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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Obama gives modest backing for Brazil’s U.N. ambition


BRASILIA (Reuters) – President Barack Obama applauded Brazil’s “extraordinary rise” on the world stage but stopped short of backing its bid for a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.

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2 thoughts on “Obama gives modest backing for Brazil’s U.N. ambition”

  1. Obama this and Obama that! This guy is obviously a puppet controlled by transgenerational oligarch ‘white guys’ who insure he does their bidding via their running dogs in Congress and those sitting on our NSC (National Security Council) who puppete paddle his decisions.

    The whole purpose of this publicized trip to South America was to reestablish more cordial relations with nation’s that share the same hemisphere with us. In recent years these nation’s have become ‘red-haired stepchildren’ concerning our foreign policy.

    Meanwhile the PRC (China) has been solidifying relationships with all of these S. American nations with huge forward contracts on valuable commodities along with a genuine and sincere bonding with their new S. American trading and so too ‘military allies’ with some. We’ve been asleep at the wheel allowing China’s expanding influence including the Panana Canal Zone. There’s even a Chinese military contingent in Mexico near our southern border… / : |

    So now the duty puppet takes a trip to sunnier climes is wined and dined, but gives them nothing.

    Brazil is the 8th largest economy in the world. One of it’s major products is ethanol for fuel. They are blessed with sunshine, so growing sugar cane and other crops friendly to such they represent a behemoth as alternative energy source that we could use as a nation in the form a fuel cut with gasoline.
    Brazil doesn’t have a water shortage is in the U.S. Ethanol is freshwater intensive in terms of producing a gallon of fuel.

    So Obama & Co. does a lot of ‘howza yowza’ talk and hand-shaking while not making a firm commitment to endorse Brazil’s participation in the U.N. Security Council…say what?

    The minute he and his contingent revealed fence-sitting on this issue, the Brazilian government should have declared him as persona non grata and given him the boot immediately if not sooner. They don’t need us, we need them…period!

    This proves to me this man is not a leader, is unread in terms of world knowledge and the complexities thereof and not all that savvy when it comes to making firm alliances with those nations that count relative to U.S. needs into the future.

    He shor can bomb the sh*t out of a backwater nation like Libya though.

    We’re in grave danger with this guy and company at the helm along with their negative power influence that’s almost destroyed our nation.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Thank you american friend!I’m Brasilian e the USA are very important for economy of Brazil.

      sorry my portenglish!

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