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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Senators prod Obama to move Panama, Colombia deals


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two senior senators on Thursday urged President Barack Obama’s administration to begin immediately technical work on legislation to enact long-delayed trade pacts with Colombia and Panama.

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5 thoughts on “Senators prod Obama to move Panama, Colombia deals”

  1. None other than Senators Max Baucus Dem-MT and Orrin Hatch Rep-UT are pushing this ‘trade deal’ through. Both are examples of rabid “Globalists ‘r Us” to the detriment of the U.S.

    Columbia offers us cocaine, petroleum, coffee, coal, nickel, cut flowers, and bananas while Panama offers ‘offshore’ banking for shady characters along with bananas, coffee, petroleum products, shrimps, and sugar. Let’s see what products are redundant here. Bananas and coffee. What’s most beneficial to shady characters whether narcotrafficantes or crimpoliticians. Bingo! Cocaine and offshore banking/money-laundering.

    Yep we surely need another ‘blue-sky’ free trade treaty with little benefit to the U.S. except more tax-debtor dollars going down some offshore ratholes. Columbia ‘working with’ the U.S. has sucked billions out of taxpayers over the years in the frenzied attempt to supress cocaine production and export. Thirty years later, it’s still business as usual for the traffickers, just new faces, same old game.

    Btw, Senator Max Baucus was the guy that engineered and worked feverishly on shoving Obamacare down our collective throats. He’s basically an elected lobbyist and one of the more successful ones. He’s a double-dipper… / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

      • Hi Steve,

        No problem. Hey, it’s our job to go broke, bootstrapping third world economies…no? / : |

        I know what most of these South American, crime and bribe-ridden countries are about and it isn’t about bananas, sugar, baskets and pottery.

        It’s cocaine, ganja and cooking meth bigtime for world distribution.

        The graft and influence that makes its way back to our nation’s capitol is mind-boggling to say the least. It has corrupted law enforcement, the military, politicians and diplomats.

        Carl Nemo **==

        • I bet you have never been to Colombia (not Columbia) and do not know anything about the country and it’s people.
          The name of the country is Colombia, not Columbia.
          Ganja is a word used by people in the Caribbean islands. Of course since you have obviously never been to Colombia you would not know that.
          I have been retired from the U.S. Army for quite some time and still cannot get used to the false stereotypes that civilians in our society have about people from other countries.

          • Very good Steve. I never said I had been to Colombia. Sorry about the double typo. One of my brothers a retired Air Force Colonel would pass on incredible tales on their missions to Colombia concerning our joint drug interdiction teams composed of U.S. and the Colombian military etc. I’m retired USN 30 years.

            I was trying to accomodate your post from a knowlege base standpoint, but seemingly you want to bust my chops concerning an o vs. u. No excuse on my part, but I was rushed this AM. In fact I caught the error with your feedback, but a ‘brainfart’ cause a repetition of the same.

            As far as pot, ganja, marijuana, Colombian gold, Acapulco gold, sativa, indica, or a commercial hybrid of such, it’s still an illegal drug for which there’s a profit motive concerning its cultivaton and distribution.

            Obviously the common people; ie., peasants in these countries are salt of the earth and hard-working but generally are victims of their corrupt government too. This treaty is not going to benefit them in the least. I guarantee.

            Thanks for your input to the article and correction which is noted.
            Here’s a link concerning the ‘friendly environment’ to be found in that nation. : )


            Carl Nemo **==

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