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Sunday, June 9, 2024

Here comes Ron Paul

With $10 million raised in just the past two months, Republican Presidential contender Ron Paul is well-positioned to become a spoiler in New Hampshire. And while his chances of actually winning the nomination remain remote, he can shake up the race so much in that conservative, libertarian-leaning state that those who want the nomination will have to consider some of his views and positions. Stayed tuned. The fun is about to begin.

With $10 million raised in just the past two months, Republican Presidential contender Ron Paul is well-positioned to become a spoiler in New Hampshire.

And while his chances of actually winning the nomination remain remote, he can shake up the race so much in that conservative, libertarian-leaning state that those who want the nomination will have to consider some of his views and positions.

Stayed tuned. The fun is about to begin.

Paul's Quixotic, Chaotic Run May Make Its Push in N.H. – CONCORD, N.H. — Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) has raised more than $10 million for his run for president in the past two months, leaving him well positioned to help swing the outcome of the first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire, a state well suited to his libertarian, antiwar platform. [Washington Post Political News]

22 thoughts on “Here comes Ron Paul”

  1. Abortion, right to life, etc. ad nauseam ad infinitum! I thought I’d post a sobering link to hopefully wake people up to the impending planetary ecological disaster that’s headed our way with so many humans milling about. Our current world population is 6.7 billion plus with 10.5 billion projected by 2050 which seems low to me. It just isn’t going to happen without a major breakdown in civilization on a worldwide basis.

    Rest assured, neither Ron Paul, nor anyone else can save us from our impending demise as a species.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Abortion,
    Adoptions are good, but this is idealistic and unrealistic. Most anti choicers talk a lot about adoption, but are not adopting any children, especially minority children. I call this hypocrisy. Do you really think this society is willing, or even able, to adopt the approximately 1,000,000 aborted fetuses every year in this country? The best solution is legal and safe abortion, contraceptive distribution for those who can’t afford it, and education of the population to decrease quantities of abortions.

  3. While the Democrats are talking about ending the war and bringing the troops home, i.e. supporting the troops; healthcare, i.e. making sure every American has the security of healthcare coverage; poverty, i.e., getting people out of it; the economy, i.e. balancing the budget and reducing Bush’s travesty of a deficit; and other important issues Americans care about…the Republicans are obsessed with outlawing abortion, i.e., treating women as second class citizens, gay marriage, i.e. treating gays like second class citizens, religion, i.e., treating anyone who is not Christian like a second class citizen and pandering to Evangelical Christians who are the Taliban of America…in short one of the parties has their priorities and values all screwed up. Seems like the Republicans, even Ron Paul, want small government, except when it comes to controlling peoples’ personal lives and beliefs.

    I, for one, will greet the new Democratic administration in 2008 as Liberators.

  4. Now about Ron Paul hating women and the poor. This is where you’re uneducated about Ron Paul’s intent. Social safety nets such as anti-discrimination and affirmative action policies were created with the intentions of helping those in need with perceived disadvanatges. But the unintended consequences of those policies has led to a population of citiznes expecting the government to take care of them no matter what choices they make in their life. All Ron Paul seeks to do is follow the Constitution where we’re all on equal footing under the law. The choices you make in your life will determine your success. You make the wrong choice you face the negative consequence. Ron Paul also supports a strengthing of our charity system to help those that may have made poor decisions. But he said it is not government’s right to spend your money on someone else. Money given to the federal government is to be used on public goods not individual citizens. You might not like the Constitution, but it is our bible.

  5. Your debate on abortion seems less than rational. It is also inconsistent with Ron Paul’s stance on abortion. Ron Paul is quoted recently as saying he would never support a federal ban on abortion. So for those people who are afraid of this, you can give up on this conspiracy. On The View, the week he said abortion was a difficult issue and the more difficult the issue the more “local” the decision should be made. He suggests that States should come up with their own laws on abortion and that the federal government should have never decided the case.

    What we all should be able to agree on, is that abortion is a bad thing. So limiting them is something we should all work toward. In situatons of rape and insest, use the day after pill. Those that would oppose the day after pill in these cases aren’t being rational. For abortions based on convenience, we should do everything in our power to aide the woman through her pregmamcy and give the baby up for adoption. We should also educate people on personal responsibility.

    Liberal Society expects government to eliminate the consequences of our failed decisions. This is evident in all liberal social policy. People need to face consequences. That’s how they learn to make the right decision.

