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Friday, September 30, 2022

Obama confers with Turkish, Qatari leaders on Libya


ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE (Reuters) – President Barack Obama, who is seeking to shore up participation and clarify leadership of the military attacks on Libyan forces, spoke with Turkish and Qatari leaders on Monday evening, the White House said.

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2 thoughts on “Obama confers with Turkish, Qatari leaders on Libya”

    • Why so? Because he and his advisers are engaged in an illegal ousting of a foreign leader by force in violation of international law. Any U.N. launched coalition is nothing more than an ‘oil grab’ on Europe’s behalf.

      The German war machine had “oil commandos” so too the U.S. in our times except evidently our leadership is too stupid get something back in terms of the spoils of war to soften the tax burden on our citizens. The Iraqi’s don’t share a single penny of their oil revenues with the U.S. in order to pay the tab for ‘liberating’ them from Saddam. It’s all gratis courtesy of American tax slaves and we’re still paying the tab.

      The only people that have made out on our chronic military insertions into oil regions are the shadowy oligarchs that own the oil patch worldwide; lock, stock and barrel. The U.S. military is simply being used as their enforcer/button men to seize assets and indemnify ownership rights over the resource on their behalf. The following short tome will bring gullible Americans up to speed concerning this taxpayer shakedown.

      “War is a Racket”…Marine Major General Smedley Butler…!



      Carl Nemo **==

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