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Friday, December 1, 2023

President Donald Trump?

The king of comb overs considers a Presidential run

“The Donald,” as in Donald Trump, says he will decide by June on whether or not he will run for President but says he is serious and that the run — if he makes it — is not a publicity stunt to promote his show, “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

“The ratings on the show are through the room. I don’t need to boost the ratings,” Trump told The Associated Press. “But the country is doing so badly. I wish there was someone in the Republican field I thought would be incredible because that’s what we need right now.”

Other wealthy businessmen have tried — and failed — as candidates for President, including Ross Perot and Steve Forbes.

Trump told ABC‘s “Good Morning America” that he can spend as much as $600 million of his personal fortune.

“Part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich,” he told the show.


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7 thoughts on “President Donald Trump?”

  1. Trump has been through at least five bankruptcies (two real estate and three casino/resorts) and narrowly avoided one personal bankruptcy, so maybe he is the most qualified to run the United States in that regard.

    That’s me, always looking for a silver lining.

    Maybe they can pick his cabinet on The Apprentice. That might actually be pretty entertaining, and much more transparent than the current process.

  2. I’m getting sick of all of these articles which point out all of Trump’s shortcomings, but don’t point out many of the legitimate things he has said on CPAC and on many radio and tv shows lately about what he stands for. He really couldn’t state some of these things any clearer – the USA is being taken advantage of. And he’s right! I don’t care that he’s a business man, that he’s had some failed business ventures due to extreme risk taking. I care that he has the kind of no-nonsense balls to be a leader of this country. He’s a lot more qualified than President Obama for leadership. Go ahead and keep making fun of Trump, but know that he really cares about this country, and has something that most politicians today lack – common sense. And understand that these media sources are quite adept at building straw men, which are good enough to sway ignorant, shallow, unlearned readers. Go on youtube and see what Donald Trump had to say at CPAC, and see if this isn’t someone you might vote for.

  3. Another thought about Trump. I have little respect for a man who wears a toupet. He’s bald on top with hair around the fringes. I’m leary of vain men. He should be proud of his baldness which is linked to virility in males; ie., high levels of testosterone and the fact he’s earned his stripes as a consumate businessman.

    Many women like bald guys especially if they have a 10 digit net worth and so too with men who’ve had both dirt and grease on their hands and loathe fru fru b.s. concerning their male brethren. ; )

    Carl Nemo **==

  4. Every day I think this country can’t get any more f**ked up, and every day I’m proven wrong again.

  5. Maybe that’s what it will take; an uber wealthy man to control a Senate full of ‘destitute’ millionaires along with many of the same stripe in the House.

    They only worship the acquisition of evermore money and power so with someone who can’t be bought off and seemingly wouldn’t be on the make and take for such, his only unfulfilled dream being that of achieving power outside of the business sector.

    Don’t take my thoughts as an endorsement for this guy. I used to be highly enthused with his delivery and thoughts, but in recent years he’s done some things that cause some hesitation on my part.

    Carl Nemo **==

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