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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

School cuts turn Wisconsin Republicans against Walker

Scott Walker: A falling GOP star?

A growing number of Republicans in embattled Wisconsin are showing buyer’s remorse over their votes for GOP Gov. Scott Walker.

They’re not happy with his attempts to destroy the public school system in the state.

“He’s trying to balance the budget on the backs of teachers,” Bar Feest of suburban Milwaukee told The Associated Press. “It took so long to get our schools where they are, and they’re going to cut in town in, what, two years? It’s not right.”

Feest, a Republican says she’s sorry she voted for Walker and wished she could take that vote back now that she’s seen how his proposed budget will gut the public school system in Wisconsin.

Walker is looking to cut down the state’s projected $3.6 billion budget by eliminating collective bargaining rights for public employees — including teachers — and cutting aid to schools by $835 million and forcing local school districts to reduce their property tax authority by an average of $550 per pupil — making it extremely difficult for schools to make up the losses in state aid.

At a public forum in Brookfield, a number of Republicans say they’re sorry they voted for Walker.

“I voted for him because I wanted some restraint on frivolous spending,” teacher Ronn Blaha told the AP. “I did not anticipate that he considered education a frivolity.”

Walker’s war against public employee unions brought him national attention but polls show increasing trouble at home as the impact of his policies sink in.

And he’s not the only Republicans who’s taking aim at schools.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich wants a change in the state aid funding formula that would allocate less funds to school right when they must make up for the loss in stimulus dollars.

Even longtime GOP voters worry that the cuts in education will destroy quality schools that have taken decades to create.

“It all concerns me,” Donna Leslie, a West Chester, Ohio, mother of a senior in high school, told the AP. “There are cuts that need to be made but I don’t think we’re going about it in the right way.”

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8 thoughts on “School cuts turn Wisconsin Republicans against Walker”

  1. What I meant to say is,
    media will dust this prick off with a fox tail brush
    whilst after fewer fruitful than painful years, his clones will still haunt.

  2. I see photons of conservative shucks yaa’ll I’m just a country boy a shill,
    a wanna be terminator undoubtedly shrill, corporate like.
    Hey Sahara sarah , campaign for me his visage whines,
    carefully crafted visage, so benign
    OOps ! SHhhhhhh. Shalom, more wine
    She’s mideastern now to be vetted and dined.

    I do so hope she has time to part the Mediterranean.

  3. Some of the quotes in this piece make me laugh. Hahaha.

    Wake up America. It’s time to regroup.

    Join the Revolution (sorry, don’t like to shout. Makes you look dumb)

    Campaign for Liberty

    Fight the cause – Not the symptom

    Individual liberty. Self-determination. Free and fair markets. Sound currency. The things that built us. No web2.0 hocus-pocus populist rhetoric.

  4. You know, Doug… I think it’s time you replaced the slogan on the masthead with something more… progressive?

  5. Walker blew his cover and sincerity via the faked call between him and the ‘David Koch’ imposter. The content exposed him for what he is; ie., another crimpol grifter with an agenda to enable the uber wealthy to get even moreso at the good citizens of Wisconsin’s expense by selling off state assets for nickels and dimes on the dollar.

    It this were 1880 when men and women had “true grit” he’d be facing an angry horde of citizens with ropes, tar, feathers and a sharp-edged rail for his speedy and summary exit from the state house.

    I’m not from Wisconsin, but everytime I even see Walker’s mug it causes waves of nausea, me thinking how corrupt this man is via his blatant association with the Koch bros. and that the good citizens must suffer his presence for some time to come. Hopefully their effort to recall some Republican Senators will do the trick, destroying his ‘steam-rolling’ majority in the representative body, thus neutering Koch’s heavy-handed, non negotiable tactics in tryng to dismantle the state.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • “thus neutering Koch’s heavy-handed, non negotiable tactics in tryng to dismantle the state.” …extract frm post

      should read:

      “thus neutering Walker’s heavy-handed, non negotiable tactics in tryng to dismantle the state.”

      Talk about a Freudian slip or what…?! Ironically the two can be substituted in the last sentence. / : |

      My apologies

      Carl Nemo **==

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