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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

House votes to cut funding to NPR


WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Legislation to bar federal funds from being spent on National Public Radio passed in the House of Representatives on Thursday, although its ultimate prospects of becoming policy looked doubtful.

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3 thoughts on “House votes to cut funding to NPR”

  1. Yes Woody, they increased funding for ‘propaganda radio’ . They’ve seemingly got unlimited funding for waging ‘straw wars’ in Afghanistan along with CIA adventurism in Pakistan, in addition to the 2 billion over five years in military aid to the Paki’s!? They have no money for NPR. Seemingly they don’t understand we have no money…period!

    Unequivocally I see us headed for martial law under Obama as a function of government breaking down from the Federal to local level because all government functions have been living large to larger on borrowed money.

    When the checks are no longer auto-deposited or in the mail and various government services close their doors due to lack of funding, then rioting will commence while our citizens will stand in disbelief that its finally happening. This is the price to be paid for falling asleep at the wheel concerning the caliber of candidates they send to D.C. to represent them.

    The Fed~U.S. Treasury has basically resorted to legal counterfeiting of huge sums of money without an expanding economy to warrant such via Bernanke’s serial QE scam. It’s also caused commodity inflation, another resultant bubble in the making. This activity is always part and parcel to failing governments; i.e, first debase a nation’s system of currency by taking away the gold and silver coins from the people over time and supplying them with printed fiat currency and coins that are nothing but base metal slugs to operate vending machines. They even want to curtail the USD and replace it with a durable ‘slug’ since to print dollars allegedly costs 5 billion per annum, which I don’t believe. They’ve tried the issuance of metal dollar coins before and they were a bust. People don’t want to carry around pockets full of metal slugs for ‘change’. In our times dollar bills multiply like rats in our wallet due to continually laying out $20 bills to purchase anything. Hell, it costs $50 just to leave the house. / : |

    A few years back I decided to save all the one’s in my wallet on a daily basis. It’s amazing the amount of one’s accumulated over a years period, nominally $1500 per annum which I save then give to my wife before Christmas and her birthday about $750 each occasion. No I don’t need to do this, its just a fun thing to do. I save my pocket change too, pitching it into a McCann’s oatmeal can with a coin slot cut in the lid. I’ve made oatmeal can piggy banks for our friends. They laugh at first, but then are amazed at how the coins pile up. The can plan is good for $300 per annum. Anyway I digress.

    Our Congress needs to get frugal too and start thinking of ways to not spend money across the entire spectrum of government programs instead the Republicans are conducting business like ‘hit men’. They absolutely refuse to cut the bloated defense budget. This budget eclipses that of 44 other nations on earth combined while spending ten times as much as China on defense. Seemingly waging engineered wars and the manufacture of materiel for war is our most importand national mission and product. Very sad indeed.

    We’ve lost our steerage as nation. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Didn’t they just increase State Dept. funding for propaganda radio overseas?

    If NPR is any good, it should be fine getting advertisers like any other syndicate. But the Senate won’t risk this getting to vote.

    • That dang tearista maestro Garrison Keeler they hate,
      powder biscuits and such. Eh ?
      Pancake Nazis, and cornflake geneticists, meltdown / oil slick naysayers abound.
      PRI spells doom to agenda links every time a hole in one is exposed, or explored. Why wouldn’t a dog fear a flea, chemically ?
      Diane I knew you well..

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