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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Look into his eyes

Hunters know all too well the look that spilled out of our television sets like political diarrhea Tuesday: The look of a cornered animal, the most dangerous time to face a desperate predator. You saw it in the eyes of George W. Bush, America's too-often discredited President, caught in yet another lie.

Hunters know all too well the look that spilled out of our television sets like political diarrhea Tuesday: The look of a cornered animal, the most dangerous time to face a desperate predator.

You saw it in the eyes of George W. Bush, America’s too-often discredited President, caught in yet another lie.

Faced with a damning National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) that destroyed his outlandish claims of a threat of World War III from Iran, Bush did what he always does – dug in and faced down his pursuers with bluster, anger and defiance.

But I watched his eyes as they darted back and forth during his press conference at the White House. As a hunter, I’ve seen that look before – at the moment I’ve faced a hunted animal and must make the decision to kill or be killed.

The George W. Bush that faced reporters and the television cameras Tuesday was a cornered, dangerous predator, determined to fight back until the bitter end even as time, and escape routes, run out.

Time may be running out for Bush’s Presidency but America’s most discredited and distrusted leader still has more than a year left in office and that is too much time given his long, sordid record of high crimes against the Constitution, the American people, and the world.

George W. Bush is no less than a traitor to his country. He is a man without honor, a leader without conscience and a human being without a shred of decency or humanity. He is a despot who considers himself above the law and a President who considers the Constitution he swore to uphold to be just “a goddamned piece of paper.”

Yes, I know, no one has come forward publicly to confirm that meeting in 2005 where we reported Bush uttered those words but I trust the people who gave me the information and no one in the White House, Congress or the Republican Party has denied or publicly disputed the story. I believe he said it and I believe his actions have proven, many times over, that he holds that level of disrespect for the document upon which this nation was founded.

Bush is, I believe, a war criminal, a leader who invaded a nation that posed no immediate threat to the United States and lied to Congress, the American people and the world community to justify his illegal and immoral actions.

War criminals are, first and foremost, mass murderers and Bush’s reprehensible actions have resulted in the deaths of not only close to 3,900 American men and women in uniform but also in thousands upon thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians.

His actions have killed more Americans than Osama bin Laden, damaged our relations with allies and destroyed our credibility at home and abroad.
He wants, more than anything, to invade Iran before his term is up. Even now, with his ludicrous claims of a nuclear threat from that nation destroyed by his own intelligence community, he sticks to his saber-rattling rhetoric.

Watch replays of his press conference from Tuesday.

Watch his face, his actions and his body language.

Most of all look at his eyes.

They are the eyes of a cornered dangerous animal.

They are the eyes of a madman.

33 thoughts on “Look into his eyes”

  1. Until recently, I was convinced of the inevitability of martial law. How else can the neo-conmen prevent their crimes from coming to light? How else to explain the rush since 2001 to implement the legal and logistical infrastructure of a police state, the culling of military commanders, the salting of the judiciary with politically reliable judges and prosecutors?

    But it’s beginning to look like the military, for one, will not go along: the affair of the nukes lost and found, the NIE report, the surging number of disaffected staff officers and soldiers.

    The difficulty that lies ahead, assuming martial law is off the table — assuming also the coming to power of law-abiding men and women — is how to purge from political office, from the courts, and from the military all those who support the neo-conservative assault on the Constitution?

    God help America.

  2. “They may or may not obey his orders.”

    If you are right they have already disobeyed illegal orders, hypotheticall speaking a nuclear attack on Iran. I’m feeling better but not completely. It’ll doubtless be a struggle from here on out for all of us in some fashion or other.

    — Kent Shaw

  3. The movie industry has created so many misconceptions. They have everyone believing that the little black case that is never more than a few feet away from the president has a secret process that, once the machine receives the proper code, can be opened and then and goes through some super secret fail-safe identifying procedure that determinmes that the right person is activating it’s ability to order and actually initiate by the pressing of a button any weapon owned and controlled by the United States of America. With one finger the president could destroy the world. But that is pure horseshit!

    That little black briefcase sized box (commonly referred to as the “football”) is only a unique communicating device. It does have a verification process that could be considered fail-safe. But what that little box does is connect the president with all those necessary to determine the validity of the threat and advise what the appropriate response should be. The president makes his decision and issues the orders to “those who are actually in controll of” our nations weapons. They are the ones who give the final order to launch and they are not robots. They have a sworn duty to their nation and a responsibility for the result of their actions. They answer to a higher power than the president. He may be right or he may be wrong. They may or may not obey his orders.

