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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Cult-like politics threatens all of us

A typical sign as a Tea Party rally. A racist cult?

A disturbing number of political movements in this country act more like a cult.

Tea Party supporters defend the extremism of their movement with cult-like zeal, bombarding those who dare question their movement with invective-filled emails, threatening boycotts and waving signs that call opponents “socialists” or “communists” or “traitors.”

The same overzealousness can be found in supporters of fringe politicians like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

In the 2008 Presidential election, ABC’s Sunday morning news show host George Stephanopoulos had the gall to tell then Presidential candidate Ron Paul that he was not going to win the GOP nomination. The rabid Paul fans went bat-shit, flooding ABC with phone calls, calling on advertisers to drop sponsorship on the show.

Same thing happened on Capitol Hill Blue when I brought up Paul’s past membership in the John Birch Society and the racist rants published under his name in his newsletters.

And the Paul faithful predicted he would win, which of course he didn’t because he never stood a chance.

Ron Paul will never be President. Neither will his equally-racist son, Rand. Too much baggage.

Hovering over on the extreme fringes of the left are the fans of Ohio Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, the one-time boy wonder who became the youngest big city mayor when he won an upset election as mayor of Cleveland and then drove the city into bankruptcy.

Question Kucinich’s extremism and you draw an avalanche of emails from his cult-like following.  There must be something in the water in Ohio.  Ex-con and former Ohio Congressman James Traficant had the same cult-like devotion from voters who overlooked his criminal activities.

Kucinich has also run for President and, like the Pauls, has no chance of ever winning. The Republican leadership of Congress tries, as often as it can, to distance itself from extremists like Paul while the Democrats keep as far away as they can from Kucinich.

But that doesn’t deter the followers of extremists from both the right and the left.

The cult-like devotion that these folks receive is a case study in mob psychology.

But when a political movement becomes a cult, it ceases to be a group driven by any form of reason.

It becomes, instead, a menace to society and should be treated as such.

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39 thoughts on “Cult-like politics threatens all of us”

  1. I was tempted to add a post on the end game of every American being given equal income but I did it 40 years ago to another group of politicoes. I was shot down for not also demanding the same academic standards for all Americans. The outcome of this debate insisted that American children must be given proper food, drink and good clean homes. I think Heinlein did a series on this subject. It always comes down to issuing the same survival stuff to all Americans.

    How do we handle the millions of immigrants who migrated here for their individual culture aspects. It became a thread based on the ultimate collective control for all who live in America. I could probably survive as part of a whole group but how could I live trying to make my children fit into a model of American perfection?

    Silly me; I wanted highly educated children who instinctively knew right from wrong and could be natural leaders in any subject they chose. I gravitated to others who understood the virtues of leadership. Was my family different in their occupational leadership? I don’t know. They were capitalists and successful and all of us (23 grand kids) were raised with the idea that we were able to live as individuals in any level of income we desired. Many of my uncles/aunts were professional musicians and had to struggle to make their music better than others. In the world of symphonic scores in Hollywood, they made it.

    Politically there was nothing better than proving our talents and work could make it big as far as audiences were concerned. The Audience paid to hear us play, sing our songs, dance to our beat and we never stopped. Millions of musicians could stay secure in orchestras or dance bands but the good ones ventured out into composing and scoring operas, ballets and even cartoons.

    Many of us recognized that money could be made in the music world if it had quality. Back in the 40’s it was dance bands who drew in the money and the influence of Latino music brought two of my uncles to Cuba where they spent years listening to that beat that is so much a part of today’s top ten discs. My mother struggled with classical challenges like J.S. Bach. At the Hospital in West Los Angeles, many patients wanted her to play boogie woogie. The left hand that carries the beat needed help. Mother used Bach and his musical inventions to fix this and she was very popular doing some two piano work with Mary Lou Williams. One has to be in their 90s to remember her music.

    Today, playing an air guitar is good enough to win money on television and the desire for real talent has dropped. Electronic music is the chosen method today and the real stuff is missing.

    I had a bad day yesterday as I had a carpenter do some work on my new house and my 20 year old cat got out. I was up most of the night searching for my missing Emma. She was an outdoor cat the first 10 years of her life and survived coyotes, mountain lions and nasty snakes but as of noon today there is no sign of her. I had a doctor’s appointment that had been cancelled by phone but the disconnect problem with my phone here could not contact me. I was mentally prepared to work harder on my writing skills including my posts here. It is probably time to stop anyway.

    Trying to suggest individual action concepts to a bunch of collectivists is impossible. Even suggesting that you vote for better candidates, has brought out the war guns. I do not want to tell anyone how to vote, how to think, how to take care of your health; but to learn how to improve your lives based on the constant whining that is found here.

    Whining is a good start, clarifying the problem is a good next step and then defining a fix is the next obvious action. It is not possible to follow this form of debate and I am sorry. Right now I will make another walk around here to see of some old black cat is looking for me.

  2. I’m sure Doug recognizes elderly individuals are Champions at multitasking.
    Old American tradition…respect.

    Ladies and gentlemen find someone under thirty to trust.
    That’s not your utmost hurry,
    or worry ,
    have you familia.

