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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Charlie Sheen, Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee: Invasion of the brain snatchers

Charlie Sheen: 'I'm a rock star from Mars'

At some point, some alien for descended on this nation and started stealing brains. There can be no other explanation for Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and — of course — Charlie Sheen.

Do a Google news search right now and these are the folks who dominate the news on television, in newspaper and on the ‘Net.

Sheen claims he’s a rock star from Mars. Hell, all these pod people are from never-never land — some mysterious place where reason took a hike and insanity became a requirement for political presence and celebrity status.

So why bring up Sheen among these political hacks? Because news coverage of his public meltdown outstripped news coverage of any and all matters of importance.

Also, at the height of the 9/11 conspiracy madness, those who buy into the absurd notion that the Bush administration had a hand in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon trotted out — as their “credible” spokesman — no less than Charlie Sheen.

Wrote Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson on PrisonPlanet.Com on March 20, 2006:

Actor Charlie Sheen has joined a growing army of other highly credible public figures in questioning the official story of 9/11 and calling for a new independent investigation of the attack and the circumstances surrounding it.

“Highly credible public figure?”  The self-proclaimed “rock star from Mars,” the man with the drug-fried brain whose self-destructive behavior has kept Tinseltown gossip columnists buzzing for decades?

Sheen was already known as a whack job when he became, for a while, the celebrity spokesman of the 9/11 conspiracy cult. He had admitted spending thousands of dollars a year on prostitutes, physically abusing women and had been in and out of rehab more times than Lindsay Lohan.

Yet, even now, as he self-destructs in front of the world, he leads the news.

And the world of politics follows this pattern, giving brain dead hacks like Bachmann, Huckabee, et. al platforms for insanity.  NBC and Meet the Press, abandoning all reason and political judgment, put Bachmann on the air, giving the Tea Party poster girl Congresswoman from Minnesota a national stage to air her insane comments comments about President Barack Obama and anyone who disagrees with rabid right-wing extremism.

Said Bachmann:

There was a Congressional Research Service report that just was issued in February, and we discovered that secretly, unbeknownst to members of Congress, over $105 billion was hidden in the ‘Obamacare’ legislation to fund the implementation of ‘Obamacare’. This is something that wasn’t known. This money was broken up, hidden in various parts of the bill.

Two days later, Bachmann continued:

This is a crime against democracy. No one knew that Harry Reid, [Nancy] Pelosi and Obama put $105 billion in spending in the bill. … This is a bombshell.

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker column looked at the charge and examined the Congressional Research Service report and reported: “This is bordering on ridiculous…there is no ‘bombshell’ except Bachmann’s bombast.”

Writes Eugene Kelly on FactCheck.Org:

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s claim that Democrats “secretly” hid $105 billion in health care spending is way off base. It’s true that the new health care law contains many billions in future spending, but there was no secret about that.

And then we have Mike Huckabee who wants to turn actress Natalie Portman’s pre-marriage pregnancy into a national political debate on morality.

Portman announced in December that she is pregnant and engaged to marry her boyfriend.

Said Huckabee in an internew with Michael Medved:

One of the things that is troubling is that people see a Natalie Portman or some other Hollywood starlet who boasts of, ‘Hey look, we’re having children, we’re not married, but we’re having these children, and they’re doing just fine. But there aren’t really a lot of single moms out there who are making millions of dollars every year for being in a movie.

Huckabee, of course, avoided saying anything about Bristol Palin — daughter of Sarah — who is an unwed mother.

And the beat goes on.

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30 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen, Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee: Invasion of the brain snatchers”

  1. Was 9/11 a conspiracy? Bloody oath it was, but who was really behind it?

    A bunch of Arabs as reported is totally believable, but it has also been reported that were plenty of warnings just proir the attack. Mossad warned the US a few weeks before. Bush went on leave and Condi went shopping.

    The 9/11 Commison was a cover up to hide the criminal negligence of the powers that be. In fact the negligence was beyond belief and one could easily come to the conclusion that there may have been a small number (probably neo-cons) who did everything they could to allow their much desired new Pearl Harbour to crystalise.

    And such 9/11 gave birth to that illegitimate bastard child: Project for a New American Century, and the War on Terror.

    Sadly Charlie Sheen is not an authority an anything, especially acting. He’s struggling with his own war of terror at the moment and looks like losing.

    Poor fellow Charlie – poor fellow America – poor fellow planet Earth.

  2. Why do I keep on writing SUN instead of SAN? Probably something the Trilateral Commission planted in my head. I’ll get it right sooner or later.

