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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Arizona Senate votes down immigration bills


PHOENIX (Reuters) – The Arizona Senate on Thursday rejected five immigration bills, placing a major stumbling block in the way of state conservatives’ hopes to pass more laws cracking down on illegal immigrants.

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14 thoughts on “Arizona Senate votes down immigration bills”

  1. Oh Goody.!! Nashville has 1 in 10 Hispanics now in the general population. Time to check immigration papers. How many are Criminals and not the ones who just will do the job no one else will do?

    Oh wait!! Maybe if they can go to Wisconsin, they can teach! The teachers do not want to do that!!

    The real number of illegals in this country is closer to 30/40 million. With with USA population @ 300 Million without them, that would be 1 in 10.
    When I was on the border with the Minutemen, it was a wholesale invasion at night.

    Could Obama’s lack of border control have anything to do with the 100,000 Red Chinese soldiers camped around 60 miles south of Laredo, Texas into Mexico, Who are living in shipment containers and are guarded on every access by Mexican army so that no one will know.. Google map sees.

    Why are they there? Red Dawn?

    Didn’t Obama say it would be easier to be President of China? Is that the end game? Return USA over to China in foreclosure for borrowed money they had no authority to have since they are a defacto government? aka a fraud.

    Is Obama the real Manchurian Candidate?

    Isn’t it amazing how our soldiers are sent out of the country on wild goose chase wars, while the enemy is to the south on the border? And the border is left wide open? The biggest highway is a dry river bed ….

    Maybe Arizona does not think it will be invaded by this army.
    Got news. this country has already been invaded and Obama wants to take our guns.

    Wake up Sheeple. All this BS is diversion to destroy this country. Obama has done a real good job so far. Two more years of the Big Zero and he wants re-election to partee and Golf, and fill out Basketball brackets. 4 more years. Oh well.. we know.. he who programs the voter machine chooses the winner. Not the voter. So make that 6 years. if we last that long.

    News flash for the elite. You may hide in your underground bunkers…. but you will not come out. Enjoy your tombs.

      • Thanks NightWisp for the link. I’m in concurrence and have first hand knowledge that Chinese and N. Korean military contingents are in Mexico. They are keeping it clandestine and when the question has been couched to Mexican authorities, the answer is joint training excercises, but for what?! / : |

        I’ve been posting for quite some time on the www and not just CHB. Lately its my sole place to post. Material such as this was part and parcel to my delivery, but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

        There’s also Russian and former Soviet satellite nation contingents secreted in the Western U.S. for so-called ‘joint training’ excercises. They’ve been spotted by ranchers etc.

        The RAD detector situation may have turned into a rout post the Japanese earthquake related meltdowns in progress. Even though minor levels of contamination, but in short order everyone will be slightly radioactive rendering such detection mute. Radiation contamination can become as prevalent as a highly infectious desease such as SARS, ebola, the plague etc. although not life threatening, it surely screws up their schemes. : ))

        Don’t take my reply post to Brittanicus as me being a ‘bleeding heart’. I’m quite hard-thoughted and analytical. My solution to many situations concerning our nation’s well-being and survival would not be welcomed either. : |

        Carl Nemo **==

        • Well Nemo.. You would be a natural fort GodLikeProductions and RumorMillNews and FourWinds10 all dot coms.

          The sheeple do not want hear that they are targets to be destrroyed. GLP has a thread for those in the USA who have geiger counters to post the readings of their areas. We do not trust ” official” sites with the readings.
          We do not trust TPTB …… period….

          Also. I do not know what a Brittanicus is.. sorry.

          • Hi NightWisp,

            Brittanicus is the handle for the fourth poster down on this thread to whom I replied concerning their recommendation to turn America into a police state as a function of the illegal immigration problem, an idea for which I’m against.

            The loss of the general population’s liberties to catch illegals is repugnant to me. The end result will be a police/garrison state with illegals still running about in great numbers. Illegals have nothing to lose except a trip back to their country of origin while naturally born and landed citizens must suffer the loss of their freedom forever. It’s an absolute no sale with me. : |

            Carl Nemo **==

            • Do not worry. The world is not going to last too much longer. Illegals will be the least of our worries.

