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Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Kochs and their weapons of mass distraction

Charles and David Koch: Billionaire terrorists armed with checkbooks

When it comes to assault on American freedoms, few terrorists — if any — are more dangerous than Charles and David Koch — the energy magnates who use their checkbooks as weapons of mass distraction to finance threats against Democracy.

The Koch brothers are modern-day robber barons — rabid right wing billionaires who finance phony grassroots operations like the Tea Party to impose their own repressive, freedom-squelching views upon a gullible electorate led into a sea of ignorance by fake promises of returning power to the people and fighting the establishment.

As owners of one of the largest privately-held conglomerates in the world, the Kochs fund scams created by crafty consultants, creating sham organizations to further their power-grabbing goals to put control of the government into the hands of the uber-rich while convincing their sadly-ignorant followers that its all for the common good.

I know the Kochs. I met them while one of the consulting firms that helped create some of their phony grassroots operations like Citizens for a Sound Economy, which morphed into former GOP Congressman Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks and — ultimately — the Tea Party.

The Kochs controlled the private, always-behind-closed-doors energy advisory group formed by then Vice President Dick Cheney, the Darth Vader of George W. Bush‘s Constitution-destroying cartel. As their behind-the-scenes power and influence grew, they became the dominant force in the GOP’s hidden agenda to control government that long ago ceased to be by, for or of the people.

The brothers — with a net worth of about $21.5 billion each — have the power and the insider influence to get what they want without regard to the law, ethics or common decency.

For example, a recent 8,400-word story fawning over the Kochs in the Weekly Standard was written by Matthew Continetti, who accepted a fellowship from a foundation funded by the Kochs.

Until recently, the Kochs operated pretty much in the dark. Most of the American public never heard of Koch Industries or the two brothers who seek to control the political agenda of this nation.

That has changed, primarily because the spotlight of public scrutiny began to take a closer look at who these two are and what their hidden agenda.

No longer secret is their efforts to help Wisconsin GOP Governor Scott Walker bust public employee unions.  No longer secret is their attempts to undermine environmental laws.  No longer secret is their annual gathering of rabid right wingers each year at expensive resorts to work on their “agenda for America.”  Gleen Beck is a frequent speaker at these gatherings. That should give everyone an idea of the extremism of the Kochs and their followers.

Angered by the glare of life in the spotlight, the Kochs have hired an army of crisis communications consultants to craft a public relations campaign to try and protect their image. The Weekly Standard puff piece was part of that effort.

The Kochs promote an agenda of hate, of intolerance and repression. They are homophobic, racist manipulators who see America as something they and their wealthy friends should own and control.

When you strip away the fancy suits and the high–priced consultants, the Kochs are nothing more than terrorists who use their checkbooks as a weapon.

And in the hands of despotic billionaires, a checkbook can be the most dangerous weapon of all.

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39 thoughts on “The Kochs and their weapons of mass distraction”

  1. The Koch brothers are anti-Patriot Act, anti-War, and pro free market. They’re the good guys, which is why they are attacked so relentlessly by corrupt media sources like these.

  2. Oh, and although it may not seem a huge proportion more, we’re talking each Koch brother has five billion dollars more, and if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say five billion could buy quite a few TV ads.


  3. Just FYI:

    A quick Google search estimates the wealth of George Soros as 14.2 billion. The Koch brothers, put together, are estimated at 43 billion, or roughly 3x more. Even individually they’re worth more than he is.

    So, given money talking, who’s got more influence?


  4. Jp Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and General Electric were all top contributors to Obama. Banks and defense contractors.

    Obama’s economic advisors and top-level cabinet are all members of the banking elite, drawn from the very big banks that supported his campaign and happen to be the beneficiaries of his economic policies.

    Obama decided on not even so much as conferring with the Congress (the American People) on intervention in Libya, but instead sought the nod from the “international community” and the United Nations.

    I won’t bother to mention that the forces we’re “helping” in Libya will no doubt be our enemies in the future, nor will I point out the hypocrisy in our own selective “humanitarian” interventions. It seems our good will only extends to countries with resources to exploit, providing the leaders can’t be bought off first.

