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Monday, June 24, 2024

Wisconsin Republicans try to circumvent court order

Demostrations in Madison, Wisconsin

In the latest move that showcases Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s utter disregard for the law, the anti-union Republican says he will implement a controversial law stripping public workers of collective bargaining rights after it was published in apparent violation of a court order blocking the legislation.

Republicans claim the law goes into effect today after it was published by the state’s non-partisan Legislative Reference Bureau. The attorney for the the bureau says the action was “just procedural” and the law can’t take effect until the court cases are resolved but Walker says he plans to implement the law, court order or not.

Walker’s efforts to gut the state’s public employee unions has sparked a national debate and spurred similar anti-union efforts in other Republican-led states. Protests at the Wisconsin State Capital have brought more than 85,000 into the streets of Madison and similar public rallies around the nation.

The governor’s actions led to Senate Democrats fleeing the state to block a vote and court order last week that temporarily restrained Walker from implementing the law. But the legislative bureau published the law at 3:15 p.m. Friday and Republicans claim that publication, which they encouraged, means the law takes effect today.

Bureau director Steve Miller says the publication doesn’t mean the law takes effect Saturday and that the action was procedural. Walker, of course, disagrees and his office plans to start enforcing the law.

But Secretary of State Doug La Follette says publication by the legislative bureau means nothing because the law can’t take effect until he publishes it in a newspaper which the court order specifically prohibits.

La Follette says he doesn’t plan to do anything until the courts issue a final ruling.

The final decision on the law lies with the State Supreme Court

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7 thoughts on “Wisconsin Republicans try to circumvent court order”

  1. In my youth I remember these contests whereby the winner would be given a shopping cart and so much time to put into whatever they could. So, when the time started the shopper rushed helter skelter through the store grabbing and bagging everything they could; there was this insane urgency about it that was somewhat unseemly. And this was YEARS before any of the so-called “reality shows” appeared to darken our national psyche.

    And, this is what both parties are doing. The Democrats grabbed their cart at the beginning of 2009 and didn’t look back. In fact, they didn’t look anywhere but to each other while the electorate boiled or simmered. They got their butts handed to them in 2010.

    Now it’s the Republicans with the cart, and they’re runnning like hell through the aisles grabbing everything they can. And like their Democratic brethren, they are looking at each other only. The electorate again is ignored and allowed to simmer and boil. Such is what constitutes governing in the USA now; it reminds me of being in the back seat of a car driven by a drunk driver, veering from one ditch to another.

  2. [quote] Is this not a test of liberty? Does this not provoke the question of sovereignty? [/quote]

    Government is the price of civilization. The idea that it’s ‘too big’ or ‘too expensive’? What value hath liberty if it’s not defended by, guess who…

  3. Awww… I don’t know.

    Here’s a guy who, except for his ability to act impudently and impulsively, adheres to the notion that govt is too large, too costly, and too invasive and that the people deserve to be protected. What about the 5 million other Wisconsin folks that didn’t parade themselves in the streets?

    Is this not a test of liberty? Does this not provoke the question of sovereignty?

    I ask again, Doug… what of the slogan on the Masthead and what it implies?

  4. “Walker says he plans to implement the law, court order or not.” …extract from article

    With this statement on Walker’s part, the good people of Wisconsin can realize as to what a ‘monster’ they’ve put in the governor’s office. Worse yet he can’t be recalled.

    I’ve read Walker’s bio and seemingly he’s been looking for a place to ‘bloom’ for quite some time. Now he’s drunk on power, the headiest cocktail of all!

    This is just a preview of coming attractions under Walker’s nightmarish state based regime.


    “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    “Great men are almost always bad men.”

    Lord Acton 1834-1902, historian, politician and writer.


    Carl Nemo **==

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