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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Kucinich retreats from impeachment of Obama

Dennis Kucinich

Maverick Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich is backing away from his “impeach Barack Obama” statements after it has become apparent that his fellow Democrats and the leadership of his party has no desire to back him.


So far, the only other member of Congress to back Kucinich is Texas Republican Ron Paul who is as much of an outsider to his party as Kucinich is to Democrats.

“You’re not going to get much support for impeachment when the two people pushing it are the leading whack jobs for each of their parties,” a Democratic strategist told Capitol Hill Blue. “They lack the credibility to lead such an effort.”

After Obama authorized the attacks on Libya without consulting Congress, Kucinich said Obama committed “an impeachable offense.”

Now he admits the idea is dead.

“Impeachment is a a process,” he said Thursday, “and it is a process that is not going to begin.”

During President George W. Bush’s Presidency, Kucinich tried — and failed — to convince Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Polls show little public enthusiasm for impeachment and only consumer advocate and failed Green party Presidential candidate Ralph Nader has joined the cause.

Like Nader, Kucinich and Paul have run for President as fringe candidates.


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20 thoughts on “Kucinich retreats from impeachment of Obama”

  1. What about Kucinich’s “doo-wop” girls that sang the first verse of the song for impeachment with him? That would be Shiela Jackson-Lee, Maxine Waters, and Donna Edwards. Now, that’s a trio I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. How come they weren’t mentioned in the article?

  2. “when he commits war crimes.”

    Would you be a bit more specific? Please provide us with a list of the war crimes Obama has committed. Hell, just provide us with ONE. Not a list. I’ll settle for one. But you better darned sight back it up with something beyond emotion.

    • Always the apologist. So tell us, GHL, would you be so militant if there was a Republican in the house?

      Just curious.

    • Yo GHL…

      Here’s a link that might both edify and clarify as to whether, Obama/Biden, Bush/Cheney, Clinton/Gore and Reagan/H.W. Bush’s military actions while in office are tantamount to committing “war crimes” under the auspices of the U.N. or NATO sponsored wars of ‘liberation’.



      Who’s there?

      NATO and wez heah to hep you folks.

      But we don’t want your help.

      Sorry, but wez in the bizness of hepin’ oppressed nashuns like yors, speshully when we knows thet thers oil to be had an too we can settle you restless wogs down a bit to protect the State of Israel’s western flank.

      Leave us alone. We’ll handle our own affairs

      Too late fools the deal is dun.

      Wha…whaaa….whaaats than overhead?!

      Missiles incoming…!


      “War is Racket” …Marine Major General Smedley Butler


      Carl Nemo **==

  3. That’s some great journalism, Mr. Doug Thompson! That’s so impartial of you to call Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich outsiders to their party for calling for the impeachment of the president when he commits war crimes. Maybe they’re outsiders because they adhere to the constitution and believe in the rule of law and the liberties of the citizenry. Rep. Kucinich and Rep. Paul aren’t bought and sold like most of the other 433 “Representatives”. I love that anonymous Democratic strategist calling Kucinich and Paul “whack-jobs” and “lack[ing] the credibility to lead such an effort [for impeachment]. That is the worst secondary source I have ever seen.

    You, Doug Thompson and all the other talking heads in Washington and in the media are what’s wrong with this country! You provide no substantial reasoning behind Mr. Kucinich’s proposal to impeach President Obama for war crimes by not going before Congress and allowing the Legislative branch their right in government to send this nation to war. You provide no checks and balances for the government. You don’t ask hard questions. You don’t go looking for the difficult evidence that many ordinary people are looking for when they ask “how can no one in Washington be held accountable?”

    Your college journalism professors must be real proud of you! You are pathetic. And a poor writer to boot.

  4. “The only way out is a complete REVOLT and I will be the first to sign up!!!!!” …extract from reply

    BINGO…Mr. James Cox! That’s what it’s going to take in the final analysis as a function of a mighty financial crisis this nation and the world has never experienced in the history of the world.

    Only when blood is running in the streets shall the Phoenix rise hopefully to a rebirthed nation and world who’s collective motto shall be: “Never Again!” : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Carl Nemo says “The citizens of this nation are now getting the government they sorely deserve in spades”. WTF is that??? We dont deserve this corrupt government!! They do what they want, when they want, and how they want no matter what us Blue Collar American citizens say or what we do. The only way out is a complete REVOLT and I will be the first to sign up!!!!!

  6. Wait,…back up,..what was that? …an ‘honest politician’?? Which country have you been living in ?? Let me know,..I’m gonna move there…lol

    • Switzerland. There are about seven political parties which don’t have much power. Every adult male is drafted for militia service. The people vote directly for every law that passes or is repealed. Romans, Englishmen, and Nazis have tried to take over without success. The state has very little power, and the voters hold the final word.

  7. “Polls show little public enthusiasm for impeachment…” extract from article

    They only get enthused when like the rabble they’ve become an ‘impeachable offense’ is linked to a sex scandal as in Bill Clinton’s case. Of course the charges focused around a fairly petty crime not linked to the killing of thousands of civilian innocents and our dutiful servicemen and women; ie., “perjury” in high places.

    Just the same it was all about Monica and Bill along with their ‘seedy’ couplings, er I mean exchange of bodily fluids that piqued the interest of the unwashed masses; ie., the rabble.

    Not only fie on our now terminally corrupt government, but our citizens now of the same stripe, seemingly all ‘chickenheads’ to boot.

    The citizens of this nation are now getting the government they sorely deserve in spades. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. Typical Kucinich…! His crimpol brethren have no stomach to enforce the Constitution of the United States. They’re all cut from the same partisan cloth which includes their duopolist counterpart Republicans.

    Seemingly they’re going to give this President the Kings X as they did for Bush/Cheney once it was discovered there were no WMD’s and the entire invasion was based on “cooked intel”. Once discovered they should have immediately pulled funding and the plug on Bush/Cheney forcing a cessation of war criminal level hostilities, but instead the beat went on and still goes so.

    Poor, tragic America…!

    As I’m writing repeatedly in my posts, we now have a criminally disposed rogue government in place and they’re walking over our founding document and our rights, wiping their soiled corrupt feet upon our collective faces and using our tax money to do so on top of it. Fie on them all!

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. Why don’t you print the name of the “Democratic strategist”?

    The 2 Congressman out of 435 backing the founding vision of the country and they are “wack jobs”. How Orwellian! It’s the other 433 who are the real wack jobs, including the chickensh!t strategist too yellow to put name to his comment.

  10. The American voters are not cut from the kind of cloth that would require getting off their butts and actingt! We can’t even locate a consensus here at CHB.

    Perot was my final attempt at restoring our trade agreements. If someone can find a winner in either party, I’ll look into it.

  11. As soon as I heard that Dennis Kucinich had called for President Obama’s impeachment I went to DCCC website and told them to stop calling and emailing me for money because I want NONE of my money going to Kucinich or any of the other ridiculous radical Democrats From now on ALL my donations go either directly to MY Senator or OFA to support President Obama. Im not rich but I’ve given much time and money to the democrats. All my future money goes to OFA.

  12. Dennis Kucinich may be on the fringe when it comes to political power, but when it comes to the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution in this case, Kucinich is in the center of American ideology, and it’s Barack Obama who is on the fringe.

  13. mavarick…. outsider…. credibility…. whack jobs(?!)….credibility…..fringe….

    We get it, you want people to forget about the idea.

  14. Excellent article. Wonderful job at attempting to discredit some of the few honest politicians left. Truly great propaganda.

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