  6. Murderers

    Welcome to the club, Sandra. According to ZDM123’s criteria, you are a murderer also. See, we do have a little bit of common ground. Actually, the name “murderer” seems a little harsh. Not sure about you, but I prefer to be called ‘Baby Killer’. Anyways, be aware of Ron Paul on this issue. I guess his abortion stance makes him just a quasi-Libertarian.

  7. My God, abortions have been around since the days of the American Indians. When our new migrants arrived they used to be given an herb that brought on their periods when they were working in the soil for their food and building shelter for their families. Suddenly we get a bunch of crazy Christians in our government who feel the only way to stop women from sinning is to punish them with 17 years of raising an unwanted child.

    I remember the 50s when many of the Hollywood stars and social women found themselves pregnant prior to starring role or a massive fund raiser. They simply hopped a plane to France where there were many clinics set up in secrecy to handle the problem. Birth control was not the way to go as many of us gave birth in the 50s shocked that this gizmo or that one did not work.

    I also remember many husbands who were furious that their wives were pregnant and they searched for a local abortionist to fix the problem.

    Today it is critical that the number of babies born in most American homes be limited as the dollar is down, mortgages are up and women need to work.

  8. The first accusation of lying is so poorly worded I can’t be exactly sure what you are trying to say; therefore, it is difficult to respond. I would expect better from one with a degree in English. Anyway, from what I can decipher, it appears you simply fail to follow my logic; I suggest reading my post again and meditating on the point I am making. Perhaps then you will understand.

    Regarding the second accusation of lying, here is the link, read the blog:

    Regarding abortion: You simplify a complex issue. Regarding my spirituality: You again simplify complexities in your mind.

    My main point has been that it is utter hypocrisy to force women to have children they can’t afford and refuse to help those children if they are hungry. That is anything but “pro-life”. You want less government? Don’t mess with women’s ability to make their own reproductive choices!

  9. New,

    Your first sentence is a lie. Black women, despite your assertion to the contrary are disproportionately subjected to abortions. This is borne out by recorded statistics, however, you affirm it yourself in your first sentence, poor women, who are often black, undergo more abortions. So because they are poor and black, this makes it okay. You also claim that RP supporters stated that poor people are “(your quotes) too lazy to earn their own way” I have searched this discussion for these terms and they are not there. I conclude you have lied a second time. You are a murderer and a liar from the beginning. You are callous towards those who have no ability to defend themselves from the knife. But you do not remember your childhood? By the way, I am a physician with a masters degree in Public Health and undergraduate degrees in English and Philosophy.

    Pablo, I suspect you are an atheist, though with your moniker, I wonder whether you were born into a Christian tradition. One can not celebrate abortion and Christmas simultaneously.

    Happy Holy Days!

  10. It’s not black women getting more abortions, however, POOR women, of which a disproportionate percentage are minorities. Therefore, it seems a logical conclusion that making abortion illegal while simultaneously cutting off social programs to the poor is not only doubly cruel, but racist. One also might conclude, since minorities are disproportionately poor, and a certain Ron Paul supporter poster on this site has stated (with much encouragement from other Ron Paul supporters here) that poor people are “too lazy to earn their own way”, that Ron Paul supporters are racist. I’m beginning to believe that the white supremacist accusations against Ron Paul supporters has some foundation.

    Oh, and no, I did not fail to prepare myself for this dog-eat-dog world as has been implied on this site, nor am I jealous of the rich as has also been implied. I see how the rich treat the world; being rich does not appeal to me. I have a masters degree in sciences, have a decent job and future, BUT that hasn’t made me callous to the plight of others. I know it is hard to imagine that a person who has a higher level of education and a secure job doing something more important than amassing wealth could ‘gives a shit’ about others, but ya’ll will just have to deal with it!

  11. Hi New,

    I take it, like Dr. Paul, you’ve helped bring some 2,000 women into the world. And of course no aborted “fetuses” are female. There aren’t some 15 million or more WOMEN who would be alive today if there hadn’t been the active intervention of an abortion, maybe your sister, maybe your mother, maybe your daughter? And really, it couldn’t be true that abortions are disproportionately performed on black women, Ooow, that racist Ron Paul.

    Abortion is an extremely difficult subject, often highlighting the failings of men, but let’s not pretend a mother killing her nascent child is some beautiful badge of honor, it is tragic.

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