    Biography vs bibliography, whence creations line meets today’s eraser of yesterday for the wise, whilst the pained abide.

  3. I’ve had to delete two comments here by posters who tried to continue a discussion that was temporarily closed on another thread to let things cool down.

    When I close a thread that means discussion on that topic is closed until or if the thread is opened again.

    You DO NOT try to continue the discussion on another article. Those who do it again will be history.

  4. Joe, I attack the John Birch Society for the impact they tried after WW2 assuming all real Americans are Christians. I attended many meeting and was asked to go through our local phone book yellow pages and mark all the Jewish names. The biggest BS the Birchers ranted about was their own personal interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. We see this spewing out of the tea party when they scream about taking their government back. If you have read any of the writings coming from center of the Catholic church, they too want their Bible back.

    The secular humanist point of view is one where we treat all other humans as humans. We do not need government involved in our lives for any reason other than defense and keeping an eye on the White House in their appointments to the Supreme Court.

    The reaction to Roe Wade dropped a bomb on all Americans who believe they are Christians. They have been told to stop birth control at any cost. Sadly they believe that all humans are born and raised in sin and they must drop on their knees and pray for redemption before they die. They hand their own children a “get out of hell” free card to be used as a justification for any action they take or accept from others.

    We have nearly 6000 members here and we can debate, offer our advice and all under the leadership of Doug Thompson. I’ve gone too far on many occasions and been thrown out. I may hold the record for expressing an unpopular opinion.

    Many here realize I do not get my opinions from Oprah, Rush or anyone who uses their audience like bunch of hillbillies who may have never actually read a book in their lives.

    I would be interested to know what the dissenting voices are saying to you. You come off as the captain of redistributing the wealth in America. What do you threaten? Are you one of those fools who refuse to pay your income taxes and you may even do it in the name of Jesus Christ.

    I had great hopes in Rand Paul and had been on the receiving end of the movement to replace him when his dad retired. His campaign took on all the glory of demanding that the federal government have the final word on law and order. The American voters have been dumbed down to the point that every statement, every suggestion and every candidate should be of one voice stopping any chance of developing a set of choices during the elections.

    I saw the footage of Rand Paul’s assistants slam their foot on one woman’s head to shut her up during a campaign. God probably told them to remove her dignity of attending a rally. I remember watching Mussolini and Hitler using their henchmen doing the same thing. Yes, I am old enough to remember the Saturday Movietone news shown at that time.

    Rand Paul cannot organize a movement without using violence and threats. I will never trust his actions when dealing with millions of ill-educated backers. He carries his card from God in his back pocket giving him justification to act as he wishes. My dislike of this religious right movement now has me labeled as a Communist?

    I refuse to allow the federal government to force me into anything. I pay my taxes to support the structure of safety in America. I will never give the government any control over the education and welfare of my children. The government cannot tell me what to ingest, inhale, inject, or force me to memorize. They had no input in my education and I kept them the hell away from my kids.

    Every few months, a jug of water hits the ant hills of the public here and all hell breaks loose. Every label issued at Fox, Rush and the new loony called Glen Beck is thrown into the discussions because you have nothing to build on in the way of a fix. Take your schools back and educate your children to make choices based on rational concepts. If you start early enough your kids will not do drugs, drop out of school and you just might keep you pants zipped. get right from wrong early and tell yourself you are not a sinner but could be an example of a decent human being.

    NO, you would rather line up your list of sins and demand the Congress prohibit them.

    Instead of knocking corruption out of the government, try not stop needing their control. Set your own family laws and values and never look to any religion to do it for you. I am much more interested in whether Rand Paul has a human bone in his body. He has been a great disappointment. The whole movement is bad for America and degrades the reason that so many humans have migrated here.

    A great truth of our origins may be ready to break at any time. Will it remove the brains and balls from Christian members. Will it suddenly be exposed that this stuff is simply a very successful cult? Many live under the terrorism of the occult all over this planet and now they want control over all humans.

    You must realize that this overpowering desire for Big Brother in the White House has managed to remove rational debate from the people themselves. There are small pockets where we can debate until some jerk with a list of labels tries to cut in. Go get your own site. There’s a good one called “Right Minds” and another called “The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.”

    I would really like to know what it is about Rand Paul that you want in the government.

    • *If my points of view are so strange to you [Almandine] and Carl, I can only assume you have not associated with others. Note: my brackets for clarification

      *Almandine are you of the opinion that the human mind is not capable of knowing right from wrong without a God watching your actions? I understand this and am sorry you limit yourself as a complete human being.

      *Apparently both of you are crowd followers and you will always be back in the middle of crown and nowhere near the leaders. Of course if you were raised in front of a television then it is understandable.

      *Sadly I have to listen to the small minded men here at CHB.

      *It is you who have to grow up and smell the reality of your existence. …all extracted from your rant

      Total word count for your ramble =725 less 127 above dedicated to what you do best; ie., characterizing and categorizing others by your seeming limited event horizon; ie., no further than the end of your nose.