  3. When you see those pictures of Andy Card whispering to Bush take a look at his face. He’s trying to maintain himself while in front of those kids. His look is one of shock and disbelief.

    Sundune if you really read your history terrorism goes back thousands of years and if you knew your American History take a look at our tactics during the revolution. I could go on and on. Nothing new just that the methods are more volatile. Give Sacco and Vanzetti a 757 and see what they could have done. Imagine Haymarket Square with a small nuke. Point is, Sundune, you can’t pick and choose or isolate terrorism to one group or one time. If you really want to go off on the deep end on domestic terrorism just think of the Weathermen, Black Panthers and a whole string of garden variety loonies that took root in the 60s and 70s. Most are probably selling real estate in The Valley these days. IMHO the far right and left have a lot in common.

    The Birchers are toothless and blew their wad in the early 70s when they attempted to get into mainstream politics. Some managed to actually get elected under various titles that had “America” in it. Where I live we had one – Leo Kahian – look him up.

    The Tea Party is about as revolutionary as a group of soccer moms. My hat is off to them since they actually showed they are a political movement with some traction.

    Virtually all Christians have zero interest in hanging my atheist arse out to dry.

  4. Carl, I have no idea why you are so upset that I would ask you whether you read a book. Daily I get questioned about what I read as there are many who do. You take my questions as an insult which means you do not communicate with others of the same interest.

    Bogo you have a good explanation for what happened to us on 911 but others want to know why. The question asked the most often is when did Bush know about the attack and why did he not prepare for it. The people who should know are those who were in charge of our preparation for terrorism.

    Prior to many attacks on American soil, the government was warned but for some reason did not bother to gather the groups around and make some preparation. At one point on 911, our defense jets were sent into the wrong direction from where the attacks came.

    We learned a very valuable lesson when it became apparent that our defense groups worked individually and shared no information with each other or to the White House. I do know that many Bush people wanted to take a firm stand against Islam but there was no reason to do so. Today, we have Congressman King trying to tear apart the world of Islam to scare them off of another attack. The GOP has become the party of warriors and will invite the next Middle East War to kill off offending Islams. Does anyone realize that Chrtistians are out numbered enormously and we have no ability to kill off another crusade. We have no money, our troops are worn down and I fear without proper weapons and possibly improper food. Our government goes through this because the American people have no clue what is happening in Libya. We also don’t seem to care.

    I seriously wonder how much education many people here have had when they would rather make jokes than discuss our preparing for war again and again. I have grandchildren who are now breeding another generation of the family. This bothers me that the majority of Amercans would rather fight than read why we do this over and over. I realize I am a generation ahead of most of you but I wonder why you can’t get inspisred to learn more about why we fight with anyone and everyone including each other.

    Doug has worked all his life to keep informed about the world around him and maybe he is simply tired of trying.

    I am completely puzzled about President Obama. I do not believe he wants to bomb Libya but the GOP is tearing apart his name as being afraid of striking. I am way beyond GOP and Democrats and I got this way my reading everything I could find on the subject of this fear of Islam. You and Carl feel I have insulted you and for that I’m sorry but where the hell are the people here who actually give a damn if we end up killing more people? How many of my grandkids are you planning on donating to the troops to fight a battle you don’t care about?

    There are several ex-CHB posters over at the Huffington Post and I have been adding information to theirs and hopefully we can come up with some solutions.

    In the past many here would share their books and information and never was anyone offended. What happened to CHB? You come off like a bunch of teenage girls looking for insults. We had a group break off a couple of years ago and maybe they are active. Will this be another Face Book?

    I will not try to communicate with you, Almandine or Carl as they are sensitive to questions. I know there is a generation gap and sadly a reading gap and I don’t watch TV so I’m out of the net.

    Bogo someday you might even show an interest is who started the terrorism just after WW2. It is an interesting story and a simple read. It starts in Egypt and will prebably end there as well. If you have any interest in the Birch Society that was also a part of the terrorism. I have no idea how old you are or how3 interested you are in American future. Maybe they will let Disney do a cartoon on the terrorism so all can enjoy the information.

    • “Bobo and Almandine, I would bet you never read a single book on the 911 attack. Why should you?” …extract from post

      Ms. Price if you reread your post content I wasn’t included in your attack on Bogofree and Almandine concerning the reading of a book/s. I simply came to their defense relative what I thought was another of your chronic “attack” sequences that seems to be part and parcel to your writings.

