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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Boehner has hope for deal on long term budget soon


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday said talks with the White House and the Senate give him hope a deal on a long-term spending bill will come soon.

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3 thoughts on “Boehner has hope for deal on long term budget soon”

  1. We’re so broke and Congress so corrupt and disorganized we might has well have a “daily budget”…no?

    They can divide the year up into what the daily ‘needs’ are to run the nation and monitor each expenditure real time via computer analysis of the actual disbursements or not, then spend or save on a daily basis. If something comes up short then a decision can be made as to whether to pay up or not.

    A super computer program can surely be set up to monitor Treasury disbursements on a daily basis reconciled against funded programs down to the cent. If any irregularities are detected the program would show an alert as to such; ie., what department, the indidivual or org making a draw against the Treasury.

    Congress could sit on their fat duffs looking at a huge HD display of this real time activity. Of course they’ll have plenty of aids to assist these doddering fools. They can do quickie votes as to whether or not to let whomever claim or cash their check or not in the event the computer demands human input for such. This system would monitor everything down a 10 cent washer.
    It would be kinda like a thumbs up or down in the ancient Roman Coliseum concerning to pay or not to pay.

    Although sounding almost whacked it probably would save an extraordinary amount of money on an annual basis because no money would leave the Treasury unless it was fully accounted for prior to the moment of an authorized disbursement. It would also clean up massive fraud and waste in government along with identifying those culprits who were hoping to do so.

    They seemingly can’t make decisions due to rabid partisanship so a computer can shepherd them to the greener pastures of sound decision making…no?

    Carl Nemo **==

      • Definitely, coupons will be allowed with the ‘program’ Bryan. : ))

        In the first weeks, months of such a way of managing our national ‘budget’ the system performance histograms concerning certain areas of the budget will definitely be colored “red” for waste or fraud, but once the bugs are ironed out it would definitely give Congress and incentive to get their act together to save a billion or two… : )

        Carl Nemo **==

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