      Lady, neither myself or Almandine know you from Adam’s proverbial housecat nor based on your writings would I care to do so. Woody, the good spirit that he is advised you get some help whether its medical or counseling. If you’ve had the full, well read life and associated experiences that you claim then your writings should be many octaves higher in quality and understanding than what you supply to this site.

      Possibly you don’t realize that your posts do have many of us concerned; but for us to suffer you getting on the horn so to speak, blasting your past life accomplishments while attacking other site participants including CHB itself is highly irritating. You’ve even attacked Doug on occasion with your laundry list of indictments. One minute he’s “Chief”, then as things unravel in your mind, then comes the attack sequence.

      As I’ve said before, you’ve threatened to leave dozens of times, but sure enough you pop back up just like the gopher in “Ground Hog’s Day” with another round of the same.

      Seriously get some help and rest, clear your head up a bit and make another attempt at posting. We’ve heard your life story and accomplishments far too many times and it now all blends together like so much psychic mush. / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Yep… sucked in again, like so many times before. Just one more reasoned reply and maybe she’ll get the point. Reality ??? Opinion ??? Discussion ??? It doesn’t matter… gold spun into cobwebs is what you get.

        As B.F. Skinner would say, it’s the “intermittent” reinforcement that keeps the behavior alive… fail to respond 100 times and its frequency diminishes, then a single response rekindles it anew.

        Quit rewarding it and it will extinguish in due time… as does all things.

  5. Mr. Thompson is very naive. It is interesting that the politicians he calls “fringe” are the ones who are the staunchest defenders of the U.S. Constitution. And he also fails to understand the argument for restraining the federal government from regulating the use of one’s own private property. The most liberal of pundits have already conceded that Rand Paul hasn’t a racist bone in his body.

  6. A corrupt out of control federal government is what threatens us all. Wars, the ruinous Federal Reserve, and the ever encroaching police state are the very institutions that the status quo politicians endorse because they are puppets of their corporate paymasters and legislate on their behalf. Thank god there are some dissenting voices. They may not be “fringe” for much longer.

  7. Surely you mean the clut like and extreamist “Obama or Bush” admins and not the supporters of Dr. Paul?

    Nice filthy hit piece on the JBS and liberty in general. No street cred CHB.

    You can always tell who’s a friend of Communists and statists when they attack the John Birch Society.

  8. Well, Doug, You really “poked the bees” this time! Sure enough, they all came flying out, madder than hell. I got a good laugh out of it! Kinda proves your point, doesn’t it?

    Seriously though, even if Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich didn’t and won’t ever have a chance of being nominated (much less elected) as President, as a moderate I think it is a good thing to have both of them around. We all need to keep Libertarian ideas like individual freedom and Liberal ideas like oversight and regulation of industry in mind as we try to chart a workable course through the sea of possibilities. Both of these men are able to present the positive aspects of their theories of governance very well.

    The key to making use of their ideas is to consider them rationally, without falling into cult-like acceptance of everything one of them says.

    • “Well, Doug, You really “poked the bees” this time! Sure enough, they all came flying out, madder than hell. I got a good laugh out of it! Kinda proves your point, doesn’t it?” …extract from post

      I don’t think Doug is proving much of anything with this recent line of articles he’s been posting. Anyone can shout fire in a dark theater or foolishly poke a nest of known killer bees and not expect to get stung.

      What myself and others that participate on his site are asking is that he might risk offering some constructive ideas concerning the order of the day based on his many years exposure to D.C. culture while being a representative for the Real Estate sector; ie, a deep pockets group that surely knows how to do ‘palm-greasing’ or the use of editorial terror tactics via the press to get their way concerning legislation that might negatively affect their lobby. He’s referred to it as the “dark side” or path until he retreated to his retirement in Floyd. I’ve often said he probably has a book locked up within and could pull it off using a “gonzo journalism’ style of writing such in Hunter Thompson’s works. How about “Fear and Loathing on K Street” for a title…?

      I have my personal issues concerning Ron Paul, but compared to Palin, Bachmann, Gingrich et al. he’s a giant when it comes to being able to discuss the issues of the day with intelligence along with viable solutions. Instead Doug simply uses a ‘one size fits all’ editorial style, then lays in the weeds watching the action. Who knows maybe he’s laughing and getting pleasure witnessing the discordance, but for what purpose I wouldn’t hazard a guess.

      The few times he’s jumps in, it’s simply to ‘bitch slap’ some poster for insinuatiing something overall about the site content or its political affiliations; with the threat on occason if there’s anymore questioning along a certain line, he’ll shut the thread down, kind of a ‘Mr. Cranky’, sore-arched guy like myself at times, so I do understand. Doug probably feels it’s his site, he’s paid his dues politically speaking and doesn’t care to lower himself into the fray once launching one of his ‘thought torpedoes”.

      It would be nice to hear from him on occasion without it being linked to some post related ‘donnybrook’. : )

      Carl Nemo **==

  9. I think some of the responses to this column is what feeds the perception that supporters of Ron Paul are cult-like. Most reponders we’ve never seen before, and probably won’t again.

