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Monday, October 3, 2022

What happens when America doesn’t matter any more?


America led the military charge into Libya. Now it’s looking for someone else to take over but doing so is neither easy or backed by tradition.

The United States has, for many years, been the “go-to” military power to lead international military actions and while pressure is building on President Barack Obama to abandon that role and turn it over to NATO or another country, the likelihood of American troops on the ground in Libya grows stronger.

But others are raising the question. Is America’s role as the dominant nation in this world over. Has its time passed as a leader on the international stage?

Writes Peter Beinart on The Daily Beast:

Some commentators love the Libya war; others hate it. But most agree that it’s profoundly unnatural that we were pushed into it by… France. Welcome to the post-American world. In the age we’re entering, most of the time, the choice will no longer be between humanitarian interventions controlled by the United States and humanitarian interventions where other nations take the lead. The choice will be between humanitarian interventions where other nations take the lead and no humanitarian interventions at all.

Beinart remembers when America led the charge into Bosnia in the 1990s and Lt. Gen. Wesley Clark bragged “the big dog barked today.”

Adds Beinart:

Back then, the big dog was not fighting any other wars. It was unchallenged in East Asia; its economy was beginning to boom and its fiscal problems were melting away. And even then, Americans only supported the Bosnia war, and its kid brother Kosovo, on the condition that no Americans died.

Today, by contrast, America’s fiscal condition is terrifying and the Pentagon is fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, trying to stay out of one with Iran, and keeping one eye on a rising China. I don’t know what it took to convince an obviously reluctant Robert Gates to permit American involvement in the Libyan no-fly zone, but it’s a reasonable bet that had Barack Obama not been able to promise that it would be a mostly European affair, Gates would now be a military analyst on Fox News. It’s not the 1990s anymore. The American public’s appetite for humanitarian war has always been meager. And now the American government’s capacity for waging it is meager, too.

Like the once seemingly inevitable British domination in the world, the sun may be setting on the American empire.  America, as the headline on Beinart’s opinion peace reads “doesn’t matter any more.”

Obama’s unilateral decision to involve this nation in yet another military conflict has brought criticism from both the right and the left. It has united two unlikely partners in bed — Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Republican Ron Paul — is calling for instigation of impeachment proceedings,  a move that has little hope of succeed since neither party takes the two promoters of the idea seriously.

Yet the discord symbolizes a different America today than the nation that once stood proud in the world.  America is viewed more now with distrust and disgust on the world scene.

Still, the pressure to remain a force in Libya remains.

Writes Tom Raum of The Associated Press:

U.S. officials still hope NATO also will assume responsibility for attacks on Gadhafi’s ground forces and other targets, the toughest and most controversial portion of the operation. But that was still up in the air.

Otherwise, attacks on ground forces will continue to be overseen by the coalition nominally led by Washington. This is a responsibility the U.S. absolutely does not want to bear.

The last thing that President Barack Obama needs is to be left holding the bag on Libya. With U.S. budgets and troop levels already heavily strained by prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama can ill afford overseeing another war in another Muslim country.

Time will tell but time is not on either President Barack Obama’s or America’ side.

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20 thoughts on “What happens when America doesn’t matter any more?”

  1. That’s already happening. We are being forced to wake up. Next we will be forced to act.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

      • If you will look at the “Bill of Rights” details of this link, as well as that of what Rick Moss is pushing, you will find the common link to a vision of collectivism that starts in the White House and extends to the Rick Mosses, et al, who would rob you of your legitimate rights in the name of giving them to someone who wouldn’t even care enough to honor the gift.

        • It seems that regulatory czar Cass Sunstein’s book “The Second Bill of Rights: FDR’S Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than Ever.” which outlines such a second bill of rights identical to what this “Join the Revolution” link outlines.

          This seemingly is being propagated via a ‘forum spambot’ so this could actually be part of a Soros backed scheme orchestrated by Cass Sunstein using both private and government money to imprint gullible fools with an idea to embrace societal collectivism; I.E., a “New World Order” friendly U.S. Constitution and alleged ‘bill of rights’ (bait) since it no doubt sounds so, so good to parasites. That’s all communism engenders is gross parasitism many octaves worse than mild socialism which in itself encourages the same but to a lesser degree.

