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Friday, July 19, 2024

U.S. condemns West Bank killing of five Israelis


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Saturday called the stabbing deaths of five Israelis on the West Bank a terrorist attack and urged the Palestinian Authority to “unequivocally” condemn the killings.

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1 thought on “U.S. condemns West Bank killing of five Israelis”

  1. We do this shit every day in Iraq and Afghanistan, and we call it making the world safe for democracy. Israel slaughters and maims in the name of territorial expansion, and we call it self-defense.

    During the American Revolution, patriots were considered terrorists.

    In occupied France during WWII, the French Resistance were called terrorists by the Germans.

    In Iraq and Afghanistan the people resisting an overwhelming occupying force are called terrorists.

    It’s getting hard to tell who the real terrorists are. I wonder if America were invaded today and occupied, would we consider ourselves terrorists for resisting?

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