    I rarely mention either in my day to day participation, but I will speak out against their unfair treatment and characterization. It’s more about endorsing and voicing the policies and ideals for which we all believe in.

    One man can not do it. One comment on one column can not do it. This struggle is an every day struggle. And it’s bigger than just one man.

  10. Woody, I want the Americans to feel a deep compassion for others. I cannot conceive of asking a government to get involved in any actions. We are discussing two subjects of extremism. I had no problem sending my kids to private schools. A compassionate government is one that has no intention of getting involved in the lives of others.

    The new Conservatives are determined to bring Jesus into our laws and mandating certain actions to be prohibited. I was lucky to have been involved with a group from Hughes Aircraft who relished our lunch hour discussions of human cultures. We read the same books and our discussions were fabulous. We did not agree with any consistency but we did enjoy the debate.

    We agreed on the lack of standards found in our schools. There were some major degrees in this group and to believe they actually wanted my opinions on anything was a thrill. I have always been a reader and nothing gave me greater pleasure than to discuss the books with others.

    I learned from them that humans come in all colors, grades of education and certainly different ideals of compassion. the situation is simple to solve if we all search out our agenda desires and pass them on to friends and children.

    I do not need a government to take care of abused children or even abused pets. I can do that and have done that. I saw a need for caring for terminal AIDS patients and got some nurses training and psychological help for treating my patients and worked with a formal Hospice group when they followed. I’ve been a Red Cross volunteer for over 20 years and have trained others on how to handle disasters. I have never asked the government to take this on.

    When I listen to the Tea Party talk about turning people away from shelters or planned parenthood clinics I can read into their plans to downsize our populations through neglect. They all seem to be able to quote Jesus at the drop of a hat and then kick many people in the ass without taking a breath.

    There is an inherent madness in these people asking God to give them instructions on their own choices,. One can dwell in this madness only so long before God tells them to kill our black President.. Yes, the same God who was called into forgive Newt his life choices. Our brains are fragile and weak as we have no individual rules to live by as humans. We end up murdering children we believe to be spawns of the devil. We send our young men off to war where they cut up their enemy and bring home body parts as souvenirs. Our teenage boys beat up others for no damn reason. What has been done to homosexuals of both sexes is impossible to explain.

    I do not want the government involved in these actions except for the basic state laws that are broken. The people themselves need to look inside their own souls and try for a stronger moral set of balls.

    Americans have forgotten the laws of teamwork. Waiting for Big Brother to do anything for the people is so ridiculous to be absurd. We forget how good we are at solving problems. Americans used to be the top of the line for solving many of the problems we brought on ourselves. Our industries were something to be proud of and our products were the best. What happened?

    What took the control away from the parents and destroyed our classrooms? How many years have the people turned their problems over to the government? We can gradually give these responsibility back and do it with dignity and compassion. You can live as an individual and be free but hold someone’s hand and help them through it.

  11. My goodness, Doug; the label makers found a gate to freedom and all showed up here. Woody, spend some time reading about the history of freedom and rights and over the years, it is easy to see that the people of all nations have gradually turned over their decision making to the government and then were able to search around for the proper words to tear them apart.

    If the end result is to cut the government back to a size that ignores compassion for all Americans, then it is not to be considered an improvement.

    In my opinion, the human species is above other animals due to the compassion we feel for each other. In my world, it has been humans who deal in teamwork to improve their culture and their own safety measures. We were smart enough to train dogs to protect our family members and our food sources. Dogs gained from our trust and team work and managed to develop along with humans without the need for the occult.

    The moment a tribe chose a God to use over other members, the trouble started. To prove the superiority of one tribe over another it was necessary to plan to out breed them and then kill them off. We ended up as free humans in search of a free nation where we could continue to grow as individuals. We introduced slavery into the new world and became very successful as farmers, ranchers, breeders of superior food products and horseflesh.

    The history of Hospice should be mentioned here as many nurses all over the world set up places where the wounded soldiers could die with some kind of respected care. To furnish some dignity for the end of a productive life was important for our own best interest. It helped us develop a compassion for others that became part of our development as humans. We also spent time and effort to show love and compassion for the dogs who worked as part of our home team.

    Once a black man was elected President, a huge number of Americans realized that America will no longer be the land of rich, white straight Christian men and the whole system of government must be changed.

    Read some of the writings of the Conservative members who are more than willing to allow people to starve, others to go uneducated and minorities to be forced into slavery as a way to survive. Suddenly Joe the Plumber was praised and the concept of intelligence like Palin and Bachmann were promoted. Not having a complete concept between them, they turned to Jesus Christ to ice their cake.

    Most of us felt this would not last and the average American family would never allow their God to be used in such a cheap way. Apparently the dumbing down found in the abusive tea party was more than willing to turn the hopeless and helpless people out into the street.

    For many of us this is old hat stuff and we have seen one nation after another fall as a final result of their failures as parents and business people.. The new philosophy today is that I will beat you to the spoils so that I don’t have to take it away from you at the end.

    We raise children who attend church to pray for toys. We have adults who will demand that all profits made by the IRS be kept out of the hands of the unemployed. Instead of planning on controlling the population, we would rather allow people to starve on the street.

