporate profits are up. Isn’t this what Republicans want? Employment lags because corporate America recognizes that it can put more of a burden on those who are still employed rather than higher more people.
    The two wars that Bush got us into are chewing up a good portion of our $ but Obama is doing what he can to get us out of these situations. Healthcare?
    I’m not happy that I’m areadly paying in my premiums the cost of those who don’t bother to get health insurance but are eligible to receive care when then need it. Don’t throw the whole thing out. Work to improve it by tacklying prescription drug costs, malpractice insurance costs, etc.

    • Hold on… The Big Zero owns the Afghan War… by his own admission when he sent the last big deployment.

      Also, neither the stock market, bank dividends, nor corporate profits reflect much of anything about the economy on main street.

      Unemployment??? Even Paul Krugman, who’s the biggest cheerleader in the world for govt deficit spending, admits the recovery ain’t happening.

      Other than high rollers winning bigger than ever, we’re mired deep in what looks more and more lkike a depression.

    • No Kerrik. The GOP has an agenda far more harmful to all Americans than just the Dow and SP numbers. They want the Constitution to include the Ten Commandments coming down to redefining the meaning of American values.

      Since the tea party was able to put in so many Governors, House members they are on a roll that will take them to declaring that finally America is a Christian nation. The obvious cut to help our debts problems is to tax the churches but not a single Republican has the balls to even suggest it.

      In my world of 60 years of Republican activity I find few old timers who will back this new group of Conservatives who will end homosexual activity and any thought of abortions or birth control. I keep hoping the base of the GOP will suddenly wake up and get off the social issues

      There are many my age still active in America and we are getting tired of fighting for Social Security and Medicare. I have no idea how many take responsibility for these programs but I do know that many active Americans are breaking the laws to become involved when they do not earn the right,.

      I live within the working class and many here have paid into the system for their entire working lives. We had nothing to do with the building of the deficit or the debts mounting daily. Many voted for the house members who screwed us royally with their votes. There is no way to make this right.

      Kerrik, 20 years ago the employment numbers had the private employers 2 to 1 over the total of Amrican workers. Today the numbers are reversed and the government has 2 out of 3 workers. Is this the trend for the future? Does it matter who signs the paychecks? I guess if socialism wins the battle of the employment numbers, then forget making any profits from investing in American products. Let them exist over seas….

  4. One person that I have yet to hear anyone here mention much of is Herman Cain. I live in ATL and have listened to his radio show daily for a long time. He is someone who comes from the business world, is successful and has not held public office, although he did have a failed run for the Georgia State Senate.

    He is speaking all over the country and has won some straw polls and what not but he is not on the national radar. There is a youtube vidoe of him destroying Pres. Clinton in a townhall style Q&A in regards to Hillary Care. Herman hasn’t spoken much on social issues, so I am waiting to hear that, but he is a candidate that i could possibly get behind for the Repub Nomination.

  5. Where you ask ?
    Hand Puppets-R-Us have many models to choose from.
    Rubber gloves not included..

  6. Does it really matter at this point? Are the Republicans going to offer us some Hope and Change too? Where oh where will we dig up the next string-dancer? Stay tuned…

  7. Congratulations America. You have elected two weak and incompetent presidents in a row. The last competent presidents, for all their flaws, were Bush Senior and Bill Clinton.

    Now we get lightweights like the ignorant Bush Junior and this vain dandy Obama, the cool dude from Hawaii. Obama is in over his head and he is an embarrassment by comparison to foreign leaders like Sarkozy and Merkel.

    Is this the best the country has to offer? Or has the presidency become such a hard, isolated job that only misfits want to apply?

    Mind you, Lincoln would have been too ugly to get elected today, and FDR would have looked like a cripple on television. JFK would have been unelectable for his womanizing. So what we get is good-looking shallow guys like Obama, who can read a speech from the teleprompter and look good on TV but not lead.

  8. Here’s the official lists.
    NWO and media darlings (referred to as their “A” list):
    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney
    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin
    Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour
    Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels
    Mike Huckabee
    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich
    South Dakota Sen. John Thune
    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
    Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty

    These are the long shots and maybe nots:
    Indiana Rep. Mike Pence
    South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint
    Texas Rep. Ron Paul
    South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley
    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
    Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum
    Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton
    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal
    Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Donald J. Trump

    It’s really hard to get excited about most of these candidates. What’s a non-interventionist, anti-labor arbitrage, Constitution-loving fiscal conservative to do?

    Oh yeah, vote 3rd party or independent!

  9. Is it not amazing that mediocrity has such favor with fate? This is an electoral hell, filled with choices of either Laurel & Hardy or the Three Stooges.

