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Saturday, July 13, 2024

State Department spokesman Crowley steps down amid flap


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley resigned on Sunday after reports that he labeled as “stupid” and “ridiculous” the Pentagon’s treatment of a U.S. soldier accused of leaking secret documents that appeared on the WikiLeaks website.

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4 thoughts on “State Department spokesman Crowley steps down amid flap”

  1. They should give the kid a medal. A freaking private got sensitive material to an outside source with a click of a mouse. He found a security hole large enough to fly an F-35 through if an F-35 could fly.

  2. Again we see over the top punishment for revealing truth and government indiscretion toward the world community.
    Patriots do this sort of thing in my world, but they’re branded whistlers by subversives / war pigs with multiple agenda emanating from moneyed intrests.

    Classified or not, most of what has been revealed only served to put faces and names on already suspected data and revealed the universal contempt for foreign sovereignty openly displayed by backroom manipulators of our foreign policy cabal / fiasco.

    Pvt. Manning is a patsy, a straw dog, and an unwitting tool manipulated by unconscionable masters.
    Why is he held incognito if not because his mind leads to the trail upward and inevitably to the ramparts of the arrogant originators of modern day mayhem reminiscent of Vikings and Khans ?

    I say give him his day in open court immediately lest American justice become an even larger laughingstock…Hack2e

  3. No government ‘spokesperson’ darest ever speak the truth…never, ever…!

    “Obama said on Friday he has been assured by the Pentagon that its treatment of Manning was appropriate.” …extract from article

    This is a prime example of our ‘dear leader’s’ lack of interest in the unusual detainment of a non-violent offender at the hands of our governent now gone rogue.

    Seemingly Obama is not part of any solution, but that of never-ending problems that face our nation. He’s simply a politically expedient hack.

    So Obama seemingly accepts the world of his Pentagon contacts? He’s quite capable of sending Secret Service agents to the Marine brig to examine Manning’s circumstances and report back to him. Sending the FBI would be more of the same b.s. endorsements as from the Pentagon.

    Again, Pvt Manning is a non-violent offender. I suspect SOD Gates along with SOS Clinton are both emotonally involved ‘haters’ towards Pvt Manning for his actions and want to torture the little guy to the point of permanent mental breakdown. I’ve heard some of Gate’s comments about the situation and to me he’s indicated that in addition to being a short man, he’s also a ‘little man’ within.

    My comments in no way endorse Pvt Mannings actions, but simply his treatment as a fellow citizen who has rights under the Constitution and the UCMJ. It’s unwarranted that he gets solitary confinement for such a lengthy period. Even Jonathan Pollard, USN who compromised the NSA’s RASIN (The ‘holy bible’ of SIGINT signatures) to Israel wasn’t treated this badly and what Pollard did was infinitely more damaging to the integrity and safety of our citizens and the nation at large.

    Shamefully so, even Senator John McCain is seeking Pollard’s release for what purpose I cannot speculate other than sucking up to the state of Israel. Probably it’s another follow the money and/or business connections story.

    Interestingly John McCain turned his back on further investigations into missing Nam era POW’s, but is concerned about a genuine traitor and spy for Israel. Is everything upside down or what in these corrupt endtimes for our once great Republic…?! / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Assured by the Pentagon… typical jargon, the stuff of popular contentment… evermore divorced from the reality of critical analysis.

      WTF have we come to expect?

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