      Later in this piece you state:

      “Carl, I have no idea why you are so upset…”

      “I will not try to communicate with you, Almandine or Carl as they are sensitive to questions.” …extracts from current post content

      The referenced “you” is me; ie., Carl and then you make reference to me again; ie, as Carl resulting in two Carls? One is enough for this site. : ))

      You seem to be confused and with me witnessing such, I will cease and desist challenging you on future posts regardless of what you write. Take care of yourself and possibly get some well deserved rest post your recent move from Arizona to California.

      Best wishes,

      Carl Nemo **==

  5. Here is what happened on 9/11. They figured out a way to hit us that we were unprepared for. Cover-up? IMO a pure fantasy. That attack is in the terrorist hall of fame. Figured the first pass on the Twin Towers didn’t work let’s go find another option. Folks seem to always be looking for conspiracies when the simplest answer is sometimes the obvious answer. We got caught unprepared and napping. Now reaction from that point on is quite debatable – Iraq, Afghanistan, Patriot Act, TSA and so on.

  6. I remember where you were Doug and the seriousness of your comments. You inspired many of us to dig more deeply in just how this whole 4-plane disaster was not even stopped by federal actions. When the jets finally were launched, they headed out to sea to stop any more planes from attacking us. The timelines for all this action have been demonstrated by many who were in control at the White House.

    I realize that the news media from France came in and put together a false layout of the whole situation. None of us bought this false presentation but we knew there was a reason that the control towers were shut down basically because Cheney announced some flight testing.

    I am guilty of accusing the Bush white house of being out of touch with the situation regarding the Taliban and AlQuada. Many of us had read about the Middle East problems with America especially after the Kuwait bombing. I had touched on many writers such as Krauthammer and even Breznitski with their opinions of Islam being dangerous. But what drove me into more research were the words spoken by new President Bush about his desire for a Christian nation to be set in cement. I do not expect anyone here to go into the history of Christian wars in the Middle East but let’s say they sure as hell explain a lot. Who could forget the words of President Bush talking about a Crusade against Islam before the fires were even out? The Axis of Evil started being touted all over the White House. Was I wrong when I quoted the words of a famous group of war mongers that “all Bush needed to win his war is another Pearl Harbor?”. This was made a month before 9/11.

    I did not write this stuff but I read it! I was contacted by a man from the History Channel that they had footage that was shown all over Europe and South America but not in America. I heard from National Geographic that they were working on a program that would be based on facts. The most extensive CD I received took the Taliban history from WW2 until 9/11. I mentioned this here but it was deleted.

    I left CHB at that time when I was called some silly words that meant I was full of shit. Fine. CHB came up with nothing but arguments on why 911 was taken from the front pages of our major newspapers. I remenber Pearl Harbor where no news about Japanese planes could be found but we had Zenith International radio and some of the news was staggering. Who to believe?

    You know, Doug I would always believe in your words but I could not buy the words of Cheney, Bush or anyone from the White House. It appeared to be like a hose of water on an ant hill with everything running in circles; documents shredded, emails destroyed. and the truth completely distorted. We got closer when the investigation of the emails received from the FBI in Phoenix and information from the Taliban exposed that planes running into buildings would be forthcoming. Did I make this up? Did I write up a lie about Valerie being outed by Cheney and Libby for daring to investigate the information about nuclear stuff being possible? We still can’t figure out what the hell that was all about. Was there any truth coming from the Bush White House? I was not the only one who could not join the dots prior to 911.

    The Security head of the Perot Campaign did put together a time line that worked and he ever wrote up the missing information that had been deleted after the fact. He ran for his life to South America having his office destroyed, all his clothes destrited and his friends trying to protect his reputation. I knew him for years but I was told to shut up. I have a very close tie to parts of the FBI and I followed their words.

    Every time America has a security problem, the area around the White House begins to smell. While this is happening, CHB takes on a comedy skit as it covers the lack of information missing.

    Well, it is happening that I don’t give a damn about the lies and corruption that sits in our White House. CHB has managed to destroy any respect I had for this forum and my government.

    Instead we will watch that skinny woman try to look sexy as Palin. Her words will be fiction and the acting phony. It will get top honors for news for an entire week until Charlie does something else or another piece of jewelry is missing from a gal just out of rehab. That’s as deep as it gets here.

  7. Julianne Moore is brilliant. I thought the producers would try to cast a comedian, but instead the casting directors found talent. Sarah Palin should be worried. Sarah Palin will not be President of the United States if Julianne Moore can add truth to her performance as Palin.