    This is the way it is supposed to work. But, where people are involved, anything can happen. However, you must understand that the president cannot open the box and press a button that will launch nuclear weapons or even send three marines to throw rocks at someone. The reality is that the level of using nuclear weapons cannot be entrusted solely to one person. There is no one single switch that could launch the end times. And I don’t know how it works now but that little black box used to always be in the hands of a Naval officer. The signifigance of that could not be properly conveyed here.

  4. Today is the date Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. I had thought maybe an action on this date might prove to be another attack. So far, so good. Be careful everyone.

  5. Seal, very well put

    However, there are several things that are overlooked in how much control the military has. Yes, we are sworn, under oath, to support and defend the Constitution of The United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. So what do we do in the event that the domestic enemy is the very entity we are supposed to obey the orders of? I’m sure that doesn’t sit too well with any of us; it’s the ultimate catch-22, damned if we do, damned if we don’t. A lot of new-generation military types in any position of authority either abuse their authority by making up rules to avoid responsibility or sit on their hands and do nothing because they lack the necessary knowledge to act appropriately in the absence of orders.

    Can’t wait to see how this pans out.

  6. Something wicked this way comes….at least that’s what I think is going to happen now. Bush is a psychopath, without conscience, and he’s not going to sacrifice himself to save face, he’ll sacrifice us – maybe another larger-than-life incident to distract us all.

  7. Warren and SEAL, I hope you are right about taking the trigger away from Bush. Let’s hope Cheney will not be in place to flip it. This Administration is even worse than I imagined and wrote about. I have always feared the Christian Missionaries who stirred up and destroyed so many cultures all over the planet. Just reading the assault on Central and South America should have warned us but they came with the migrants from Europe who were fleeing their religious problems at home.

    Bush has tried to demand that all Americans follow one God and it will come back and cause him to overreact as the Church demands. We are living in the shadow of destruction and after listening to Romney last night my hope for a free Nation dissolved.

  8. Warren: you are absolutely right. And there is a military procedure in place to prevent a madman president from “blowing up the world.” This I know for a fact, having been necessarily briefed on it many years ago. The military has it’s own law, the Uniform Code of Military Justice. That overrides civilian law. The military does not swear an oath to obey the commander in chief, the president of the US. They swear their oath to the constitution – ” to protect and defend the nation from all enemies foreign and domestic.” They and not the president are in control of nuclear and all other weapons and who will have access to them or the power to use them.

    I have explained this many times in this and other forums due to the prevailing misconception almost everyone has about who the hell is in control of the nation’s weaponry. It is not some stupid spoiled little frat brat that somehow became president without ever winning an election.

  9. You presume that the military would actually carry out such an order. I doubt it. Recall that Nixon had the nuclear keys effectively taken from him during his last weeks in office. The joint chiefs simply decided to ignore any order from the president to undertake a first strike. I suspect a similar decision has already been made regarding 43.

  10. Been saying it all along and catching hell for it my friend.

    All I can say is that in the last seven years Bush has made nearly a hundred references to plans that he has for America “beyond his presidency”.

    I’m also convinced that he watched the recent Venezuelan election cycle with great interest.

    People who doubt that Bush would attempt a “prez for life” gambit should ask themselves the following:

    If you were Bush (NOT “if you were President!”), upon learning that Chavez lost his bid to be president for life, would you not be telling yourself “I bet I could have won that referendum”?

    Don’t forget to add in some Putin while you’re at it.

  11. If you can find the 2006 testimony of Carl Ford, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, you will see that the “core” never left.
    It’s just that they’re not very political and it took them some time to get used to the idea of having to stand up to politicians in the first place. It’s not something those types are used to having to do.

  12. Bush is a sociopath. His eyes are the eyes of a person who cannot tell the difference between right and wrong.
    Great rant.

  13. Nuclear weapons were originally built to be used, upon an unsuspecting humanity.
    The nuclear ‘Trigger’ has been pulled on us all several times over the decades.

    The current “Madman” in the oval office has tried to start a nuclear war, that is planned to spread and lead to the destruction of the mass human race.

    The decision to use nuclear weapons upon humanity was made in 1946. This is what the Extraterrestrial intervention is all about.

    We are the “Living Dead.”

    The darting eyes of the cornered predator show that he is calculating how and when he will do his last stand up comedy routine in office.

  14. I knew this clown was a sociopath the first time I saw him and heard him talk back in 2000. Everything he’s done since has confirmed my initial sense of him. I’ve been blogging against him most of this year (being new to blogging…)

    I can’t stand seeing him or listening to him. He gives me the same sense of physical revulsion and disgust I get when looking at something utterly diseased and loathsome. Reagan had the same effect. It’s a gut reflex.

    Bush and his cronies and political comrades, without exception, have dragged this country down into the foul pits where they live, and unless the 2008 election produces an exceptional result, I do think there will be civil bloodshed in this country between right and left, between the rich and the rest of us, between Republican and Democrat, and sooner rather than later. To let these people continue on in any degree with what they are doing is to be complicit in their crimes against humanity and their treason against the United States.

