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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Obama leaves El Salvador, heads home to Libya debate


SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) – President Barack Obama headed home from El Salvador on Wednesday, wrapping up a five-day visit to Latin America after receiving a briefing on the U.S.-led military action in Libya that has overshadowed his tour.

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1 thought on “Obama leaves El Salvador, heads home to Libya debate”

  1. And… Just WHERE is the Big Zero going to get this pocket change? I do not remember Congress passing it in the budget. Oh. I forgot. He will just print it. No Congressional authority needed there to spend money or prosecute the war in Libya.. Oh I forgot again. If you call it a “military action” , it is different than the word “WAR”. Therefore, Congress need not apply. Head games. What is “IS”? Weasel words.

    Big Zero. Can we play ” what is a birth certificate ” and please produce one?
    Your definition and mine are different.

    Tell me again why we need Congress critters when the Dictator-in- Chief does as he wishes since the two other branches of government are asleep at the wheel and allow him to run riot. Your allowances make you just as guilty as he is.

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