              Tsumanis will hit and devastate the east and west coasts; destroying them. The Great Lakes will tip and pour the contents down the middle of the country. When the San Andreas goes, the New Madrid ( which is connected) will go… splitting the country in half and the ocean invading the middle.

              This will start when Mount Fuji erupts. Japan will sink below the waves;Triggering the tsunamis.

              Australia is sinking. So is New Zealand.

              Lemuria /Mu and Aztlan/Atlantis are rising which will flood Britain and other areas like Indonesia. Water has to go somewhere. Seafloor was rising @ 13 feet per day around Australia. Thus the flooding of Australia as it sinks.

              Yellowstone will go as well as Arkansas. Other Dormant volcanoes are awakening. The ring of fire is becoming active.

              So what do we have to look forward to? earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, tsumanis, polar shift and the second passage of Nibiru which will put earth into a deep freeze. Until it is re-terraformed eons from now.

              This is what the PTB are trying to hide. To prevent preparations, madness, and break down of society. and riots. But alas. Nibiru has already been seen coming in. And the energies are being felt.

              TPTB are probably hunkering down in their bunkers while stand-in/look alikes/doubles/ clones/ replicants take their places here to keep the distractions going. But they will drown in the underground bunkers. Even if they think they are above the flood levels.

              Many people are missing. Depending on agreements, they may have already been picked up. . Many will just die and their energies will go home. Those who chose to ride the E -ride coming will stay to the end to experience this very rare galactic event.

  2. Yo Brittanicus,

    Your thoughts on illegals are fine as far as their costly presence along with making many systems dysfunctional such as hospital care, schools etc, but I’m personally against state governments enforcing immigration laws.

    State governments are inherently a disappointment when it comes to implementing over the top law enforcement, even worse than the feds if turned loose using state laws as their mandate to do so.

    Phoenix, AZ’s whack job sheriff, Joe Arpaio is an example. There’s nothing wrong with running a tight jail, but dressing inmates in ‘pink underwear’ and feeding them crap for food; ie., two bits a day’s worth or whatever and seeming proud of it indicates to me he’d have done well as a Nazi era extermination camp commander. I’ve listened to him speak and he seems ‘nutty as a shithouse rat’.

    You and others need to view Woody’s supplied “random DHS roadstops link’.
    If that’s the kind of society you wish to live in then you evidently don’t value your personal freedom very much.

    I’m not waffling on illegal immigration, but it’s the Federal Government’s responsibility to enforce immigration laws. They get U.S. tax dollars to do so, yet have failed to enforce existing laws incrementally so since the Reagah/H.W. Bush administration allowing evermore aliens to come into the nation in order to exploit them as cheap labor which is typically a ‘big business’ agenda. Food processors are the worst of the lot. It’s big business greasing Congressional crimpols’ palms in D.C. to look the other way. Just about every problem and failed program can be linked to gross malfeasance on the part of our Federal government.

    I don’t want state government to get into the business of randomly stopping Americans on U.S. highways in order to search vehicles and to demand our papers such as a National I.D. card etc. all with the blessings of the Federal government who supplies the money and training, to the states for intercepting illegals far beyond the border, slowly but surely turning the U.S. into a garrison state.

    The Feds have not only stolen out tax dollars over the years frittering them away on b.s. projects, programs etc., but now they want take the last vestiges of our freedom away too.


    Sorry pal, the country is already destroyed. We’re simply in the countdown mode to financial Armageddon…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Can’t agree with you on this one Carl, somebody has to do the dirty work and it hasn’t and won’t be the US govt.

      Go Arpaio!

      • No problem in disagreeing Almandine. That’s what makes discussions interesting and out of such opposing theses comes synthesis…no? : )

        As I’ve said if Joe simply had a rep for running a highly disciplined country jail, no problem. But I’ve watched the nonsense of dressing inmates in pink underwear and feeding them crap for food. This pink underwear makes me think the guy is a closet crossdresser like J. Edgar Hoover, in fact he kinda looks like Hoover.