    Thomas Chi
    Selling Sex with Sarah Palin

  8. I have to go with Carl here Doug. You dust off 9/11 whenever it suits your needs. And now you hold up Mr. Sheen as if he was an accurate representation of all those that question what happened on that day.

    Mr. Sheen is in the upper 5% richest in the nation, so clearly he is not representing a majority. Shame on you and this lame attempt at insanity by association. Are all Republicans and Vice Presidents just as stupid as Dan Quayle?

    They used to say people who questioned the Gulf of Tonkin incident were drugged up crazy hippies. Some were on drugs, some were hippies, and some were both. Did that make what they were saying less true?

    Likewise, everyone likes to quote Mr. Sheen out of context. He is a comedian. He was trying to be funny. I find it interesting that all the news outlets love to quote his Mars comment, or “winning” but few (NONE) mention his rant against the TSA:

    “Anyone who wants to ignore it deserves to have their privates fondled by some clown who worked at Wal-Mart seven minutes before that….losers and clowns and trolls all of them. Touch my children and I would eat your hands off your frikkin’ arms”

    He said this in reaction to this video of 9-year olds being wanded and patted down by a VIPR team at a train station in Savanna, GA.

    If I were a more paranoid, I would say Mr. Sheen is the victim of a classic McCarthy-era blacklisting and media smear. If there is a journalist around this rag, they might run that story instead of jumping on the beat ’em up bandwagon.

    Oh, and Google “Chesapeake Bay Bridge VIPR.” They are doing random automobile stops now too. So much for avoiding a pat down by not flying. I was told I was crazy and auto checkpoints weren’t happening either. Look who was right again, GHL.

    What’s more absurd, that our government might have been involved in 9/11, or that some tribesmen in caves were able to bring down three steal constructed buildings, one of which was not hit by a plane, from half way around the world? Convenient how Building 7 was left out of the official investigation and the Popular Mechanics and NTSB investigations isn’t it?

    Most Americans don’t even know Building 7 fell and that it’s collapse was announced up to 20 minutes before it happened. But whatever, I’m just crazy and absurd like Charlie Sheen.

    Hey, don’t take my word on it. Norman Mineta said on record he over heard Vice President Cheney order the military stand down from the Whitehouse bunker on that fateful day. But he’s probably just crazy too right?

    Funny how you never do real reporting on 9/11, just use it to bring out emotion from readers or as a smear against those that don’t buy the official story.

    I don’t know why I hold you to a higher standard than others. I guess I thought you were in a search for truth. It seems perhaps that search ended with the infamous letter that cannot be mentioned. Long time readers know what I’m talking about. Maybe you need another Blue Ridge police state shakedown to remind you what’s at stake.

    • Never did any serious reporting on 9/11? Have you forgotten where the hell I was on that day? I was at the Pentagon 20 minutes after the plane hit. I was on my feet for 29 hours. and shot over 3,000 images. My photos and reporting appeared on this web site and in print publications. I interviewed those who saw the plane hit, including the cab driver whose cab was struck by the light pole and the driver of the car right behind him.

      I was there. I smelled the burning aviation fuel and stench of burning human flesh.

      I went to New York and interviewed firemen, police officers and witnesses to the events. I attended the NIST briefing on their investigation.

      On the first anniversary of the event, I produced two videos on the attacks: One focusing on the Pentagon and the other on the World Trade Center.

      I was there that day, doing my job. Early on, when readers asked me to fake a look at the various alternative theories. I did. I didn’t find them credible and I still don’t. The points were argued over and over on this site and I finally made the decision that enough was enough. Again, as I told Carl, the point of this column is that any cause, party or philosophy is damaged when they embrace the Sheens, Bachmanns or Palins of he world.

      We disagree on this issue. We always will,

      • Doug you said you took 3,000 images of the 9/11 related disaster 20 minutes after the ‘plane’ hit the Pentagon and were on site for 29 hours. That’s alot of photos. Did anyone challenge your activities, your credentials etc.? How close were you able to get to the penetration point on that wing of the Pentagon? Of course you’d have telephoto capabilities with your no doubt digital camera that was used for the task.

