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Friday, December 8, 2023

Palin’s downhill slide continues

Is the good ship Palin sinking? (AP Photo)

Polls continue to show America’s fascination is fading for former Alaska Gov. and failed Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin.

Even the Republican Party is tiring of Palin and her bombastic nature.

According to a new Washington Post-ABC news poll, her ratings within the party are dropping to less than 60 percent — a massive drop from the 88 percent rating after John McCain picked her as his running mate in 2008 and 70 percent last October.

Only 47 percent of Republican leaning independents have a favorable view of Palin.

Palin, in fact, may be the GOP’s Nancy Pelosi when int comes to unpopularity with voters.  A NBC-Wall Street Journal Poll shows Palin’s favorability dropped to 27 percent while a CBS News-New York Times sample shows it down 19 percent.

A Quinnipiac University that measures the “temperature” of voters towards political figures found Palin third from the bottom, sharing the “coldest” temperatures with Pelosi and former Senate leader Harry Reid.

Writes Dave Cook in the Christian Science Monitor:

It has been a tough couple of days for former Alaska governor and Fox News commentator Sarah Palin.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll, released Wednesday, found that Ms. Palin’s favorability ratings among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents have dropped to a new low. Fifty-eight percent of those voters still view her favorably – not exactly shabby, by most standards. But compared with the 88 percent favorable rating she enjoyed right after Sen. John McCain picked her as his running mate in 2008 – and even the 70 percent positive rating she enjoyed as recently as October – Palin is definitely on a downward slide.

Even more troubling for Palin, especially if she harbors presidential ambitions, is that her negative ratings among Republicans are higher than those for other possible GOP presidential contenders. Thirty-seven percent of Republicans and Republican-leaners see Palin unfavorably, the ABC News survey said. That exceeds former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s unfavorable ratings by 11 percentage points, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s by 16 points, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s by 19 points.


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32 thoughts on “Palin’s downhill slide continues”

  1. She was empty vessel like john McCain. She fooled no one but fools. The leaves you. Are you empty. Our country is on fire. And what have done but talk and complain?

    She was empty vessel like john McCain. She fooled no one but fools. The leaves you. Are you empty. Our country is on fire. And what have done but talk and complain?

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

    • Brilliant response bogofree…! : ))

      I have an excellent memory and instantly knew as to what your were referring.

      Here’s a link to the trailer of this 1979 production.

      Your comment makes me want to either rent or buy the movie. I’m sure it’s available on Amazon.

      Again, that was the perfect Rx for understanding the likes of Sarah. In fact it supports my thesis that she has a solid chance for becoming a ‘winner’ in these seeming end times of the Republic.

      Carl Nemo **==

      • Re: last paragraph

        “seeming end times of the Republic.”

        should read:

        “seeming end times for the Republic”

        My apologies.

        The reason I do this is that I take pride in being good ‘wordsmith’. When I witness one of these sloven posts, I get quite upset with myself. Why so, because it demonstrates a break in the chi flow of my mind/keyboard connection.

        Carl Nemo **==

        • That IPA probably has something to do with it!

          We’ve been partaking of Columbus Brewing Co.’s 90 Shilling and Oatmeal Stout. It ain’t beer if you can’t chew on it a bit! IPA is a bit weak ‘fer my tastes. 😆

          Also you Buckeyes out there have to check out Elevator Brewing Co.’s Bleeding Buckeye. It’s a nice red!

          Support ‘yer local brews ya scalawags!

          • Simply a difference in tastes Woody. The pregnant point of your post is to support your ‘local brewing company’….period! The gods forbid, if they should forcibly outsouce, by skewed trade agreements that all brewing belongs to China..ouch! Will Tsingtao reign supreme…?

            I surely hope not! : |

            Carl Nemo **==

  2. I pray every morning and every evening that God will see fit to make Sarah Palin the nominee for the Republican Party in 2012.

    It would be a lot of fun to watch and would be the final death rattle of the Republican Party.

      • I’m all for “instant runoff” elections and of stripping personhood from corporations. The party bullsh!t could sort itself out under those conditions.

      • Again they feigned rolling over and exposing their rock bottom ineptitude ,
        but in turn made sure of enough space that the river of putrid rhetoric continued to run underneath, free to conceal political conjecture. .

