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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Obama: U.S. feels "great urgency" to help Japan


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Thursday that the United States feels “great urgency” to assist Japan and is confident that Japan will rebuild.

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4 thoughts on “Obama: U.S. feels "great urgency" to help Japan”


    The link above is about the Sendai #6 camp in a place called Hanawa. One of my uncles spent his last year of captivity there in World War II. It was extremely brutal, as the Mitsubishi company was responsible for the hundreds of American POW’s, and acted miserably. As bad as the treatment was in the Phillipines by the Japanese Army, it was preferable to what the POW’s suffered under their (literal) corporate masters in Japan proper.

    My uncle has been gone now for over 20 years. While he lived he related to me much of his experiences of that time. He said that when the war ended and the planes had dropped food, he and others made their way to the coast and hospital ships for urgently needed care. He was 6’4″ and weighed 220 lbs. upon capture on Corregidor in 1942, and on the hospital ship in 1945 weighed 87lbs.

    He said his bitterness was so acute he felt for a time as if he could kill every Japanese he saw. That lasted until he was on the hospital ship and had regained some health. Near the hospital ship was a fence, behind which Japanese people lived. As badly as the POW’s were treated, the Japanese weren’t eating much better by war’s end. He and other POW”s would sneak food through the fence to Japanese children. Being fluent in Japanese by that time helped with communication.

    I would like to think that David B. Kimball, if he were alive today, might encourage Pres. Obama to do a little more walking and a little less talking.

    Drawing upon Mr. Nemo’s thoughts above, the thousands of POW’s suffering at that time never would have survived (about half didn’t as it was) had the American people been demanding a victory in World War II but refusing to pay for it with “outrageous taxes.”

    I hate what the Japanese did to my uncles. But that was long ago by a different generation. Yes, we are in debt, mainly due to a decades-old policy of refusing to pay our tab, yet this does not take away from the challenge of helping these people any way we can.

    If Pres. Obama is waiting on Wall St. to tell him what’s the right thing to do, he’s in for a long wait. Perhaps he could garnish his hopey/changey plate with a little leadership, along with a serving of cojones.

  2. Obama can say more than he actually can, able to do. So, action has to speak louder than word. So far, the U.S donation to Japan is $84 million, compared to Katrina, Haiti more than $500 million. Well, because the prior disastous were mostly Black. That’s why he opened up and lobbied more for the donation. This time is different because is in Asia and plus they think Japan has money and shine away his committment. Well, this is called the socializm or Obama system.

    • Hi Asian American,

      You’ll read it here first but not last from my keyboard. Barack Obama & Co. represent the purist form of bullsh*t possible ever to come from our White House. He’s great at talkin’ the talk, but never walkin’ the walk unless it has to do with caring for poor billionaire bankers and the denizens of Wall Street and offshore despots that serve America’s imperial agenda.

      He and his associates are globalists to the core except when it comes to helping a viable, functioning, democratic nation such as Japan. The reason Haiti got so much help is it had boohoo appeal with black voters and other weak-minded souls who seeingly cannot connect the dots concerning scams Democrats will play to get such votes on our taxpayer dime.

      Our SOS Clinton has endorsed 2 billion in military aid over five years to Pakistan…say what?! I’m not the President, but if so we’d surely not be in any of those nations from Pakistan westward to Iraq nor even aid to Egypt or Israel. Foreign aid would be lean pickings to none for the parasites that have enjoyed our largesse for so many years. Under such a paradigm when a major earthquake strikes, then providing aid or loans for a nation to rebuild would be the order of the day with little financial impact on our nation. In fact if Obama had any starch he’d reneg on the aid to Pakistan and pass the two billion to Japan for rebuilding its infrastructure. Readers no doubt detect that Hillary’s ‘aid’ to Pakistan along with Obama’s lack of opposition to such criminal nonsense really gives me a case of the ass bigtime! Now we’re paying $2.3 million in “blood money’ to surviving members of two Paki’s who were killed by one of our bumblng CIA operatives; ie., another business as usual scam in the far reaches of our newly minted “New American Empire”.

      Our leadership and Congress has their priorities all screwed up, not by accident, but by design. Everyday in every way they do everything they can to weaken the U.S. and seemingly they are succeeding in spades. We’re now to the point there’s hesitation in helping a nation such as Japan because we’re flat dead broke. So too is Japan with a debt load twice its GDP and also suffering from an overvalued currency on top of it.

      It’s my hope that China reaches out and helps Japan. It’s time they bury the hatchet linked prior to WWII during the Sino-Japanese war where the Japanese treated the Chinese with incredible brutality.

      The Japanese have never been eager to apologize for their barbaric acts during their days as Imperialists which has poisoned the waters and have made the Chinese distrustful of them. So this disaster is a chance for healing old wounds and for the to nations to create stronger ties. We didn’t treat Japanese Americans in a civilized fashion with our kneejerk creation of WWII internment camps, rounding up Japanese American citizens.

      It’s amazing man’s inhumanity to man during a so-called civilized era when in effect some of the most barbaric acts imagineable were committed during the 20th and now into the 21st by intransigent warmongers as we now have in our Congress and the White House. We’re now suffering from the disease of imperialism run amok the same as Japan during the first half of the 20th century. The more things change, the more they remain the same…no?

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. Of course he does on our tax dime. Myself and many other Americans feel badly about this tragedy, but we’re broke as a nation. We have 14.5 trillion in debt hanging over our heads due to seemingly non stop military adventurism. The recent House vote to continue full strength in Afghanistan says it all.

    The Chinese are sitting on a 12 trillion USD/100 trillion yuan surplus due to the imbalance of trade with the U.S. It’s best China helps rebuild Japan and the two nations use the project as one to form closer ties. China and Japan have more in common than with us. Besides Japan needs to consider chucking the U.S. market and work on selling their products to China, India and Malaysia. The U.S. is a ‘dead man walking’ especially with the likes of this President and his roving consigliere SOS Clinton who’s main mission is to pitch out USD’s to every dictator and military strongman on earth; like her bid to give Pakistan 2 billion in ‘military aid’ over a five year period. That two billion would be better spent in helping Japan.

    Poor America…seemingly we’re doomed with a corrupt Congress and Executive leadership steering us onto the rocks of destruction. : (

    Carl Nemo **==

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