    For some reason, I am supposed to accept this attitude and not speak of the cruelty found in the Conservative groups of the religious right. For years they did nothing for the improvement of their own lives or their kids education and suddenly we put a black man in the White House, and all hell breaks loose.

    I do not live in Texas or Tennessee and have no effect on the Paul elections. There was no other choice for me when the GOP ran Dole and then McCain so I wrote in Ron Paul. I would not leave a hungry and homeless dog on the street just to make headlines on MSNBC. I find a heartless group of wingnuts trying to run as Conservatives.

    • I think where we differ is not in our faith in any God or lack thereof, but in your belief in a compassionate government that treats all with equality. There wouldn’t be a need for a Constitution should such a government be possible.

      Well, that and I’d rather live free than have anyone tell me how many children I should have, how they should be educated, or how they should believe in the goodness of human kind and government to sustain them.

    • As usual your entire content is a self aggrandizing ramble Ms. Price. You write with hauteur and condescension dripping from your words.

      Both tragic and disgusting indeed. / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

    • PROFITS made by the IRS ??? Delusional…

      What has become so effervescent, Sandy, is the true nature of the good vs evil “secular” mantra you spout as if it were somehow innate to your being, which of course is less in control of your “moral” choices than the religious upbringing you claim to have spurned at the age of nine. Tainted, my dear, simply tainted.

      You’re just a product of your environment… like everybody else.

      • My environment was nothing like many others. When I discovered that in my world there is no god or spirit or any connection with the supernatural. For some reason I saw through the hypocrisy of the faithful who certainly were no better or worse than those of us who had no such ghosts.

        I read the bible, the book of Mormon and easily a dozen other books on the interpretation of the old and new testaments. I still use my Mary Ellen Chase text book on the subject. Why do we all have to be subjected to the environment from anything?

        I had read all the English classics before I entered high school. Television was not something everyone had in their homes. Reading Walpole and Austen made me very aware of the possibilities of responsibility for our actions. The whole world was open to my choices.

        I would not dream of assuming where you were raised or what you took from your environment. My life may seem tainted to you but what do you offer? If my points of view are so strange to you and Carl, I can only assume you have not associated with others.

        Almandine are you of the opinion that the human mind is not capable of knowing right from wrong without a God watching your actions? I understand this and am sorry you limit yourself as a complete human being.

        Is God demanding that you read my words? I was called the “Spawn of the Devil” here at CHB at one time. I had a member telephone my Hospice Training that I was gathering dying people into Hell.

        I am not asking anyone to do what I did with regard to the education of my family. I simply wanted the best for the girls. Few women stood up for their girls and I was a bit of a freak. Here I stand up for my own choices and I am called insulting names. What about your wives and mothers? Would you treat your daughters any different than I did?

        Apparently both of you are crowd followers and you will always be back in the middle of crown and nowhere near the leaders. Of course if you were raised in front of a television then it is understandable. I was not and dropped into the middle of a group intelligent designers of weapons and airships. None of them took the time to believe in the occult. This was in 1951 and I had just been trained as a technical writer. These were my heroes who also shared my joy of music, drama, concert productions and poetry. We spent several years in Science Fiction when few were reading them. We did not wait for something to become popular to snag our interests. I don’t recommend this for anyone. But my mind needed the stimulation of a different world set in different concepts. It also honed my awareness of disasters.

        My handyman was attaching my flag pole when I smelled smoke. I immediately checked the mountains and the homes across the street and sure enough a unit across the street was on fire, I send the handyman to check the house and bring me the little dog. A crown gathered and the owner of the house was on his way home. His little dog had died the day before. These are mobile homes very close together and needed immediate help. Everyone in the park was soon introducing themselves to me the new resident.

        This is not a trailer park and we have our own golf course and country club. Most drive Lexuses and live in a leisurely fashion. My daughter lives a few blocks way and my choice was here rather than with her. I’m getting old and unstable on my feet and probably have 4 or 5 years left. Sadly I have to listen to the small minded men here at CHB.

        It is you who have to grow up and smell the reality of your existence. I get the same crap from others who never gave a thought to the truth of our existence. I learned from other women that it is possible to live as an original human. I learned from many wonderful women and I will always pass it on. Dealing with men is a different set of circumstances.

  12. I’ve been to the Kennedy memorial, I’ve seen glassy eyed GOP zombies mouth “Reagan, Reagan.” Cult-like adoration of leaders, particularly martyred or dead ones, is nothing new. Moreover, what do you expect from people? People and cliques in government have outright lied or given false impressions forever.

    I’m making no excuses for the Birthers or Obama-as–secret-Muslim conspiracy folks. Some of them just can’t deal with having a black guy as president. Are there racists on the conspiratorial right? You betcha.

    But that isn’t all of us who support Ron Paul. There is the possibility that some of us support Ron Paul with full knowledge that the guy is wrong on some issues. His agency would be limited as president, which is why I would vote for him. He doesn’t scare me quite like the Liberal Interventionists, Cultural Marxists, Neoconservatives, and, most of all, Dispensationalist Evangelicals.