    In the meantime, Obama was in Brazil urging more offshore oil drilling so America can become their “number one customer” while his administration curtails drilling off our own coasts; and at the same time we need to intervene or “baby sit a civil war” in Libya because we need to reduce America’s dependence on “foreign oil.” All the while, of course, we sit on more than a trillion barrels of oil in one shale oil reserve alone, not to mention other vast reserves. Right here in America folks!

    Seeing that unemployment hovers around 10% (officially) you would think there might be some economic as well as “national security” incentives to start drilling our own oil. You know, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and thereby the need for all this Middle East “humanitarianism” to keep the oil flowing, not for the benefit of the average Joe, but for the benefit of the oil companies.

    Oh I forgot, we need to build millions of wind turbines, which environmentalists are now up-in-arms about because they happen to kill thousands upon thousands of birds each year. You can look for lawsuits stopping the development of wind power which, at best, supplies very little of our energy.

    Energy that is still mostly supplied by coal-burning plants over 40 years old and transmitted along an aged infrastructure already susceptible to rolling blackouts, which is of course supposed to handle the extra load from all of these electric vehicles that will reduce carbon emissions by plugging into an electrical grid still mainly fueled by coal.

    Not worried about any of this.

  5. Whence I come from fruit and vegetables makes V8.
    Squawk as we do the indictment is clear and our voice loudly disingenuous, over the mundane airwaves of the poor, the almost poor, and soon to be remains of the wordsmiths bane.

    All we great thinkers combined should be able to abide
    one more monopoly aside,
    to save Sesame Street.

    There’s lots of people happy, two brothers so sappy, designate if you are not dogs but statistics.
    Buck up humanity..Yachts more to come.

    The cash isn’t to blame, the palm Boss, the palm.
    Pure political grease is not going away as the harbinger til the Alps fill up.

  6. I’m going to agree with Doug on this one. The Koch brothers are more dangerous than Soros at this time. Most Progressives didn’t like Soros saying China will own the New World Order in 2009 and they have been working against him and his advice since then. Now Soros has turned on Obama and is encouraging other wealthy Progressives to do the same.

    Perhaps a better piece would be one on the many foundations that are used by the wealthy to create public and foreign policy. Quite a deal to get to shift the direction of government and get a tax break at the same time.

    • I’m surprised that you would feel so about the Koch bros. If you read the content of my posts and the supplied links from myself and Almandine about Soros, including the Dan Greenfield piece about Soros the anti-semite even though he’s Jewish demontrates that Soros is a globalist par excellence having no allegiance to anyone not even to his own roots.

      So while the ‘right wing Koch bros are screwing around with asset acquisition for pennies on the dollar at the state levels, Soros and company have their eye on the “Big Enchilada” ; ie, the socialist/communist restructuring of the U.S. and world including blatant redistribution of physical assets if necessary.

      Nothing Soros does can be trusted. He will fake supporting an entity while in effect he’s ruining them or he could appear to divest himself of the same while continuing to support them behind the scenes. Soros is the consumate shapeshifter when it comes to achieving his goals.

      You should read the Salon article link concerning Cass Sunstein one of Obama’s close confidante’s and advisers. It’s pure madness which matches up to George Soros’ sociopathy.

      So as Doug disagrees and so too yourself, I stand firm in belief that Soros and company are a far greater threat to our national sovereignty. He’s also now involved with restructuring the worlds currency system, no doubt to his specifications. As the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, Mayer Amschel said in the 16th century, he cared not who made a nation’s laws as long as he controlled their currency, so too are Soro’s thoughts except on a global level. He’s not working alone either. For all we know he’s an agent for the BIS, Bank of International Settlements located in Basel, Switzerland, the IMF and the transgenerational banking dynasty, the Rothschilds of Europe and the major founding stockholders in our Federal Reserve system.

      I rest my case.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • “the Rothschilds of Europe and the major founding stockholders in our Federal Reserve system” …extract from post

        should read:

        “the Rothschilds of Europe; I.E., the major stockholders of our Federal Reserve System.”

        My apologies.

        Carl Nemo **==

        • We are all bad guys,
          they are all worse.

          Whoa, as an afterthought we do outnumber them..

          Wormhole alert, sticks and stones pelting my ledge..