          As Bernanke/Geithner intentionally scuttle the USD along with Congress’s nonstop profligate spending, leading to eventual rapid inflation to hyperinflation at the wholesale and retail level it could create a desperate situation where the unwashed masses will accept anything in order to eat and survive another day. Out of an engineered crisis comes a “New World” paradigm, an ugly, soulless combination of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s “It’s a Brave New World”. / : |

          Thanks for the observation Almandine. : )

          Carl Nemo **==

  2. I spent a lot of time looking into this new revolution movement and it may be you who miss the whole point. Do you honestly believe one can vote a revolution into power? Carl, do you ever attend the conventions that are promoting the stuff coming out of Common Sense? I’m annoyed that so many Tea Party members aren’t smart enough to put their kids in private school I did without scaring the hell out of the parents in public school. Parents are bitching about the lunches their kids are served. Our school had no kitchen and the kids and teachers packed their own. We had no fancy playing fields and certainly no organized teams. The parents did this and my volleyball team took all the other private school teams. Oh, I almost forgot we won the scholatic competition all over the San Fernando Valley. It didn’t cost anyone a dime to do this.

    I am not promoting conspiracies in any form but when hundreds of thousands of wing nuts start talking revolution it might be smart to look a who they will replace the unseated in their rantings. So far, all I have heard is to rid America of President Obama. Questioning with whom seems to start trouble here.

    You are cheap and easy with your insults and it is my wish to see something of value in your words. Have you ever done a chalkboard analysis of the situations we all face? You know, like House does with his crew? It is one thing to throw out suggestions for debate and another to slander anyone who dares to question.

    I assumed Moss was simply linking Common Sense and I figured he may be paid to do so. I receive over a hundred links for my perusal every day. I received a shocker on Friday but before I brought it here I sent it to Phil and to my research source for facts. The whole thing was based on fraud and I notified Phil. I would not even bring it to Doug as he has run with a couple of things without the research.

    It seems to be a popular trick to use a medical reason to disagree with another poster. It is a trick made famous by many Evangelicals who believe that pills can remove a faith in the supernatural. I would be interested to note when and where you find your books. Did you read much as child? Or did you listen to Fox News and Rush to be told what is not worth reading?

    We all have the ability to analyze bullshit from gossip and search for some sort of truth. You do not play by the rules as you add nothing to any debate except to criticize. I love to debate especially on politics but only when the playing field is equal.

    No one is more concerned with my mental state more than I am or my kids. My memory is fading but not my ability to associate my words with my meanings. I spent years searching for some good honest political debates but they are damn difficult to find. I was spoiled with my associations with college professors and readers of the good philosophers at work and at home. My problem is that I’ve outlived many of these real brains.

    I still have a group here in California and now that I am back, we will begin again to work out some of the problems that the ignorant wing nuts are pushing on us. We are way above political parties and our greatest problem is to locate moves based on integrity instead of corruption. Without facing these issues we are back to threatening the leaders of the other side. Half of the middle east is in the middle of this endless fight. Kill the opposition, drag down the government and corporations and start back in the stone ages.

    How many times do humans have to do this before they learn right from wrong? So show me a revolution that is done peacefully and without terrorism What exactly did the oriinal revolution do to America? If you put all this on a chalk board you will see the nonsense of even trying to add anything up.

    Carl, why don’t you do some writing for the home page here. I did for a while until the response looked as it if came from kintergarten. Since the election of 2008, not a single contrary writer has come up with solutions to the mess we are in. We have been in trouble since the end of WW2 but that seemed to trigger the non-thinkers into putting on shows of the absurd.

    Seriously, have you solved the problem of your own children and how they will be educated to your liking? Do you feel secure in your own future at this time?Is there anything you could suggest to stop the insanity of the current fools in the GOP? Do they suit your plans? Would you feel more secure if anyone in America was mandated to become a Christian? Gosh, how like the Middle East and their emphasis on Islam. Are you unable to present words together that you can believe are right? Doug does this a lot and it usually brings tons of insults from many who have no ability to come with a single statement in response.