    Face it, politics attracts a certain type of person, power-hungry and amoral. Bill Clinton, according to Chris Hitchens, ratted out other students to the US gov during Vietnam, is now a respected Centrist. Scare tactics, like the hyped up Cold War, have been with us for a long time. A commie around every corner, remember that? I do. If you had a friend who pulled off a scam as big as the Gulf of Tonkin incident, would you trust them? Daniel Ellsberg, you know the guy who showed how big a scam Vietnam was, has praised Bradley Manning. I love the cognitive dissonance of Center-left types who will praise Ellsberg, but ignore grandpa when he speaks about current issues.

    Finally, nobody ever really goes away in government, with a few exceptions like that whack job Liddy. There is no accountability and that’s the problem, much more so than a vast, global conspiracy. So we can’t say, “well, it was those guys back then who were bad, but we’ve really cleaned up.” Bob Gates, who up till the collapse of the USSR was hyping it as a threat, is considered an elder statesman. Mitch Daniels, you know the friendly GOP guy, screwed up big time on Iraq costs.

    My point, people don’t know who to trust. Sorry for the rambling.

    • Excellent and well thought out response Cynic. I didn’t know Ellsberg praised Manning. I doubt most people even know who either of those two people are even though both have affected their lives.

      Aren’t all political parties cults by definition?

      We would be wise to ban them all.

      “They [political parties] serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation, the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community; and, according to the alternate triumphs of different parties, to make the public administration the mirror of the ill-concerted and incongruous projects of faction, rather than the organ of consistent and wholesome plans digested by common counsels, and modified by mutual interests.

      However combinations or associations of the above description may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people, and to usurp for themselves the reins of government; destroying afterwards the very engines, which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

      – George Washington, in his farewell address to the nation, 1796

      Gives me chills, like he had a crystal ball and was seeing our current dilemma.

  13. RTD. Lying? What great lies are you talking about?

    What changes do you suggest for our government? When I was younger, it was interesting to watch one party in power and then wait for the oversight from the other side. That was a time when each party had a workable agenda. Our candidates were questioned on taxes, how to fund wars, how to improve our education systems and how to continue to promote capitalism. We had a separation of church and state and the churches knew better than to promote any changes in government. Those elections were great! From our city government all the way to the white house held our attention and we had to research the hell out of the campaigns.

    We knew that the schools were under the authority of the boards of education and many of us were sent to private schools and my being a Malibu surfer was sent to boarding school far from the ocean. I chose the same education for my two girls and both are professional college grads.

    Racism is an atrocity but is has deep roots in America. When I was a teenager I was not allowed to date Jewish boys. My best friend today is a Jewish Republican writer who feels that Obama should not be in the White House because he is not white. Oy……

    I worked for Reagan when he ran for Governor and the man never set foot in a church to my knowledge. His older daughter Maureen was a friend of mine and was a devoted woman’s rights worker. Things change when running for a federal position.

    There is no Obama cult any more than CHB has a cult. You will never find a more devoted group of people interested in improving our system of government. We don’t agree on how to do this and we never will. No what?

    My family church background is deep in the Book of Mormon and there is no reason to believe I ever bought into it. I saw through the B.S. at the age of nine and the family gave up on me. President Obama wanted his marriage certified by the church and his children baptized. Does it matter where? After 3 years of Christian school, I asked my girls if they wanted to be baptized and both said no. They were given a very broad education in human evolution and the problem was solved. Both married very successful Jewish men.

    My son had to join the Catholic religion as his wife is from Dublin with 13 brothers and sisters and the decision to baptize their kids was not worth an argument. Neither attend church and my granddaughter is married to a very wealthy Jewish attorney. We nipped this bigotry in the bud in one generation.

    Griff, you ask Doug if he thinks there is racism in D.C.? He worked there for many years but in the years I have known and worked for him, there is no indication of any racism here.

    I wait for the day when skin color is of no interest but first we are going to have to guarantee that our children (grandchildren in my case) are equal opportunity humans.

    The internet should and could be used to research the desires of our candidates. I would never vote for anyone backed by Haley Barbour as he is a racist and cut the financial help for a great Congresswoman from San Luis Obispo because she refused to back a prohibition on abortions. She is a very devoted Catholic but did not want the government involved in this decision. It all fits into a plan to bring Christian laws into the government. Women and gays will be overlooked in every capacity of our government and armed forces.

    I was born and raised in California and we have a large group of gays and women. My family is filled with wonderful gays and women. I’ve worked in the theater where… guessed it…is loaded with gays and women.

    Obama is black but that is not why I wrote in Paul. Obama wants a redistribution of wealh and I am a capitalist.

  14. Dr. Paul may not win because he threatens the establishment that feeds like pigs on the government feed bag.

    The “racist” tag must mean you are losing the arguments! It is an easy thing to throw at someone and difficult to prove. Dr. Paul denies those letters.

    I am not a “cult” member. Dr. Paul (both of them) make a lot of sense. Since Dr. Paul received more money in 2008 from our military service men than John McCain, do you suppose they are extremists in a cult?