        • Jesus Christ Carl. Talk about tin hat conspiracy theories. The FED is a government chartered institution. It does not have stockholders. It is an independent government agency chartered by Congress. The Federal Reserve is governed by a board of governors appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

          Get back on topic or this thread will be closed.

  7. I spilled my coffee this morning. I know it was not me. The evil specter of the Koch Brothers was behind it. Obviously testing some sophisticated weapon to attack nerve cells. I know they were also behind that traffic jam I had on I-95 last week and certainly those bird droppings on my sports car were some type of realistic drone being tested. I will not even elaborate on the shenanigans of the Koch Brothers and their connected involvement to PBS/CPB. That whole Sesame Street thing is nothing more than a front to indoctrinate our youth.

    I could elaborate on Soros such as where was he on 9/11? Was he on a grassy knoll in Dallas? Is he really the one that flipped Ted Turner? What is his involvement in area 51?

    The evil hand of the muti-billionaires is everywhere. One just has to look to see the conspiracy.

  8. True citizenship requires independent thought and an ability to examine all sides of an issue — functions far beyond the capabilities of those who describe themselves as Republicans or Democrats and wear that partisan title as if it were some earned badge of honor.

    It doesn’t require intellect to blindly follow the lunatic ravings of political leaders. All that is required is to unquestionably accept the dogma of political parties and use that dogma to excuse the criminal actions of those they follow.

    Granted, there are some within the political party system that question the actions of their party and leaders but they are all too often a silent minority who now all too well that speaking out will lead to isolation and possibly banishment. – Doug Thompson, 2009

    I’ll try not to be such a true citizen in the future Doug. I promise I’ll follow your non-partisan approach by perpetuating the right vs left paradigm in my writings. I won’t question any more, just follow.

    I’ll claim to abhor the shoutfests that make up our sorry excuse for political discourse, I’ll denounce the lack of civility and intelligence in policy debate, I’ll claim to be above the fray in carefully analyzing our problems and exploring real solutions in an unbiased manner.

    And then I’ll do the opposite. I’m learning Doug. Taking your lead…

    • This is an opinion column and my opinion is that the Kochs are many times more dangerous than Soros. That’s my opinion and it stands. I’ve written about Soros in the past but he is not — in my opinion — relevant to the issue at hand.

      Also, Griff, please avoid using the term “boy” when referring to an African American President. It’s close to sounding racist and racism is not allowed on this web site.

      And to the claim that Obama is Soros’ “boy,” you might want to consult this story we published on Nov. 17, 2010, from HuffPo:

      At a private meeting on Tuesday afternoon, George Soros, a longtime supporter of progressive causes, voiced blunt criticism of the Obama administration, going so far as to suggest that Democratic donors direct their support somewhere other than the president.

      The Hungarian-American financier was speaking to a small side gathering of donors who had convened in Washington D.C. for the annual gathering of the Democracy Alliance — a formal community of well-funded, progressive-minded individuals and activists.

      According to multiple sources with knowledge of his remarks, Soros told those in attendance that he is “used to fighting losing battles but doesn’t like to lose without fighting.”

      “We have just lost this election, we need to draw a line,” he said, according to several Democratic sources. “And if this president can’t do what we need, it is time to start looking somewhere else.”

      That doesn’t sound like lockstep support to me.

      • It’s okay to use the term “boy” only when referring to bought-and-paid-for white politicians? Would you be equally offended if I used the term to characterize Walker as the Koch brothers’ “boy” in Wisconsin? Always pulling the racist card.

        By the way, Obama is 50% caucasian. And he’s not African-American. He was born in Hawaaii. That makes him American. And fair game, political correctness aside.

        • Use the term again and you are history. There will be no warning. You will simply be shown the door.

          It’s your choice.

  9. I hope tomorrow’s column will cover George Soros and his hidden agenda to control government. After all, his boy is in the Oval Office right now. In the interest of fairness, mind you.

    • Tomorrow’s column will be whatever I decided to write on. This is an opinion column and my opinion is that the Kochs are far more dangerous than Soros. I’ve written about him in the past and — again in my opinion — he is not relevant to the issue at this time.