    Doug spoke of backlash, and that is important to bear in mind. Each backlash is converted post-election into the magical poultice of “mandate.” And mandate seems to mean nowadays an unbridled contempt of the voters (masses) once their solemn oaths to the people or God Almighty (though they don’t believe in such things) are vocalized.

    I’m sort of the mirror of Sandune; being an admirer of What FDR and Truman were, and what JFK might have been. Since then, however, it’s been a case of one loser after another, with a Democratic Party that is indistinguishable from the Republican in most major aspects.

    Odd, how almost 50 years ago Barry Goldwater was lampooned for his “A choice; not an echo.” The political process is now nothing BUT an echo chamber. True, at present Barack Obama looks fairly assured of reelection. But he, like any other fool, assumes the present will be followed by a safe and predictable future.

    So, going out on a limb here, I say by this time next year the unemployment will be much worse; the economy will double dip, and the smoldering, seething anger (which is invisible to the pols) will show itself in manifest ways, none of them pleasant.

    Many years ago I stood within the American Cemetery at Brittany, awestruck by the thousands of men who lay forever far from home after sacrificing their lives for…something. A gift, I think. And now I feel deeply saddened that what they paid for and provided us is being pissed away by selfish, feckless, greedy idiots who care not a wit about this nation.

    Honor and sacrifice never make it to the Sunday talk shows.

  10. The Republicans offer a pile of their detritus as the option to WOW (Walk On Water) and none of the usual suspects resonates with the GOP let alone the great middle that will decide the election. At this juncture it will be Obama by default. Four more years to accumulate an even a bigger mess for the next victim.

  11. Brian, you bet I would add some support to Governor Christie. I believe the whole standard moderate Republican Party would get behind him but only if he is willing to donate the next 8 years of his life and family to want it. His kids are young and need their father. As a New Jersey resident, please keep us aware of what he might want to do.

    Enthusiasm is difficult to inspire here but he could do it. Please, nobody mention the name Trump!!!

  12. Sherry, he speaks for many of us here. Take a look at the history of the GOP since 1988. They wanted the leadership of a One World Order under the direction of God. The problem is that far too many of us do not believe in god but believe in individual rights. I joined this site the year after Doug opened it up and I wanted dialog for a winning Republican group who would define our freedoms as being outside the government control.

    I live in a controlled country club community. I checked out the laws carefully so that I would not break even a simply law against parking on the street after dark. I immediately picked up a California Driver’s law manual to refresh my memory about making a right turn on a red light. I have always been involved in California’s laws so I knew who my Congresswoman was and how close this site was to equal rights for gays. I also knew enough about the Republican movement to stay away from any part of its movements. Had been a Republican since Ike but that is no longer possible.

    When the movement for Obama began to sparkle in the Primaries, I wondered if there was any possibility for a strong firm dedicated Republican to run in any capacity. Nope………They wanted the religious right to control all levels of power and they lost. Did they learn from their mistake? Hell no!

    Will they locate a thinking Republican for 2012? Hell no! The GOP knows exactly what they do not want and that is the equality for all Americans. They are afraid of the new Latinos having babies in America and now want to repeal the 14th Amendment.

    All voters now have to weigh the lesser of two evils every time they head for the ballot box. Is there any chance a revolution among the voters could come up with a decent and honest agenda and run some decent and honest candidates? You won’t find this here. This is not a think tank and CHB will never try for a win. Several years ago Doug tried for a group to work on improvements in America and few responded. One cannot get blood from a turnip (or something like that) and the best we can do is share some of our ideas here.

  13. Doug, like Sherry above, I too agree 100% and it concerns me greatly. I’ve read you columns for years and enjoyed both your articles and your editorials as well as the insight of many of the regular commentators at the end of your writings and from researching your and their claims, I’ve learned a lot. Thank you to you and to Carl, Woody, Dune, etc. This is the first time I’ve commented.

    I live in New Jersey and I would love to see Christie run in 2012 as I think he is the only one the GOP could put forward as a serious candidate. Unfortunately he will not run and this once great nation will pass the point of no return with Obama cluelessly at the helm for 4 more years.

    • Seriously glad someone is paying attention and flattered to make your short list. Ten years ago I set out to try to inform as many people as would listen to what is going on in our country. Brian, you have made my day. Hope to hear more from you in the future. Another point of view is always welcomed!

      Hey Doug, I’d still be happy to pen a regular weekly column. No, I’m not moving to DC. 🙂

  14. I got smacked down big time when I suggested Obama would be re elected because the GOP doesn’t have a viable candidate.
    Had the GOP put forth a decent candidate last time, Obama wouldn’t be there now.
    Doug you echo my sentiments exactly.

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