  15. How many tea Party rallies have you been to Doug? Just wondering how you can say the sign depicted in your article is in fact “A typical sign as a Tea Party rally”

    I believe there is an awakening in America, at least I hope there is…and I don’t think these are fringe groups you are seeing I think rather they are movements in the beginning shapes. The dem’s hate republicans because corporate billionaires don’t pay their fair share to help take care of the country….the republicans hate the democrats for wanting to use their money support social programs..

    The funny thing is neither republican nor democratic leadership do anything to close tax loops or spending….neither side….

    Basically the Republican and Democratic Party’s are nothing more than bought and paid for Unions representing everyone above the middle class.
    Mix it in with control of who gets to be involved in debates, who get’s on ballots…biased media and I think it’s fair to say these people get very upset for good reason when national media dismisses a candidate on air. Why would they do it, unless it were to discredit them?

  16. Ad hominem attacks against advocates of anti-establishment positions are simply an attempt to marginalize these positions without addressing the substance of their ideas. Why not opine on the merit of Ron Paul’s ideas and why you agree or disagree?

    By the way, if the political system in this country was fair, advocates of unconventional positions would not need to resort to “extreme” behavior to get coverage in the mainstream media. The Ron Paul grassroots figured this out in 2007 and it was largely because of their money bombs, passionate email campaigns, internet polls and other PR “stunts” that Dr. Paul received so much press coverage. While this did not translate into an electoral victory, it did result in the dramatic growth of the liberty movement in this country, as it will again in 2012.

    Sorry, but we’re not going away.

  17. Why stop at racist? You should call both Pauls rapists as well. And demagogues. You should also call them GWB clones, as long as your throwing derogatory adjectives with no basis of proof.

    You are judging the men by their followers? The Pauls are for limited government as prescribed by our constitution; that is all. The wackos will LOVE that because they are psycho paranoid…..but that doesn’t mean limited government is a bad idea. I mean, it must have been a good one right? The founding fathers advocated it!

    I know where your getting your statements about ‘racism’ from as well and, tragically, you have missed the point the Pauls are trying to make and focusing only on the face of the comments.

    Their fundamental belief is that government has no place in regulating business. Government involvement in business always, ALWAYS makes a mess. The best businesses are the ones that are not hindered nor supported by the federal government (and don’t give me that BS about wall street ruining the economy, cause FNM and FDM are the prime example of government/private business mess).

    James J Hill, John D Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt…these men operated true unhindered businesses (until the government ruined them) and they ran excellently. They employed huge groups of people bettering their lives as a result of their own success….no government stamp necessary.

    Your statements about racism stem from only one question of that greater whole….”If businesses are free to run themselves then they don’t have to hire minorities.”

    The Pauls stand behind that (fundamentally, although they BOTH have said several times they find racism abhorant), so you call them racists.

    Read a little more and you will see your arguments have been insolvent for centuries. In the 1800s Bastiat wrote that liberals will condemn you on all sides…if you are against public education, you are against education….if you are against government required hiring of minorities than you are against minorities….if you are against government paying subsidies to farmers than you are against food. These arguments are insane and make so sense.

    It doesn’t hold water, any of it. And it makes you look foolish. Just as foolish as someone picking on the few politicians with principles because of some of the wackos they attract.

  18. No policy debate of any kind. Some people still support politicians because of their policy positions. I know that’s unusual these days.

    For some one that complains about people voting for style over substance, you show very little substance in your own writings.

    For some one that complains about people voting for personalities over policy, you use that very same criteria in your denouncement of others.

    So tell us Doug, do you think there may be some racists right now on Capitol Hill? How in the hell did they slip through the filter? Have they introduced any bills in the Congress to bring back slavery?

    Of course the Obama cult shouted down any one who dared question his 20 year association with an overtly racist church. But I guess he was just there for the pancake breakfasts.

    All politics these days is like voting for the prom king and queen. That won’t change unless we start having a serious change in our federal government. Neither party has shown a willingness or capability of doing that. That is the real threat.

  19. Radical times call for Radical representatives. Remember, truth is treason in the empire of lies. I for one, don’t believe Paul, Traficante or Kucinich are really extreme in their positions. whats extreme to me is the ever revealing push towards the same tepid politicians speaking the same type of interventionist, corportatist, banking tied elitist whores that are active in many of the past administrations. This article looks like it was written around nov. 2007 when many of your points had yet to put clarified and cleared up like the ‘racist rants’ you state from a past periodical of pauls, which he denied. He even received praise from the NAACP, defending Paul of the attacks and assisted in airing out the fact that paul had hundreds of articles written under his name w/o his approval, these ‘rants’ being some of them, written by an obvious narrow minded racist using 10th grade grammer, again exposing that this is obviously not Paul, a medical doctor, author and economy mastermind. Maybe you’re the racist. sure, thats it. Mr. Thompson is a racist. Does that make sense? I have no proof, you’ve stated nothing to sound racist, yet I’m calling you one. It does nobody any good and does not progress our need for real change. I personally would love to have an administration with Paul, Kucinich, and Traficante..a non interventionist foreign policy with strong domestic appreciation for one another.