      (Edited at 9:03 a.m. to clarify)

      • I don’t know where you come up with your ‘duty’ retorts, but you have no idea how petty you sound. It diminishes you good buddy in your readership’s eyes. We’ve all written requests within our replies to your past couple of editorials, asking that you take the time to interface with your participants to CHB on occasion and share your knowledge base concerning what you perceive to be viable candidates, solutions etc., instead you seem to take pleasure in chronically writing potshot rants directed at the political ‘right’.

        Obama, his retread advisers mostly from the Clinton era as well as his faceless three dozen policy czars are all to the left of center and do have connections to George Soros, so griff’s response wasn’t to steer you per se, but simply a heads up concerning the slant of your writings of late.

        You claim to have no political allegiance to either side of the political equation, but you continually grind away on what you perceive to be ‘right wing’ nuts etc. along with no offered solutions to our national plight.


        “I’ve written about Soros many times in the past, but — as usual — you choose to overlook such simple facts.” …extract from editor’s reply


        Since I’ve been on the site, about 4 years, I don’t remember many if any articles and surely not recently concerning shenanigans on Soros’ behalf. If so, they’ve been few and far between. Also remember what may seem as ‘simple facts’ to you; and so too assuming that griff or anyone else ‘chooses’ to overlook them is overreaching and assuming you know what others are thinking. Surely you are above such attacks linked to simple characterization of your readers thought processes…no?

        Carl Nemo **==

        • I reply in kind Carl. Griff is always looking for a fight. Sometimes I decide to give him what he’s looking for.

          Try using the search function of this web site to look up all the stories we’ve done that mention Soros.

          I wrote this on Oct. 25, 2010 — before the 2010 elections:

          Both parties have become pawns of billionaires — George Soros on the left and the Koch brothers on the right. The tea party is just a front for Charles and David Koch to force their private agenda on a gullible electorate. Soros did the same thing in 2006 but he had more restrictions then. Now the restrictions are gone and those with the most money to burn control the agenda and — ultimately — the nation.

          • Thanks for you reply and my apologies for forgetting that particular article, but I think you underestimate George Soros and submit he’s infinitely more dangerous to our freedom than the Koch Bros who are more interested in making bucks than ideology. They may maniupulate politicians, but they don’t have any “long march” views on changing our Constitution into ‘groovy’ document with extreme socialist leanings which would break our nation and encourage parasitism rather than productivity.

            Cass Sunstein and Soros are hooked up for the purpose of rewriting the Constitution and turning it into intensely left leaning document. AG Holder has sat in on ‘meetings’ to discuss such an effort. So by projection it means our President who’s sworn to uphold and protect our founding document from all enemies both foreign and domestic is facilitating the disassembly of such and replacing it with leftist leaning version. I’ve read their proposed “New Bill of Rights” and all it will indemnify is what eventually failed the former Soviet Union due to unproductivity and state sponsored and controlled industry and services.

            What’s interesting is that Soros is far more insidious and destabilizing to our nation than the Koch Bros. with no doubt some ‘encouragement’ from our sitting President by appointing the likes of Cass Sunstein as his regulatory Czar. Cass Sunstein is also linked as being the true owner/founder of Wikileaks which was founded n 2006. It too received funding from George Soros. All the focus on Wikileaks is towards Julian Assange when in effect Assange was simply running a psyop sponsored by Cass Sunstein, head of Obama’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs and the backing of this wealthy provocateur sponsor Soros.


            So my recommendation is although I agree with much of your assessment about select whack jobs on the right, though not all; they are the least of our worries while a much more cunning and sinister force is doing an end run on our Constitution and way of life.

            Note: There’s far too many reference links to post about this scheming in high places. Just Google Cass Sunstein linked to George Soros and Cass Sunstein linked to Wikileaks etc. and one will find an abundance of material.

            It’s your site and you can write whatever you want, but I think fair and balanced makes for a higher quality reading experience for the millions of readers that frequent your site.

            Carl Nemo **==

            • I realized after posting this reply piece to Doug that many readers have never heard of Cass Sunstein who happens to be one of President Obama’s closest and ‘admired’ confidantes. It’s scary to think that our President, a ‘Constitutional Scholar’ would want to associate with an individual who seems to scorn the concept of a free press, the right to privacy in our persons and papers etc. and surveillance of citizens without due process; ie. a warrant for such etc.