        Our only hope is for a new and highly inflammable media.
        Penny drive ?
        How much truth will a dollar buy today ?

        • Hi Bryan,

          A dollar not much, hundreds of millions to a billion spent on advertising ‘lies we can believe in’ seemingly gets the job done…no? / : |

          Carl Nemo **==

          • Makes me ill to say it, Carl.
            Harry Truman would have to correct and say ,
            ” The buck flows here “.

    • I’m not quite sure if would be the final ‘death rattle’ for the Republican party Guardhouse Lawyer.

      It’s quite possible that people will be so fed up with this jive turkey we have for a ‘preznit’ that even Sarah Palin will seem politically attractive; ie., the flip side the ‘Mr. change we can believe in coin’. Sarah needs a slogan, a jingle that we can all bond with between now and her assured victory. : ))

      A few years back I rented a movie titled “Idiocracy” . The production was marginal, but the drooling village idiots that were running our seemingly failed nation in the plot seemed rather close to what we have now for leadership except our current regime is better dressed and somewhat more articulate. The movie was so bad, that I became fixated and committed to watching it to the end. I highy recommend the flick so folks can get a sense as to where we’re headed as a nation.

      My wife and I have made a commitment to never vote for either party sponsored candidate again with the exception of Ron Paul. We’ve always been registered as Independents. In the event it did become a showdown between Palin and Obama and I was forced to make a choice, I’d vote for her. That might give you and other readers an idea of how much I despise Obama and his coterie of retread appointments and faceless policy Czars, none of which were vetted by Congress. Obama & Co. are ‘bad kimche’ for this nation; ie., simply “Bush Lite”, then again maybe worse. If I’m going to get screwed by government, then I want such action at the hands of a seemingly ‘steamy” woman and not one of the bruthas. A black woman Republican candidate would be fine too. : D

      Carl Nemo **==

      p.s. Glad to see you posting again.

      • Avast me hearty,
        methinks yon cask of Grog ye be a swillin,
        be skunk LDS.
        Surface please, to air out and de-bung a fresh barrel.

        • Yur spot on me hearty… : )

          I’ve been swillin’ Alaskan Brewing Co. IPA (India Pale Ale). It’s so damn good I sent the company an email complimenting them on the batch. Their amber ale sucks. I’ve got 24 pints on hand in my shop fridge. In fact I’ve cleaned out every store in the area to make sure I don’t run low on provisions concerning this fine brew. : ))

          Disclaimer: I have no vested interest in the Alaskan Brewing Co. other than buyin’ and swillin’ their product. : |

          Carl Nemo **==

          • Chug a lug, chug a lug, all the candidates are slugs and impossible too scrub off a bare foot.
            I keep seeing this lone visage on hilltop ranging miles
            his sight into sameness,
            a limitless prison reflected in his impotent impudence.
            Mirrors are a bitch sometimes.
            They were also quite rare some years ago.

            Pop said, the camera is always on, flim flam uses mirrors.

          • Cap’n,

            The mere mention of a shop gits me blood running. What might ye do in yer shop (besides quaff microbrew)?

            • Hi logtroll…

              Sorry for the delay, but too many brewski’s befogged my brain so I turned in for the night. My shop is for hobby and homestead maintenance purposes and a hideout from the wife when necessary. We have an intercom system between the house and the shop if she needs me for some reason. : D

              The shop is 18x24ft pole-building constructed with sliding door entrance for vehicles to enter 12 ft high ceiling with three full length fiberglass skylights integrated into the roof construction for solar gain in the winter and plenty of light. Have both intake and exhaust louvers for hot air exhaustion in the summer via a 24 inch wall mounted Dayton fan at ceiling height. For colder months an overhead mount 50,000 btu propane fired furnace style heater thermostatically controlled. Building wired with convenient 120/240 volt outlets thoughout. Both wooden surfaced work bench and a large half inch plate steel surfaced bench. Overhead rail with an electric chain hoist. Major tools. Floor is reinforced six inch thick “performance mix” 5 sack concrete in order to support heavy weight with eight inches of gravel underneath to allow for surface water to percolate under the building. All we get in the Pacific Northwest is driving rain and more rain for about eight months of the year. The building is probably the strongest structure on my property as far as resistance to wind sheer. We get high gusting winds off the Pacific in the winter months. 80 mph at times.

