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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Discrimination against Muslims rampant in U.S.

Senate Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin (AFP)

Muslims in the United States face ongoing discrimination and violence in actions that threaten basic freedoms in the nation, a US Senate hearing was told Tuesday.

The hearing was called to discuss protecting the civil rights of American Muslims, just weeks after another panel hotly debated the threat posed by homegrown Islamists.

Democratic Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin, who called the hearing, said a “backlash” which began after the attacks of September 11, 2001, continues against “innocent Muslims, Arabs, south Asians and Sikhs.”

“American Muslims are entitled to the same constitutional protections as other Americans,” Durbin said, adding that this is an issue of “not just free exercise of religion but freedom of speech.”

Thomas Perez, the assistant attorney general for civil rights, told the Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing: “We continue to see a steady stream of violence against Muslims… The good news is that with each wave of intolerance, our nation has responded by passing news laws.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the issue of Muslims and terrorism still needs to be addressed.

“Freedom of speech means we can disagree,” Graham said, while adding that “there are efforts to recruit radical Muslims that must be dealt with.”

Graham added, “To the American Muslim community I stand with you. But you’re going to have to help your country. I’m asking you to get in this fight.”

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1 thought on “Discrimination against Muslims rampant in U.S.”

  1. This is a very disturbing report that so many Americans seem to despise the Muslims who have lived here for many years. But again, I hope I don’t assume that many here are in agreement,

    I may have to climb back in a hole and keep my opinions to myself. My cat came home after wandering around here for 3 days. She was filthy and cranky but home. She picked up 2 stray cats and it seemed as if they brought her home. They tend to run with a single road runner and they make a very strange looking group or cult.

    Once I get a new screen door for the laundry room, my house should be very close to looking pretty good. Tomorrow I will do a power walk in the pool where all the old gals love to walk and gossip This experience has been fun to do.

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