        I’ve analyzed some superb photo’s of this debacle and I don’t see any wreckage of aircraft fuselage, massive jet engines which are made out of very high tech, highly temperature resistant materials for the turbines etc. I see nada. The so-called ‘investigators’ claim that everything was virtually vaporized by the crash. I know specs concerning strength of materials. When you study the penetration aperture it’s circular as done by a missile strike using delayed detonation as used for bunker busting, the same type of technology used for busting Saddam’s command bunker in Gulf War I. Lucky for him that day as he had been evacuated shortly before the strike. Instead the result was that many family members; ie, women and children were killed due to the fact that they had moved them there for safety. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t maintain radio silence and the structure was pegged as a command and control center, moving it into fair game for targeting. Bunker busters can penetrate many feet through highly reinforced concrete prior to detonation. The engineered depth penetration is classified.

        Why was the video surveillance camera footage confiscated by the FBI from a convenience store that was in camera eye’s view of that Pentagon wing; it’s content never released? Within your photo collection of this tragedy concerning the Pentagon, do you see anything associated with a massive jetliner lying about such as the wings torn off exterior to the building. The wingspan of the liner is quite a bit larger than the pentration hole. Authorities claim an entire jetliner vaporized along with it’s engines made of titanium, high temp ceramic internals etc. all ‘poof’. / : |

        A black woman secretary was interviewed by Jesse Ventura recently who worked in an office next door to where the ‘aircraft’ penetrated. After she crawled out of the wreckage of her department she came out into the ‘shaft’ area created by the ‘aircraft’ penetration and saw ‘nothing’ that would indicate that a plane had penetrated the Pentagon. She’s also been intimidated by investigative personnel concerning what she witnessed that day and was told to keep her mouth shut. In the interview she said she feared for her life, but couldn’t hold back as to what she witnessed anymore which to her makes no sense whatsoever relative to what the public has been told about the ‘crash’.

        Another disclosed tidbit is the area destroyed by this ‘crash’ was an accounting department that held records associated with Pentagon expenditures. The day prior to 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld said that 2.3 trillion dollars, that’s with a ‘T’ could not be accounted for!? Of course due to the tragedy nothing much if anything was ever pursued on this subject of the missing funds. Mr. Rumsfeld won’t make any statements concerning this issue post retirement from government service, but he can surely sell self-aggrandizing, self-apologetic books to bring up his bottomline and boost his image which is a fraction of a degree above absolute zero. / : |

        I also viewed films of a group of Pentagon people or government types walking across the crash path area at double arms interval looking for something? They were all suits and weren’t geared for picking up potentially hazardous materials from a jetliner crash. Again, they were looking for something that’s never been disclosed as to what? Probably any vestige of the accounting records that might have been blown out of the building having not been incinerated. Books and compressed papers don’t burn that well as anyone who’s started fires with such knows. The paper burns best when separated and lofted by crumpling.


        “We disagree on this issue. We always will,” …Doug Thompson


        I’ve noticed you wrap up many of your posts over time with this line. Whether you realize it or not it indicates to me a closed mind to new facts if any should come forth. Why should we; ie., site participants “always” disagree? If new information comes my way, then I’ll be the first to readjust my views and knowledge base then move forward. Granted all we have are opinions on this site and yes we disagree, but “always will” seems prejudicial concerning one’s viewpoint; I.E., an obstinancy that is vital to acquiring new knowledge and information. Sorry, but that’s the way I feel about this statement.

        Carl Nemo **==

        • Jesus Christ Carl. Now I have to give a lecture on photojournalism 101?

          1–I was a working and credentialed photojournalist working in Washington. I had Pentagon press credentials. It’s what I did for a living.

          1–I shoot more than a thousand images nowadays at an average high school football game for a local paper. An average 16 GB datacard holds 3,000 images for my Canon high resolution DSLRs that I use today and I always carry two. In 2001, I was shooting with two Nikon D1 digital SLRs on digital media. The capacity of the cards was lower in those days (as was the resolution of the cameras) and I shoot, on average, 1500 images on a slow news day. Sept. 11 was hardly a slow day.

          As for the rest of it, I’m not going to let another 9/11 conspiracy debate get started here. Keep it up and I will shut this thread down.

          • Thanks for the reply. How would I or anyone else know you working as a photojournalist at the time. I thought you left D.C. as a high level rep for the Real Estate Association lobby prior to retiring in Floyd.

            I’m well aware what 16gb cards can hold etc. All I wanted to know is what your opinion might have been concerning the imaging results and as to how close to the action you might of been etc.? I’ve complimented you many times on your Blue Ridge Muse concerning the quality of your photowork over time both scenics and high school action work.

            Sorry to have stepped on your arches with this line of questioning.

            Hoping your day goes well. : )

            Carl Nemo **==

            • I left the National Association of Realtors in 1992 and, after sobering up, returned to journalism I worked as a contract photographer for AFP until 2004. I still shoot for area newspapers and do an occasional gig for magazines and wire services.

