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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Obama offers new U.S. partnership with Latin America


SANTIAGO (Reuters) – President Barack Obama called on Monday for a “new era of partnership” with Latin America as he acknowledged a sometimes troubled past between Washington and its neighbors in the region.

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4 thoughts on “Obama offers new U.S. partnership with Latin America”

  1. And then there’s the $2B loan guarantee so that Brazil can drill for oil… while companies in our country get the high hard one.

    The Big Zero is actually infinitely negative.

  2. Talk about p*ssing money down a rathole or what…? Obama’s pitching out $200 miillion bucks for the Central American “War on Drugs” another failed, costly war no different than our emergent “War on Terror” in the past ten years is a crime against our citizens in itself.

    Both of these canards are simply endless, faceless wars against two nouns. A real war is linked to a confrontation between sovereign nation’s. There are diplomats involved and a contingent to parley and sign peace accords in the event there can be a negotiated settlement to the hostilities or the signing of documents acquiescing to absolute surrender as in Germany and Japan’s case at the end of WWII. How so concerning the wars on drugs and terror?

    So our cunning, ever-scheming crimpols have synthesized two conflicts that will make the 30 and the 100 years wars of Europe in past times seem like a cakewalk. These wars are a blood-sucking politician’s wet dream come true…no?

    In 2010 we wasted $15 billion on the War on Drugs. In 2009 the total cost of the ‘War on Terror” was $2.324 billion which doesn’t include our military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan which are now leeching us out to the tune of $200 billion per annum which includes the aforementioned imbedded amount. This is above the authorized defense budget. Don’t forget the ‘reason’ we’re there is to capture or kill them dad-gummed terrists…no?

    So too, there’s drug overtones involved since the peasants grow opium poppies to survive while Karzai and his brothers get a piece of the action. Oh, I forgot their CIA controllers get their bite too.

    So of all the things that our ‘dear leader’ could do for Central America is ‘pledge’ hundreds of millions for this failed canard of a conflict. These central nation’s could do better with the money spent on building hospitals and schools for the people; but no, cheap butt politicians like Obama know the right ‘buzzword’ when interfacing with the criminals that mostly run these countries; money for the ‘drug war’.

    It would make Americans sick to know how much of this $200 million is going to filter into the offshore accounts of these said ‘banana republic’ leaders. Oops I forgot Obama is the leader our of our newly emergent b-republic of the same stripe, once the United States of America, now simply a broken, rusted out derelict, ravaged by the seas of corruption. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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