              Shopsmith for wood projects.
              Smithy Granite series combination lathe, mill, drill
              Craftsman drill press
              Chicago Electric Wire Welder
              oxy-acetylene welding cutting equipment
              Powermax plasma cutter
              large anvil
              large vise
              grinding wheels etc.
              various power hand tools
              large array of handtools, measuring tools etc.
              airless paint spraying equipment
              compressor, air lines, Senco nail and staple guns etc.
              Creature comforts:
              13″ older Sony Trinitron crt tv
              Panasonic boom box radio combination
              scientific hand calculator, a twenty five year old Texas Instruments TI-25
              small microwave
              older frig with beer and snacks : D
              bench height stools and a reclining easy chair.
              Book case with shop/project related material and old editions of various girlie mags.

              So that’s pretty much it. I believe you intimated on RR that you have a large production shop for your business etc. Most of my larger tools are purchased used; ie., the Shopsmith and the Smithy Granite.

              Carl Nemo **==

              • Sweet. I miss the days when I had a “personal” shop to hang out in. One of these days I’ll get all the BS trimmed off and get back to honest tinkering.

        • Good one GHL and actually spot-on with the current regime of two boobs, Obama and Biden. : )

          Carl Nemo **==

  3. My hunch is that her TV reality show did her image more harm than good.

    She came across therein as a real bubble head.

  4. And Carlton I assume is a man’s name! How the hell can any claiming to be a red blooded American male be so disappointingly soft to melt like a stick of butter for this bimbo? Talking about limp, loose, lazy, & loco, my God growing a pair latter on, start with some grey matter.

  5. As disappointed as I am in the performance of The Community Organizer In Chief the Republicans have little to offer as a viable alternative. Palin is a political version of Blondie or maybe Marie “Queen of The B’s” Windsor. And she may actually be the zenith of what will be offered – Newt? Rudy? Mitt? Donald “Freaking” Trump? And a few others that scream Political Lightweight!

  6. Yeah, I never saw anything as unwatchable as “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”. It was even worse than “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and “Jersey Shore” and those two programs are horrendous.

  7. If Palin ran the United States like she ran her household, she’d be out gallivanting across the world getting free clothes while China “knocks up” more US industry. Next, she’d put a up a 14-foot high privacy fence claiming it was to stop Canada from spying on her. Then she’d quit mid-term during her first abuse of power scandal.

    Unfortunately for Sarah, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” showed America Sarah’s true colors. Turns out she bleeds green envy and greed instead of red, white and blue. We sat in awe wondering what kept her head from coming off her shoulders and floating into the stratosphere, all hot air and no substance. All it took was a few “giggle-snorts” and cries of “my Blackberry don’t work out here” to turn people away for good.

  8. Thanks so much for the lovely caption photo of chic, charming, charismatic Gov. Sarah Palin, whose popularity & prestige continue to increase among the strong, the brave, the productive & patriotic American voters. She was never very popular with the limp, loose, lazy, & loco.

    • Hi Carlton West,

      I don’t know if you are posting pro-Palin comments just to agitate those that seemingly enjoy watching her fail. I’ve detected schadenfreude on this site concerning her fall from popularity of late.

      If anything, I’ve found her presence in politics to be entertaining ever since John McCain picked her as his running mate. She spiced things up. I get tired of listening to aged, dissipated, bad-breathed old men lying through their teeth 24//7 concerning the political order of the day, or now a much younger black man in charge the same.

      She’s definitely a center for controversy. Regardless of the current ‘polls’ there’s plenty of time for her to resurrect her presence. She more than likely would never get elected to high office, but what the heck, we all need a laugh once in a while and again some added political eye-candy.

      Men are attracted her because she radiates MILF appeal. She’s a hunter, no doubt likes ‘big guns’ , can kill and skin out a moose in addition to wolves from the air and no doubt makes a tasty huckleberry pie too along with other offered pleasures on a cold, snowy, Alaskan night. Then too, ‘things are harder in Alaska’…no?

      I thought I’d offer my favorite spoof vidclip titled “Nailin’ Palin”. It’s mildly x-rated, but this is the G-rated first minute of the production. It’s available for viewing in its x-rated version for those that care to do so. I like Sarah’s ‘Alaskan hospitality’..: D

      Btw, I’m not ‘limp, loose, lazy or loco… :))


      Carl Nemo **==

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