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Friday, June 7, 2024

Blow jobs for Bush?

Is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi venturing over to the Oval Office late at night to nosh on the First Member and otherwise pleasure the most unpopular President in American history? Or does George W. Bush have a file of photos of Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid shacked up at one of those seedy motels that line U.S. Route 1 south of Washington?

Is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi venturing over to the Oval Office late at night to nosh on the First Member and otherwise pleasure the most unpopular President in American history?

Or does George W. Bush have a file of photos of Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid shacked up at one of those seedy motels that line U.S. Route 1 south of Washington?

Something is going on because there is no rational explanation for the willingness of both Pelosi and Reid to roll over and constantly abandon the wishes of voters who put their party into power in the 2006 mid-term elections. They did it again Wednesday by giving in to Bush on cuts in domestic spending while adding billions for the President’s failed war in Iraq.

Perhaps we expected too much of Democrats. They are, of course, just another set of political whores – more liberal than the Republicans they replaced but whores nonetheless.

We’ve heard all the convenient political excuses as to why Democrats give Bush just about everything he wants: They don’t have the votes to override vetoes, they can’t muster needed support from the Republican minority, they don’t want to be seen as abandoning soldiers in the field, etc., etc.

But Pelosi started screwing the voters who trusted her and her party before the new Congress even convened. She set the tone of capitulation by taking impeachment of Bush and his criminal cabal off the table.

Since then she and Reid have proven to be complicit co-conspirators to the Bush-Cheney plan for destruction of the Constitution and a once-great nation called America.

We could offer a sexist rationale by saying a woman wasn’t up to the job but that’s not true. Women capable of leadership serve in Congress. Pelosi just isn’t one of them. One problem is that she is her father’s daughter and her father was a corrupt, bribe-taking mayor of Baltimore.

And Reid, another bribe-taking hack from Nevada, proves you can have balls and still be a wimp.

Neither Reid nor Pelosi have shown an ounce of leadership since assuming power on Capitol Hill. Such subservience to Bush defies explanation.

We never really expected that much out of Reid but we hoped Pelosi would rise above her upbringing and prove she is capable of the challenge.

The only thing she proved is that she is just another political whore.

And like any easy woman, Pelosi will spread her legs and let Bush screw her and the American people faster than a five-dollar whore in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

The only difference is that the New Orleans’ ho is probably a better lay and you’re actually getting something for your money.

18 thoughts on “Blow jobs for Bush?”

  1. Truly great, spot-on commentary Doug Thompson!

    I’m sure the Bushistas have maximum “dirt” on Reid and Pelosi. Pelosi and Reid, both, have weird countenances when photographed. Pelosi looks glassy-eyed, seemingly “doped” with a distant, empty look in her inky-black eyes. The X-Files look…no? :)) Reid has the look of cornered, ratty-assed prey, that’s been caught under the paw of a hungry cat…!

    Recently it was disclosed that Bush has been spying on Americans since “before” 911…! The invasion of Iraq was planned prior to 911 etc. 911, although not necessarily planned and implemented by the Bushistas directly probably followed the same path as Oklahoma City. They’ve no doubt got some nasty goods on Reid and Pelousy…!

    Agencies had been following, tracking a group of radical extremists for some time concerning Oklahoma City. They knew their plan, but when it came time for the evildoers to execute their plan, our agencies stood down and let it unfold. My research indicates this is the best explanation for 911. They used the tragedy to implement Bushco’s Patriot Act, the creation of Homeland “Insecurity”, TSA, along with a host of these treasury draining, tax-sucking, tits- on-a-boar-hog new agencies. The FBI, NSA, DIA, and the CIA failed us on 911; so the solution, lets create more government agency boondoggles to protect “we the people”…not!

    America is in harms way with these traitorous mattoids in Congress. Those that come up for re-election in 2008 need to be summarily “flushed” regardless of how much pork they’ve pitched back to Mayberry. Folks in Mayberry anywhere and everywhere America do not need to be represented by traitors…!

    Carl Nemo**==

  2. Doug,
    I have been reading and enjoying your Rants for several years. The last few months, I have come to believe that the ONLY way this country will EVER change is by revolution. Greed and corruption is so intertwined in everything that this country does that, without some extreme measures, America will never change. I LOVE this country and it breaks my heart to see the depths to which we have sunk. Maybe we ought to adopt the phrase of the founding fathers: “No taxation without representation” because it’s for sure that we have NO representation. I also believe that until Americans get “uncomfortable” with their standard of living, NO ONE will EVER really DO ANYTHING about what is going on. We have proof of that since the 2006 elections. When are we REALLY going to throw the BUMS OUT??? I think it’s WAY past time for the pitchforks and torches!!

  3. Democrats have been making a living “on their backs” for so long they’ve lost the ability to stand up(right). Reverse evolution in action.

    Republicans have already devolved into lower-primates. (No offense to monkeys intended.) One look at these chimps (chumps?) is all the proof you need.

    (I posted this before on the wrong page….. duh. Sorry for the repeated redundancy.)

  4. Anyone that truly believed that the Democrats would get us out of Iraq needs to go back to sleep. Furthermore, anyone that believes that any of the front-running candidates will get us out is equally slumbering. The truth is such that both parties are beholden to their corporate overlords and will perpetuate whatever policy they are instructed to follow.

    There is no difference between the parties. In fact, it is but one party with two faces. You may as well flip a coin on election day, because nothing will change. The names and the faces will change, as well as the rhetoric, but the results will be the same.

    The two-party system is designed to offer false choices and squelch real debate. It is designed to perpetuate the argument while never reaching resolution. What will they run on next time if they solve all of our problems? This is why third-party candidates are banned from politics. You can’t have some outsider coming along and throwing a monkey-wrench into their perfectly dysfunctional system.

    Divide and Conquer. Never has the phrase been more appropriate than now.

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