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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Few Americans see Obama as strong military leader


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Only 17 percent of Americans see President Barack Obama as a strong and decisive military leader, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll taken after the United States and its allies began bombing Libya.

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8 thoughts on “Few Americans see Obama as strong military leader”

      • Superb link NigthWisp! : ) I listened to it in its entirety. One of the comments to the clip best sums it up in that Obama is nothing a “Zionist puppet”, in fact he’s everyones favorite puppet when it comes to the shadowy oligarchs and entities that control the game.

        Carl Nemo **==

          • Brother Nathanael’s delivery although spot-on seems a bit “Californicated” to me. He’s dressed up as an Orthodox Priest, but delivers his message in an all too slick format, very metered and articulate.

            It’s the type of thing that makes me leary concerning the other side of any political equation.

            I’ve been a CHB member for some time, but I must warn you that if we get too anti-Zionist/Israel it can lead to getting the ol’ seaboot launch over the stern into shark infested waters.

            As far as your mindset on many if not most issues NightWisp you and are possibly one, but Doug won’t tolerate such for much longer.

            This is a great site for airing our views, but we must respect the limitations of our site host concerning what’s perceived to be anti-Semitism. A word to the wise should be sufficient. Thanks! : )

            Carl Nemo **==

              • A Zionist and an Israeli are two different things. I am a descendant of King David. I will not even dignify that with a defense.

                I am/was Ut Naphistim. 2 cycles of Nibiru ago,

                I am/was ‘Moshe Rabbenu 1 cycle of Nibiru ago.

                I am here during this cycle. For the end of 3rd density earth.

                Linear time is almost run out. Down to a trickle. The ones responsible for the devastation of Tiamet by greed will be punished.

                By the way… The UFO over the Dome in Jerusalem picked up the hidden artifacts and they are now safe.

                And I will leave you with that. I will not let the door hit me in the behind on the way out.

                I wish you luck. I do not know your agreements. Take care. All these wars and diversions are to distract from what is coming.

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