        I also believe inmates should be given quality multi-vitamins, minerals, essential oils etc. Why so? Because studies have already been done that more efficient brain chemistry makes for a calmer prison population especially a deficiency in the vitamin B complex which is not stored in the body and is excreted on a daily basis. Adequate vitamin B complex has a calming effect. Don’t get me wrong here, but if prisons had dieticians and nutritionists on their staff, our nation just might see a major decrease in recidivism relative to criminal behavior. Most prisoners spend an inordinate amount of time doing physical excercise to alleviate the boredom of incarceraton so no problem there.

        What I’ve suggested may sound arcane, but studies have been done and when we consider how state governments are building evermore prisons then my suggestion might have merit. In fact states are so bust that their prison building days are over and are now releasing low risk inmates in droves. To what I don’t know because America’s manufacturing based has been destroyed by “Globalists ‘r Us”.

        America now has 2.3 million prisoners nationwide across all jurisdictions. State governments are going bust just like the Feds and ulike the Fed can’t print money to bale themselves out. About 25% for both Federal and state facilities are in for drug related crimes which is mind-boggling and shows how stupid we are as a nation. Drug use has to be decriminalized as the Dutch which regardless of propagand to the contrary has been a success story.

        I’m not a bleeding heart or a softie, but I’ve got my gourd screwed on tight when it comes to running a tight ship and a sane, functional society and it’s surely not what were suffering now as a nation under crimpols at all levels of government with a dark agenda for “We the People”. Fie on them all!

        Carl Nemo **==

  3. From a voting Independent Conservative:





    All the Republican Senate cowards need to know that when they brushed aside some of the policing laws in Arizona, they will be forfeit their seats in 2012; compliments of the Tea Party. Immigration is no longer a less prominent issue, as just like jobs it is costing too much money that it is almost beyond imagination. Those RINO’s in Arizona who sold their vote to corporate and big business and the zealot open border lobby will feel the wrath of the Arizona taxpayers. But not just in the financially ailing Arizona, but Utah, California, Nevada and many other States that have deceived the American population when voted into office. Americans should not have to compete with criminal foreigners who are being rewarded for their wrongdoing with taxpayer money. E-Verify must become a permanent tool to protect American jobs, with the full force of ICE. Just how much is your State spending to accommodate illegal aliens?

    Secure Communities policing law, along with the 287 (g) should be enforced throughout the United States. On the agenda should be a National ID card, which should be issued to every native born American and resident legal immigrant. We will endure against the Leftist-Socialism sinking this country into of crisis. Incidentally–Any poll can be manipulated in favor of the lobbying or open border degenerates.

    In Arizona Governor Brewer and State Senator Peirce authored a very harsh but financially needed set of policies to save the State from imminent insolvency.

    SB 1309: Establishes criteria for Arizona citizenship, requiring at least one legal U.S. parent in order to receive Arizona citizenship. This would allow Arizona to eliminate instant birthright babies. The Republicans who down-voted could not have read the 14th amendment, in its entirety? That it includes the parents of an infant born in the US can stay? Why is nobody interpreting; Article 1 Section 9 Paragraph 1 where it gives the State(s) the sole right to permit into the State whom it thinks right and shall not be prohibited by the Congress, which doesn’t preempt the rights of the Federal Government? Why should the U.S. Government or any of its states tolerate any individual or person to come into the sovereign nation and make demands to fit their wishes?

    SB 1405: Requires an admissions officer of a hospital to verify a person’s citizenship or legal status before admitting the person for non-emergency care.

    SB 1407 Requires the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to collect data from school.

    SB 1611: Specifies that it is unlawful for a person to operate a motor vehicle in Arizona if the person is unlawfully present in the U.S. They must demonstrate a lawful presence for obtaining public housing, a vehicle title and registration, community college or university admission or any public benefit.

