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Sunday, June 16, 2024

GOP’s lunatic fringe launches attack on public education

Rep. Michele Bachmann (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Fringe Republican presidential hopefuls have launched a war against the American public school system and told a home schooling rally in Iowa this week that government wants “absolute control” to “indoctrinate” children.


Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a perennial loser in the Presidential sweepstakes, told the cheering crowd that the “the public school system is now a propaganda machine. They start with our kids even in kindergarten, teaching them about family values, sexual education, gun rights, environmentalism — and they condition them to believe in so much which is totally un-American.”

Paul was joined by other members of the GOP’s lunatic fringe, including bombastic Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Georgia businessman Herman Cain.

Bachmann praised home schooling, calling the practice the “essence of freedom and liberty” and adding that “it’s about knowing our children better than the state knows our children.”

“It is not up to a bureaucrat to decide what is best for your children. I am so tired ot the establishment telling us that they know best. We know best,” Bachmann said.

Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s pizza, said government has no role in education. Like Paul and Bachmann, Cain is hinting that he may run for President in 2012.

“That’s all we want is for government to get out of the way so we can educate ourselves and our children the old-fashioned way,” he said.

Bachmann, known for mangling facts and getting historical information wrong in her public statements, home schooled her five biological children.


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15 thoughts on “GOP’s lunatic fringe launches attack on public education”

  1. Religious schools monitor their curriculum closely so do not pigeon hole it as Christian. Parents send their kids to those schools for a reason so I may not agree but I have to respect their choice. Actually a significant number will send their kids even if they are not of that religious affiliation. The structure and academic rigor are attractive.

    • Yeah, Catholic schools have long been sought for “discipline” when temperamental kids can’t be controlled easily.

  2. I visited my local public school when my daughter was to be enrolled in first grade. I met with the principal and requested the reading lists for her student body. They had no such list! I checked out her desk to see what she was working on and found many books on how to teach sex education. I asked if she had in mind to approach sex as a sin and she stood up and showed me the door. I should know better than to try for something good in our public schools.

    I heard Congressman Bachmann screeching about public schools and wondered what she had in mind for the children today. She went on a tirade about financing “Cowboy Poetry.” I carried a lot of these books which had come from good publishers and my store being in California Ranch land, I featured them for my customers. We had poetry readings from new poets and many came from our schools. Actually we had one Grammar, one Jr. High and one High school. I even offered to print up some of their works to hand out in the store. I owned a ditto machine and went to work introducing poetry from the Cowboys, the kids in school and a homeless group of Nam vets. Home made cookies, coffee, tea and milk fed a few of my poets.

    What Bachmann represents to me is a women of limited education. She has no imagination on how to promote the minds and souls of the American people. She is the poster person for the Tea Party which, if accepted, would change the culture of America away from individual family concepts and hand them over to Pat Robertson.

    Almandine, I know you despise my words but since you offer none you can only assume I want all churches closed. No! I use the churches for the promotion of chamber music. They offer an inexpensive venue for new musicians, new poets, and new artists. I probably spent more time in Church than you did. I helped raise funds for the two California Missions damaged in several earthquakes. If you have never heard a Brahms or Mozart Requiem performed in a Mission, you haven’t experienced the reason for the music.

    I had a vacant lot next door to my commercial building and the Salvation Army was allowed to ring their bells at any time they wished. I did the same thing for the Red Cross and the new Hospice organization.

    I have great sympathy for many American families who have been faced with poor academic training in their youth. They have no place to go except to their government for help. The times are changing in America and the Tea Party knows it. They are desperate to keep the control over the people. One only has to watch the public involved in the the problems faced in the Muslim nations. The Tea party wants to eliminate this entire group of Islam. They can’t do it when their children are learning tolerance, human values including poetry, theater, music and art.

    Danny, I’m not certain you understand the whole concept of education. Teachers open up the world to children with geography, math, vocabulary and the most important, history. Parents have the full responsibility of bring a healthy happy child into classroom where they can learn how to learn.

    Limiting knowledge on any subject should be the last thing the schools want. Christian schools have a litmus test of subjects not to be introduced. I lived around that limit because the reading lists of this school was extensive. I filled the rest.

    We are not a Christian Nation yet and until the voters accept the religious right, the bible should be read as fiction. if read at all.

    Is there anyone here who has kids in school? I spent years researching the different methods of education. It is always a challenge to start a dialog on educating the children.

      • The only true Christians died in the coliseum in Rome. Lion food..
        Those in our government and powerful evangelical circles who profess to be pious are arrogant zealots bending to the whims of moneyed interests who send them running rampant worldwide, telling others how to live, think, and die.
        Giving God a bad name in any language and a sour taste in the mouths of those thirsting for truth phases them not at all.

        Whew, plays out all muslimy do it not ?

  3. Why is it that teaching seems to consistently be the job that so many people think they can do better than the professionals? Would they tell policemen to take a hike, saying they could do a better job protecting their children? Would they stop going to church because they could interpret the Bible better than their minister?

    And why stop with their children? There’s a variety of things the parents no doubt could do better for themselves than others–anything from retirement planning to car repairs.

      • Damn right they’re professionals. Many of them have higher education degrees, and are working toward state and national certification, or already have it. The disrespect you show educators AND education support professionals is disgusting, frankly.

  4. It is called PUBLIC EDUCATION for a reason. Private schools, charter schools and home schooled you can pick and choose or have some flexibility. In public you can have a kid from a two parent and college educated family sitting next to a kid that is in one of the sub groups that shout out problems.

    Kids today are entering school not as prepared as in the past when it was unusual to have a kid that didn’t have a rudimentary ability to read when entering first grade. Then toss in the social skills or lack of.

    The town I live in recently sent home letters to parents requesting input on a potential change within the school. 1,100 letters and 7 returned.

    Parents night usual consists of the parents of kids who are doing fine. Where are the parents of the kids who are not?

  5. Which old-fashioned way should our kids be educated?

    The one where 40 kids ages 4-20 were packed into a single room getting less than an hour a day of age-group based attention?

    Perhaps the one where only the children of the wealthy were able to learn to read and write?

    The ultimate irony here is a conservative from Texas complaining about biased teaching.

  6. Home Schooling: The only way you can MAKE SURE your children are as stupid as you are!

    We should require home schooling parents to pass tests that demonstrate they understand the subjects well before they are allowed to teach them, as well as testing their children to make sure those required subjects are actually being taught. If we did that, I think about 90% of the potential home schoolers would be disqualified.

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