  20. Sandune, do I believe he is a ‘Muslim’? Oh, please. I honestly think he is an agnostic who goes to church for family and cultural reasons. Does it matter if he is a Muslim? (Except for the lying thing, I mean?)

    No, I was discussing cult like behavior. I also like Ron Paul, but it is his principles, which he has been true to for so many years he has credibility on them, that draws me. People trying to cash in once there is a cheering crowd calling for those principles, but fudging details when they prove inconvenient, don’t attract me, and I don’t think it is because I am ‘cultlike’, but discerning.

    All the things people say are ‘cultlike’ about some of Ron Paul’s supporters (primarily the echoes on the internet) existed with greater volume in Obama’s campaign and amonst those of his followers who refuse to see any contradiction between the positions of ‘Senator’ Obama and the positions of ‘President’ Obama. Personally, when RP wasn’t going to win the election, I looked into voting for Obama, but satisfied myself that he was intentionally misleading his supporters, and wrote in my candidate instead. (Not that I thought even the ‘image’ of Obama was as good as Ron Paul; I am conservative, after all. I just have cross over issues where I agree with real – not fake – progressives.)

  21. to the author
    please state clearly who you will be voting for in 2012 and why-then be prepared to be debated and to lose the debates

  22. so when people become excited about a candidate they are labeled a cult. same old method ignore the truth and and start name calling. I doubt that you and your followers will ever be called a cult because you would have to have followers.

  23. You are are menace to society and should be treated as such. How does that feel. This article makes me wonder what cult you support. Yeah let your cult leader not be aloud in debates and railroaded by media tools like you. When media puppets get their strings pulled by the same lobbyist that are putting their yes man puppets in office. Sound like anyone you know? Human rights being violated around the world but we decide to team up with Al-Qaeda in Libya? Condemn building in Palestine then vote pro-Israel in the UN? Hunting all over Afghanistan for the likes of Al-Quaeda when we know they are in Libya? Backing the FED Reserve from audit (we know they have nothing to hide)? Yeah there looks to be a cult going on here but not by the ones mentioned in your article. The fact that you back statements like any candidate does not have a chance at this stage shows that you believe the fix is in, or you are ignorant. Funny you did not throw the name Romney while throwing the word cult around. I for one wish you would soak up some of that radiation that is so healthy for us. Ann Colter and Obama tell us to soak it up. Yeah we are the crazy extremist. But at least the BP oil spill is all cleaned up now. Yeah help keep all the crazies out of power,because they are sure not in power now.
    Ron Paul 2012!

  24. Liberalism exhibits all the attributes of a religion..or cult as you seem to prefer. Please be sure to share the blame to both sides of the aisle…you seem to focus only on the right.

  25. Something tells me you didn’t expect Rand Paul to become a Senator?
    Not so fringe; is it? I will ignore the childish attack parts of your post. But you did forget to add that Ron Paul and Rand like to eat babies on Thursday nights!

    I hate to give you good adivice, but you would do well to take Rand Paul seriously, otherwise you are going to be left in the dust.

  26. I have written in Paul’s name for years in hopes that a viable Republican might stand up for a more limited government. I certainly am involved in no cult but a long time wish for a government with less corruption.

    RDT, Americans seem to demand a group plan that will form around a mass acceptance of anything. The rise and fall of the Birch Society was a perfect classification of a cult. I attended those meetings back in the 1950’s and was shocked at the undercurrent of violence being demonstrated against any American who was not a Christian. We found a ultra religious man to run for President and he turned out to have had years of sexual abuse with his own daughter. I’m certain that had he been given a voice by the media it would have been in the same vein as Newt Gingrich. Justifying atrocities is part of this cult. I drove many to these meetings as a favor to my mother who was blind. I did not then and do not now think like a Christian. Abuse of any kind never should be justified by anyone or any God.

    I do not understand your term “Obots.” Do you believe he is a Muslim? Can you explain your statement or is this a one shot deal? After many years of our government (both sides) taking on wars that have little impact on America, a man stood up against these wars. CHB has been middle of the road for as long as I’ve been here and we all bring our opinions (positive or negative) and that is the purpose of this site.

    Some of us scratch the surface of these opinions and in my case, mention that religion plays a terrible pressure in our government. The GOP has become a religious crusade to change the Bill of Rights and the complexion of our citizens. I want the Separation back but that has been seen here as an assault against religion. In my view, individual freedoms are seriously unrepresented in our House and Senate.

    Obama came on like a tornado in 2008 because he spoke to the people not over their heads to some god. I did not vote for him but I see no cult behind his winning the White House. You made an interesting statement and I wish you would explain it.

  27. There is nothing more ‘cultlike’ than the Obots. ‘Cultlike’ seems to mean, in your article, finding a politician who stands for views a person finds seriously unrepresented. IF and only if you don’t like that politician.

    • What the hell makes you think I like Obama? I think he’s been a lousy President. If you took the time to read this web site you might understand that but even those who voted for him now show buyer’s remorse. That’s hardly a cult.

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