    Those who are fed-up with paying even higher taxes to support the illegal immigration invasion should join THE TEA party in your State. The Tea Party is the only true hope with have against growing government, lower taxes and to stop the corrupt slime in Washington and State Capitols that is selling the future of your children. Europe is being overrun by economic immigrants, but this must be halted in America. From all over the world they are coming here, to make a better life. But then what about a better life for our families and our children? What about our children who have to learn in crammed schools for of illegal aliens. What about our own low income Americans, who are forced to wait for hours in hospital waiting rooms overcrowded with illegals? How about the billions of dollars spent in judicial courts, jails and prisons, inundated will illegal alien criminals? Don’t let the Liberal press delude you of the truth and the astronomical costs now that will certainly gain momentum in the future. Illegal immigration must end now by insuring every dirty businessman or contractor who hires cut-price labor goes to prison.

    There is a list of businesses who issued a stark warning to the Arizona politicians to back-off enacting any more anti-illegal immigration bills. It is my strong opinion by going to BIZJOURNAL, that if you is infuriated by this disgusting stance of large and small businesses to go ahead and boycott them. Perhaps they might comprehend that the people have the power to stop this nation financial crippling by the ingress of cheap labor.

    May be six months in Sheriff Joe Arpaio “TENT CITY” would alter their perception in giving jobs to illegal aliens? Free faxes to demand an end to illegal immigration can be found at NumbersUSA or any of the hundreds of pro-sovereignty, Pro-US Constitution groups. Local phone directories have blue pages to contact federal and State lawmakers. DOING NOTHING IS DESTROYING THIS GREAT COUNTRY. Illegal aliens are voting in our elections, using absentee ballots, so we need mandatory government ID to be eligible.


    NO copyright, ever. Distribute freely.

      • Thanks Woody for the stunning links. Wow is all I can say. I watched two vidclips associated with the first one concerning the DHS road stop/block in Arizona. I’ll have to give the man recording this activity while standing up their b.s. a salute.

        Unemployment is massive in this nation, so it’s easy to find ‘thug’ wannabe’s for DHS/TSA employment. Many of the Nazi “death camp” guards along with enlisted Deathshead SS were ex-convicts with bad rap sheets concerning crimes of brutality in German society; ie., the perfect profile for statist thugs and bullies.

        I noticed when the superviser came out, he let the man go on his way knowing full well this was an excercise in intimidation. Even the agent thumping his vehicle was a ‘message’. Some of the women I’ve encountered are more aggressive then the male agents. Rest assured they’ve been chosen because they have the right psyche profile for such a job. If they were ordered to yank people from their vehicles and execute them on the spot they’d do so all for a paycheck with no second thought given.

        Our government sucks period…! We can thank the PNAC planner/schemers along with Bushista transgenerational war profiteers and freebooters getting us into this fix. Our Constitution and way of life has been stolen by what half of the electorate perceive to be so-called “good people” when in essence they are anti-constitutional, anti-freedom sociopaths totally corrupted by greed and the lust of total and absolute power over their fellow citizens. The mere fact The Patriot Act had already been written and printed up prior to it becoming ‘law’ indicates the entire false flag op; ie., 9/11 was to precipitate the destruction of our liberties. No copies were made available for our Congressional politburo to read prior to the vote or at least not enough. This entire transformation of America into an elitists’ AmeriKa was an inside job.

        Thanks again for these links. I urge fellow site participants to take the time to view them. Also it’s good training on how to resist such, by constantly repeating the litany of ‘Am I being detained?” …”Am I free to go?” and never, ever answering their seemingly ‘simple’ question are you a citizen? There’s no requirement to do so except at an actual international crossing and being asked such by a Customs/Border agent, but not within the U.S. once cleared to enter. There’s no requirement that we must even carry identification when walking about. Of course while driving you must have your license, but simply when leaving your home and walking about for an evening walk to the store etc. there’s no requirement ot have such on your person. These vidclips demonstrate as to how they are trying to set a precedent and if people fail to standup and question this instrusive behavior then in time their inland, domestic checkpoints will exist everwhere. They definitely want to turn America into an absolute, abject police/garrison state.

        Carl Nemo **==

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