              So we have an axis of evil working here; ie., the Office of the President, Cass Sunstein, head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and a shadowy deep pockets leftist sponsor, George Soros. I’m supplyng a Salon link that will give folks a ‘dipstick’ sampling of Mr. Sunstein’s persona. / : |


              Carl Nemo **==

              • Not being intentionally dense Doug, but disagree on what specifically? I covered a broad spectrum concerning the Obama, Sunstein, AG Holder, Soros connecton about pushing for a new Constitution and Bill of Rights.

                This was all new territory profferred on my part and had nothing to do with specifically the Koch’s other than they aren’t the greater threat.

                So unless you respond, then I must assume your disagreement is that you fear the influence of the Koch’s moreso as stated earlier in your posts to this thread than Soros & co. planning to modify our founding document along with a newer, jazzier ‘bill of rights’, while you have no comment concerning the specifics of my thesis concerning the tampering with the Constitution vs. those that simply exploiting the political system for personal gain such as the Koch’s.

                Carl Nemo **==

                • This brings to mind one Rexford Guy Tugwell and his book “Model For A New Constitution.” Tugwell was a New Dealer and one of FDR’s Brain Trust who became Sec. of Agriculture. Tugwell was the ultimate planner and I believe had the nickname “Rex The Red” and was finally forced out of the administration.

                  Tugwell later became involved in attempts to formulate a world constitution. His American revised constitution relied heavily on central planning.

                • Quoting Greenwald does not impress me. The man is a loon. The so-called Sustein connection is another tin foil hat conspiracy theory in my opinion. Greenwald bases some of his conclusions on a Raw Story article. That doesn’t impress me either. Neither does linking to the Media Research Center. All of these are partisan web sites with their own agendas.

                  This column was not about Soros nor will it be.

                  Drop it and move on.

              • Thanks Almandine for the supporting link. George and his operatives seemingly have their mitts on everything. This is an example of a billionaire with millenial vision as opposed to many who are just grubbing for more bucks, euros, yuan, shekels to boost their bottomline such as the Koch bros.

                The meeting referenced in your link sounds like it’s going to host an august body of international schemers. It makes a Bilderberger meet seem like a nickel dime gathering. No good is going to come from this ‘meeting’, at least not for the unwashed masses of planet earth.

                Mr. Soros is Jewish, but has no kinship with them, in fact many of his actions indicate he’s a sociopath and has the same sentiments towards his fellow humans. Per the article, when he was boy he aided the Nazi’s in rounding up Hungarian Jews and helped in discoverng assets. The following is Canada Free Press article about his youthful support of Nazi’s. This article is not anti-semitic, but simply a an expose’ of how George Soros ‘ticks’. It’s written by Daniel Greenfield a New York based writer and freelance commentator who’s articles are posted regularly on the “Israel Insider”, Mr. Greenfield being Jewish himself.


                What’s scary is this guy, Soros is providing the ‘grease’ to replace our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, along with the entire world’s currency system. George has made most of his billions in the FOREX markets; ie., trading currencies, mostly shorting them and makng a bundle on waterfall declines.

                Carl Nemo **==

              • And, of course, the Media Research Center is such an unbiased source. This is not Free Republic nor will I allow it to become so.

          • I don’t think the numbers will work out favorably, Doug…

            Of the 20 – mostly benign – stories in the archives mentioning Soros, you wrote that one. In contrast, you’ve written 7 stories this month alone that impugn the tea party.

            Things are getting curiouser and curiouser…

            • Funny. I found 19 articles that I have written that mention Soros in a less than favorable light. The only thing that is curiouser and curiouser is how little people know about how to conduct research.

              • I did it your way, Doug – typed Soros into the CHB search engine and that’s what came up. Most lately were by Huffpo… didn’t see a sign about the 18 others you wrote.

                Will agree that money is the power… whether Soros, Koch, or any other. Some money, though, is bent toward preservation of our system… other money, not. Soros falls into the latter camp.

          • With all due respect Doug, I made a simple comment on your column, which of course you welcome here. You chose to engage me or, in your words, “looked for a fight.”

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