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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Republicans want to abuse tax code to curb abortions


House Republicans want to use the tax code as a back-door way to limit abortions.

In the House Ways & Means Committee — the tax code writing body for the House — Republicans who control the committee are pushing tax code modifications that would prevent taxpayers from deducting the cost of abortions as well as stop small business and taxpayers form using tax credits in the new health care law to provide or pay for insurance policies covering the procedure.

Current law already prohibits the use of federal funding for abortions. An emotional debate over abortion almost sank the health care bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama.

The GOP-controlled House tried to repeal the health care law but it stalled in the Democratically-controlled Senate so they are now trying to dismantle it piece-by-piece.  While the effort to curb tax breaks to pay for abortion will probably pass the House, it stands little chance for passage in the Senate as long as that body remains under the control of Democrats.

The abortion battle is also being fought at the state front where Indiana Republicans are forcing one of the nation’s most restrictive laws on women and elimination of choice.

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4 thoughts on “Republicans want to abuse tax code to curb abortions”

  1. The hypocrisy of mankind is eclipsed only by the height of the boobs they support Sandra.
    Being a leg man, I agree with your assertion to walk it, before you talk it.

    The most glaring omission of genocidal guilt on the whole by those professing to care for our own dear good is the lock step support the conservative and liberal community gave and continue give to the Iraq and Afghan abortions. Which as we now know frame their staunch reluctance to curb the AMengela scalpel.

    We have lost far more than embryo’s from the wombs of teens Dear, alas another generation, it’s seams not sewn.

  2. PIA. Where does this fit into the U.S. Constitution? If the argument is on the moral values of abortion, it still does not place it inside the laws of the Constitution. In your personal life, did you have sex only to conceive?

    In my world the human species figured out how to have sex and stop a pregnancy. If one is a Christian then the option of an abortion is out of the question. I can’t imagine making my choices around the kind of deductions i must have to produce. Abortions are a church issue and should never be used as a litmus test for elections.

    Abortions have not been paid for out of our taxes since the early 1990 and yet it is still being used by the religious right which again seems to prove that they do not read.

    Why would anyone for any reason want the government to issue mandated prohibition against the people? When will we start taking the responsibility for our own actions? A pone call to any clinic will explain the cost of an abortion. What would prevent anyone from putting a few bucks io a savings account to pay for the procedure. This would solve the problems Many women get their boobs raised up and do not expect the government to pay for it Americans cannot make decisions on what they have to pay for.

    To ask the government to make these choices for us is an insult. If we cannot control our own decisions, we should not be breeding. We can’t even discuss this or debate the subject

  3. This is a moot point for about 99.99% of taxpayers that opted for abortion: You need to itemize deductions, and your health care costs must excede 2% of your AGI, before you can deduct any of those costs. I guess the financial impact of this bill would be a few thousand dollars more in tax revenues per year! Not to mention all the money that will be spent documenting, auditing, etc. medically-necessary terminations versus elective abortions versus spontaneous abortions (AKA miscarriage).

    But I guess this is just a symbolic move anyway: Since Bristol Palin seems to be the only notable case recently, I think it’s safe to assume Republican pols opt for abortion for their teenage daughters when they have an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy, just like many other Americans.

  4. Apparently the rabid republicans against abortions are under the assumption that liberals are waiting around searching for a pregnant woman to be forced into an abortion clinic for a mandated removal of a fetus. There is no forced abortions. The problem is simple, if you are against abortions; don’t have one!

    This whole tea party mess comes from a group of people who cannot seem to control themselves when they have sex, want to be forced into being punished for 18 years for this terrible consequences of sinning.

    If you don’t want to get pregnant, keep your pants on! Using the federal government as a place to force punishment has to be the most illogical act ever presented to the American people. These same hypocrites accept illegal drugs to be brought into their homes, but accepting an abortion clinic to be opened must be stopped with the full use of the Constitution. Now, many Americans are being driven to murdering doctors because they tell us that God wants these actions.

    This action of using our government to force social laws is exactly what is wrong with the tea party and the religious right backing both Pauls. Millions of Republican straight men and women believe that when gays marry, their own commitment is weakened. If Americans can actually believe this, maybe they should not be voting at all.

    The GOP should be going in another direction and instead of threatening the lives of doctors and homosexuals, they should be encouraging them to join the GOP for the individual freedoms promised.

    Many of these tea party right wing nuts live by the rules of the church which is not necessarily a bad thing until they run for office and try to put their rules as part of the Patriot Act. These folks know how the church feels about sex. What they don’t know is the years of research to try and stop unwanted pregnancies. Not being readers and familiar with the cultures of other civilizations do not know that anal sex has been a birth control method for centuries. It is just another example of incomplete education found in many American areas. We had one man find this action so offensive that he had to describe it on a web site. It never occurred to him to not try this form of sex. He finally admitted to getting his dingus snipped which was an intelligent action. It is an individual right to engage in sexual pleasure without fearing a punishment so strict to remove 18 years of a woman’s life. This is not what Americans desire………This is a left over from a failed attempt to make America a Christian nation. If this is your brand of American values, then join the tea party and spend the rest of your life convincing other Americans to force the dark ages back on our nation.

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