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Friday, June 21, 2024

Traitors one and all

In more than 40 years of dealing with politics as either a journalist or a political operative, I've learned one thing: Political partisans have short memories.

In more than 40 years of dealing with politics as either a journalist or a political operative, I’ve learned one thing: Political partisans have short memories.

Each and every day brings batches of email claiming that I’m a (pick one or more):

  • Left wing loony;
  • Communist (yeah, they still throw that one around);
  • Liberal;
  • Democrat (ouch!);
  • Socialist;
  • Or just about any other stereotyped moniker fired off by those whose philosophy stand somewhere right of center.

Flash back 10 years to 1997. Bill Clinton is in the White House. Monica Lewinsky, blowjobs and interesting uses of cigars dominate the news and a number of stories on this web site.

A review of email from that period called me (pick one or more again):

  • A right wing nutjob;
  • A conservative moron;
  • Republican (ouch again)
  • And so on…

A lot of things have changed over the past decade but political myopia lives on. Independent thought is not allowed in a lockstep political world. You’re either one of us or one of them: No middle ground allowed.

Capitol Hill Blue was born during the Clinton administration. We went after him with a zeal that many Democrats found disturbing. We also went after the Republican Congress but that pursuit got lost in the furor over our stories about the many misdeeds of the Clinton administration.

I believed then, as I do now, that Bill Clinton was a bad President. He misused the power of the office, practiced the same kind of “politics of personal destruction” that he claimed his enemies employed and brought disgrace upon the Presidency through his immoral behavior in the Oval Office.

But I also believe George W. Bush is a worse President. While I doubt he is spilling any of the First Seed on the dress of a White House intern, he is smearing feces on the U.S. Constitution and, along with his partner-in-crime Vice President Dick Cheney, destroying the very foundations that once made this country great.

America faces a long, hard road to recover the loss of justice, destruction of civil and human rights and dismantling of freedoms under the reign of terror by Bush and Cheney.

I believe both Bush and Cheney should be removed from office now – not in an election next year – and I fault the timid Democratic leadership of Congress for failing to step forward and take back the government that the criminal cabal at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has stolen from the American people.

The failure of the Democratic Congress to deliver on promises made to voters in the 2006 mid-term elections makes them co-conspirators in the Bush-Cheney plot to destroy the Democratic Republic that was once a great nation called America.

In my opinion, Bush, Cheney, Pelosi, Reid and all the others are no less than traitors to the nation and should be treated as such.

Try taking that point of view and putting it into a neat pigeonhole of partisan politics.

19 thoughts on “Traitors one and all”

  1. Obviously someone who has understood the history involved in the formation of the jewish state…The use of the cry of “anti-semite” is convenient when they want to cow those attempting to pull into view what is being done here in the US by agents of a foreign government. AIPAC (and other orgs of their ilk) may claim to not be agents of the Israeli state but to no avail. Why is it that when we accuse a Christian of committing a crime or attempting to influence events or people for their benefit they don’t jump up and shout the the accusers are “anti-christian”? Maybe because it is not relevant. If they are indeed trying to influence our government for their own benefit then they deserve to be watched closely and every action examined. Espionage, the last time I checked was and is still illegal and punishable by execution in time of war. Of course that would be if the Rule of Law still pertained…

  2. “Even the Christians want Israel to succeed as a nation.”

    Yes, because Israel has to be re-established and the Christian temple rebuilt in place of the Muslim mosque currently on that piece of “sacred ground”, in order for Armageddon to occur so that all Jews who refuse to convert to Christianity can be cast into hell before Jesus returns to reign in peace for a thousand years.

    Additionally, to be critical of Israeli government policies, to be critical of Israeli spies in the United States, to be critical of the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians, to be critical of undue influence over our government by AIPAC always always always invites accusations of “antisemitism”. Well. I submit that the Israelis are the true anti-semites as they have been conducting a slow genocide against the Palestinians since BEFORE 1948 when Israel declared itself to be a sovereign nation on land formerly known as Palestine, also known as the British Mandate. These self-declared Israelis were not the indigenous Semitic Sephardic Jews who had been living in peace for hundreds of years with indigenous Arab Muslims. This new Israeli government was established by European and Russian Ashkenazi Jews who had hundreds of years earlier converted to Judaism. It treats the Sephardic Jews in Israel, the truly Semitic Jews, nearly as badly as it treats the Palestinians. The Arabs and the Sephardic Jews are Semites, essentially racially identical. European and Russian Jews, Caucasians, who charge antisemitism at any unflattering reference to Israel are not Semites. In Israel it is often Jews of European and Russian heritage who are the truly antisemitic actors in their dealings with Palestinian Muslims and Sephardic Jews. If being against Israeli government policies regarding Palestinians, and if being against Israeli manipulation of our government by way of espionage and AIPAC (which should be but is not registered as a foreign advocacy agency) makes one an antisemite then I PROUDLY will wear that label, even though I harbor absolutely no ill will toward Jews in general regardless of racial origin, nor toward Arabs or Caucasians, for that matter.

    — Kent Shaw

  3. SEAL, many of us have tried to keep our freedoms out of the hands of the government for years. I worked for “American Policy Center” for years and would send action alerts all over the internet and in letters to the Editor in two states. Since the Bush Administration, I have not been able to strike anyone into action.

    I saw the breakdown of the voters when the elections were running on Christian laws and the Constitution was being ignored. You make it sound as if nobody saw this destruction of our Constitution. My age group remembers WW2 and the manipulation that led to Korea and Vietnam but the problem was that nobody had studied this in school and many thought we were insane.

    Israel is not our problem! Voter apathy is the problem. Show me a community that is not represented by all people including Jews. Even the Christians want Israel to succeed as a nation. My step-granddaughter spent last summer in Israel as a graduation present for her high school. I do not think anti-Semitism is necessary at CHB. But it is an open forum and even my opinions have some value.

  4. You guys just don’t get it…

    There is only one party and it doesn’t have Americas best interests at heart – but it loves Israel.

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