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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Biden meets U.S., Russia business leaders in Moscow


MOSCOW (Reuters) – U.S. Vice President Joe Biden met business leaders in Russia on Wednesday on a visit aimed at keeping warm its links with Moscow and boosting commercial ties.

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1 thought on “Biden meets U.S., Russia business leaders in Moscow”

  1. If the administration wants something to “not get done” then send Joe Biden on a mission.

    I find it hard to wrap my intellect around the workings of a ‘Joe Biden’ persona. He’s so corrupt, so jaded and full of himself after years of incumbency that he’s become a ‘legend in his own mind”…!

    He’s an embarrassment; ie., a V.P. bufoon…!

    Why Moscow, why now…? The Russians are a basket case nation other than for the raw materials they sell on the open markets. Can anyone name a famous, marketable Russian automobile, toaster oven, microwave or washing machine that’s worth anything to world consumers?

    The Russians haven’t changed since the days of their first crowned Czar, “Ivan the Terrible”. Life was ‘tough’ under Ivan and it’s still tough under the Putin/Medvdev ‘twins of corruption in high places’ of absolute power corrupted absolutely…! Russia is a tragic nation, its peoples simply have learned to survive with the boot of oppression upon their collective necks for another day. It reminds me of an old Russian proverb…”life is hard, then you die”.

    Modern Russia wouldn’t even exist without the benign surrogacy of the West through the past 400 years. It’s a basketcase nation and will continue to be so as long as its people allow monsters to rule with the populace seemingly having a love affair with a “strongman leader” for their national identity regardless of failed to mediocre performance. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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