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Thursday, February 22, 2024

More Republicans doubt Obama’s Libya action


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A growing number of Republicans are criticizing President Barack Obama for failing to lay out a clear plan on Libya and mounting costly military operations at a time when America’s budget deficit is gaping.

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1 thought on “More Republicans doubt Obama’s Libya action”

  1. Republicans seem to have a short memory. Or selective amnesia. They didn’t seem all that concerned about Bush’s lack of a clear plan in Iraq or Afghanistan or the budget deficit such nation-building – oops, I mean liberating – adventures would bring.

    I could only imagine the cheerleading that would be going on in the Republican ranks if we had a Republican president right now. Plan? We don’t need no stinkin’ plan. Just bomb the piss out of ’em. And get that “Mission Accomplished” banner printed up forthwith. It’s gonna be a cake walk.

    But of course, compared to Obama’s and the Democrats’ spending habits, Bush’s deficit spending was indeed “conservative”. I guess that’s the new conservatism – just spend less than the other guy.

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