  15. BushCo’s last stand?

    Guys, think about this: If Dumbya can’t get his way, he can and probably will do this:

    Arrange another ‘terror attack’ sometime early next year in another major city, thus, giving him justification to declare a ‘state of national emergency’ and suspend the 2008 presidential elections indefinitely….leaving himself and his evil sidekick in power as long as they want.

    A couple years ago, I laughed at the thought of W trying to revoke the 22nd Amendment, now, all this cooked (burnt) intel has American citizens everywhere in a constant state of fear over ‘terror threats’ and these Bull#$!& audio tapes from OBL (I think he’s dead, really). Nothing like reinventing the closet monster to scare us all into submission.

  16. Gosh, these are wonderful replies to Doug’s Rant. The only way our Congress must have stayed silent during these last 4 years must be that the Intelligence Agencies had done a job on their personal problems.

    We elect Representatives on their appearance and sex appeal and seldom on their agenda. We get what pay for and only the FBI has the truth on many of these legislators.

    When I speak out against the Patriot’s Bills and their intrusive investigations on our lives, I can only imagine what they discovered about their enemies the Democrats.

    If they can come up with dirt on Ron Paul, I will have to into what lies they have arranged to go after him. Sadly, most people who spot my bumbersticker ask me how he would look in the White House. I answer that I’ve never seen an honest man in the White House and like to see how he looks.

    I found a Goldwater for 1964 badge and I wear it proudly and people understand the connection. LBJ scared the hell out of the American voters that Goldwater would nuke the world. Instead he screwed all of us with building the largest federal government possible.

    This election will prove that Americans want their safety net and will be willing to sacrifice their freedoms for the handouts. We will get what we deserve in 2008.

  17. Two facets are interesting.

    First, that the intelligence services would appear to have ganged up on the pres and said something like “We will not be subverted again.” Can you imagine this happening just a couple of years ago? Wouldn’t have happened. Is a core if integrity re-emerging within the intelligence services?

    Second, the Bush Bluster of righteousness in the face of contrary data. Not surprising, just interesting. One gets the picture of two self-righteous religious zealots, Bush and Ahmadinejad, each wishing he could bring about the apocalypse, frustrated by more rational people within their respective governments.

    My grandkids will never understand.


  18. Doug (and Nigeldh) are spot on!! Payback is one COLD BITCH! This is what W. gets for his constant pandering to the neocons and Likud-nuts! I submit the last straw was his defacto pardon (i.e., “commutation”) of Scooter Libby, which probably took the intelligence community over the edge! There’s a real battle royale being fought behind the scenes with AIPAC, Israeli Intelligence and the Neocons on one side, versus the Washington Military and Intelligence Establishment on the other. The latter is sick of being used, abused and dying for what they see as clearly not in the USA’s best interests.

    More to come. Especially when this Sibel Edmonds woman is free to spill the beans on the neocons and Israeli/Turkish intelligence!

  19. Your rant is a superb indictment concerning this nation-destroying mattoid!

    Unless Congress is in on the deal to take down America with dubya as our first dictator, then they best get crackin’ and impeach both he and Cheney. If they keep screwing around with these two characters then they too will be rounded up and shot in the event Bushco pulls off some scenario that allows them to declare martial law.

    The sooner he and Cheney are impeached and hopefully found guilty and flushed, the safer it will be for pols on both sides of the aisle and we the people too.

    The guy is obviously a sociopathic, psychopath…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  20. Doug, I forgot to say thank you for a great RANT. I agree with you and also with the Steve Horn’ posts and in fact all todays posts. Believe me, I am taking a LONG HARD look at all candidates and I have not yet made up my mind..but I don’t think ANY one person or administration will be able to undo the severe damages caused by this current one…it will take many years and many concientious leaders and I’m not sure it can ever be undone. If those elected to run our country don’t kill it off, the public apathy and ignorance surely will. Thank again for all the great posts today.

  21. Dear Doug,

    Your words are mine.

    I’m presently reading “A Tragic Legacy” by Glenn Greenwald; the author goes a long ways towards explaining how Bush’s mental processes got him into the place he’s at. If he gets anymore cognitive dissidence his head will explode; we should all pray he will not take us with him.

    Keep up the good work.

    Big Jer
    Bakersfield, CA

  22. As they say, payback is a bitch. Looks like folks are finally getting back at George for outing Plame and the past spinning of the NIE and other intelligence estimates.

    It will be interesting to see what Senator Joe, nuke’m till they glow, LIEberman how has to say. And Israel is still looking for a new Masada to martyr themselves for.
    Israel vows to resist Iran nuclear drive despite US report

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