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Friday, June 14, 2024

Actress with history of film nudity will play Palin

Julianne Moore: Can she sex up Sarah Palin?

Julianne Moore, an actress whose screen roles include a fair share of nudity, will play Sarah Palin in the film adaptation of Game Change, the book chronicling the 2008 Presidential election.

Moore has shown a willingness to bare it all on film and lots of her were on display in the film Boogie Nights, where she played a porn star.

Since a new book by a former Palin aide says husband Scott said the former Alaska governor and political phenom likes to walk around the house with her her robe open, maybe Moore will find an excuse to turn Palin into the sex symbol that some Republicans claims she is.

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4 thoughts on “Actress with history of film nudity will play Palin”

  1. Sarah Palin plans on Arizona after India, Kathy Grittin with play Palin on Broadway, and Julianne Moore is covering Palin’s ruin in Hollywood when she plays Sarah Palin to win the Oscar Award. Palin is finished. Kathy has Palin in Broadway. Julianne Moore in Hollywood. Palin is finished now. Julianne Moore is excellent and I know because Sarah Palin impersonators model for all my books on Sarah Palin (and I have three now). They are hard to find. SNL parties, Halloween at the Hollywood Roosevelt, and at nightclubs in Las Vegas, finding a Sarah Palin impersonator who can deliver lines like Palin is impossible. Sarah Palin has a monopoly on “Folksy” phonetics . I have been casting for Sarah Palin impersonators since 2008. Sarah Palin’s trip to India will ruin US. The people of India will have no respect for her, but the visit will promote Julianne Moore new movie where Moore plays Palin. Sarah better watch out. Jealous much, with Sarah away Todd might find Moore interest in films.

    Thomas Chi
    Selling Sex with Sarah Palin

    • Hi Thomas Chi,

      We rarely have the honor of authors visiting this site. I wish you success with the book, the movie and other productions too.

      Regardless of this Sarah saturation campaign, I wouldn’t underestimate the woman’s influence on politics in the upcoming election. She still has a lot of followers and she talks in endless folksy euphemisms that allows her to bond with the greater unwashed masses in this country; i.e, the people that are most beat down by our criminally disposed government during the past decade. She’s also attractive to many men and the fact she’s a hunter, can use a gun and no doubt skin out a moose if necessary in addition to making a huckleberry pie. : )

      So in a reverse logic way these are the type of things that turn men on. No doubt she’s got some good recipes too to share with the gals. Never underestimate an opponent regardless of the contest or conflict. Sarah has ‘moxie’ and that alone gives her a leg up when it comes to politics.

      Disclaimer: My expressed thoughts here are not an endorsement of Sarah Palin or her politics.

      Carl Nemo **==

  2. Julianne Moore is very attractive and talented. Since I’m not inhibited concerning the human body and nudity, to me that would be the last measure of the film’s impact relative to Sarah Palin.

    The ultimate test of production quality is if it will be an “accurate” portrayal of Ms. Palin rather than simply appealing to those that go ‘ga ga’ over a nude human body which is no big deal especially in our times.

    Awhile back I posted a spoof vidclip of a Ms. Palin lookalike giving roadside assistance to a couple of Ruskie tankers at her home. I thought the clip was both funny and hot and I could amost visualize her even conducting herself in similar manner as far as offering the phone to someone at her door needing such assistance. Alaskans in general are a friendly lot probably due to the fact that “things are harder in Alaska”…no? ; )

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Phyllis Diller would be a better match, but then again Laura Bush has those googly eyes and that vacuous persona.

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