    Set up a chalk board in your home/office and work on prioritizing our problems with the end game of suggesting some changes. A couple of years ago Doug wanted a group to do just that but the response was pitiful. He folded wisely,

    In 1988 when I blew a fuse with President Bush 41, I figured that possibly if he was removed from the White House it might give the GOP time to come up with a winner of a program. That was when I sought help and after several dozen meeting and conventions with the RNC, I realised the party had drained away all the brains of fiscal responsibility and all that was left were a bunch of out of control sexual sinners who need to be rounded up and possibly castrated. The RNC found their new mission and all one could hear in D.C. was a loud sound of relief that nobody had to ever come up with a legitimate fix for anything. The whole damn mess was handed to God and the mess was over.

    The Republicans have become masters of terrorism.

    Why can’t Moss respond? Or was I right and he simply posted some BS from Rush’s radio show? We have a couple of truly great thinkers here but several chose to keep their ideas to themselves. It’s easier and less trouble to do and say nothing. Gosh, no wonder America is dying. We need a couple of Ben Franklyns and other brilliant writers from years go. Thomas Payne could straigjhten out this mess in 3 sentences.

      • “Have you ever done a chalkboard analysis of the situations we all face?”

        Lady, I’ve done things on a chalkboard in my time standing in front of groups that would both dazzle and challenge your intellect, possibly incinerate it too.

        I highly suggest you need to read aloud your writings to a handheld recorder, then play it back to yourself prior to posting. See if you can make sense of what you write. It will also allow you to pick out your ‘snarky’ comments within to break yourself of this bad, antisocial habit.

        The other day I promised not to challenge your writings, but you really chaff my hide when you chronically attack other posters with your snide remarks. We’ve only had a few participants such as yourself over time on this site that engaged in the same. Blanket characterizations of your fellow forum members and what their thought processes might be is the height of rudeness.

        To me, you are a very distasteful entity and I wouldn’t care to know you on a personal basis. You’ve threatened to leave both CHB and RR at least several dozen times, but you’re still here. Why so?

        I just wish you’d stop attacking individuals including the site itself via your posts. If you stick to the subject and stop such distasteful activity, then possibly you’d get some understanding feedback on occasion. I rest my case. : |

        Carl Nemo **==

  3. Yeah, let’s all get armed and kill each other. What is “ourselves?” Is it an all white government? Are we simply waiting for the zealots in the Tea Party to out number the rest of us?

    Come in Moss, what are you talking about? Do you want one government under one god all one color? Grab a gun and give yourself 15 minutes of fame. How should we think?

    What is your end game? You seem to like the bravado of Palin and Bachmann. In my business of costuming, I have made hundreds of Crusader costumes. I even have a pattern for the original costumes done by DeMille. You will have to furhish your own dialog.

    Do youy have a test pattern for a Constitution to fill in when we all kill each other? I worked for a great actor named Richard Moss and I hope to hell you are not that man.

    • Ms. Price, seemingly you have not read the link content. There’s no focus on a violent overthrow of government, the use of guns or the link sponsors seeming to like Palin and Bachmann.

      I suggest you read the associated links within the Rick Moss link post.

      Common Sense 3.1

      Revolution 2.0 vs. Tea Party

      You’ve suffered another episode of cognitive dissonance on a public forum.
      Have you missed your head meds this AM…? / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

  4. We have to start thinking differently. We have to be smarter. First we need to stand up for ourselves.


    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
    We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

  5. The war in Libya may in fact help the world leaders of the most powerful countries gain more popularity as was the case of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s after the Falklands war, which help the Prime Minister to be reelected.

  6. We as a nation don’t matter right now other than the fact we’ve become a dangerous planetary pest and flat, dead broke on top of it.

    Where’e the “Orkin Man” when we need him…? He’d have a field day in Congress for starters. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Or the undecipherable equation he may be,
      eye mam, eee mam
      reverend to no end
      given to oratory
      result to pend.
      No twelfth, or ever the fifth flirtation exists
      bold as gossamer entwining his wrists.

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