      • Just keeping you on your toes. All editors take their lumps from the public every now and again. I do hope you take another look at Mr. Sheen. I imagine that he and Mel Gibson will be stuck working together in the near future.

        Three quarters of my post was in defending Sheen hoping he could get a fair shake from you and not 9/11. I think if you read or listen to the original interview he gave with Alex Jones, then you will see how things he said that news sites have carried have been blown out of context/proportion while things he said that really mattered such as speaking out for freedom and liberty have been entirely ignored.

        Yes, he has a playboy lifestyle. And maybe an association with some of these more, shall we say “wild” individuals is damaging. But you have to admit, one could not pay for the coverage given to Sheen and good or bad, he is a household name now.

  9. Obviously the points made about CS are well documented, but a point can be made without using denigrating words. I think articles written in this manner lose readers.

  10. Sandune you invariably seem to fall into some type of anti CHB mode so why even bother with us? When you get into that pattern I have zero problems treating you like you decide to treat others and especially with your generalities and bleatings about the site. I imagine you probably have Nessie swimming in your backyard and Big Foot as your gardener.

    I embrace my ignorance if it means rejecting the most bizarre and convoluted rantings that make your posts seem like a casting call for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

    I apologize for my lack of tolerance.

  11. “Bobo and Almandine, I would bet you never read a single book on the 911 attack. Why should you?” …extract from post

    Ms. Price…why do you incessantly attack fellow posters. Cease and desist!

    You are speaking for other people along with questioning their knowledge base and research into such issues. You diminish yourself when you do this.

    It seems you want to invariably be the “top” in articles for discussion.

    I/we aren’t your enemy here. I believe you’ve said you are 78 years of age. Start acting so, which should show some understanding etc. With age should come wisdom…no?!

    Bogofree, not ‘bobo’ and Almandine are superior intellects in my opinion, so to disrespect them in this way is an insult by my standards. Simply…STOP! : |

    Express yourself and ideas concerning the order of the day, but quit using your attacks on others in order to show some type of intellectual and societally based superiority due to your life contact experiences.

    We’re all in this together…no?

    Carl Nemo **==

  12. I;m glad you can find humor in the destruction of our nation. This morning in the Christian Science Monitor it was reported that many terrorist groups are forming all over America. The courts, judges, sheriffs and even District Attorneys are threatened when they uphold the law. My fear is that these are all part of the Teapartys groups including the religious right. I will not give anyone a head’s up for your entertainment. Wait until one of your pals is killed by these skin head terrorists.

    Bobo and Almandine, I would bet you never read a single book on the 911 attack. Why should you? You are comics with no interest in the safety of any american. I’m sorry for your ignorance of our problems. CHB prefers folks like you so that nobody is ever a paft of anything. I tried…..I would gain nothing from educating you on this serious stuff. CHB wastes time and energy discussing subjects that they refuse to respect. Here’s a clue. No prayers are going to save your sorry asses with this stuff.

    • Guess you didn’t get my tongue-in-cheek reply to bogofree. And, of course, I’m not surprised… it fits so well with everything else I have learned about you.

  13. I think it is about time that we all realize that JFK was resuscitated in Dallas and is currently residing on the moon Triton guest of an alien culture working their little ET buns off to place us on the path to joining the galactic community. JFK now is an immortal and resides in the same community as Judge Crater and Amelia Earhart.

    Charlie Sheen is really an android warlock from Gyybix who is attempting to discover the mating rituals of the earthlings while providing some entertainment value to win us all over. Notice his slurred speech? Obviously mechanical malfunctions.

    Pearl Harbor never existed and nor did the Holocaust. Both were creations of an early 20th graphics technology that is hidden in Area 51. I know….I have read millions of books and articles on it.

    9/11 was a fraud since I know a clerk at the local Stop & Shop whose hairdresser’s uncle was a baggage handler at Fortress Logan that very day and is willing to testify that no planes left that morning that fit the description of those involved. Again, my understanding is that the very planes were retrofitted in Atlantis to help restore an Aztec Hegemony to North America.

  14. Carl American history has millions of books and commentaries including opinions of how Peal Harbor was bombed and how 103 was shot down, how Yemen bombed our ship and how 4 planes were actually able to kill over 3000 people. On the surface, many Americans gave the responsibility to their government to tell what brought this on.

    Every American political person understood that who was President had to explain what happened. since the beginning of attacks and angry reactions, there are always those who refuse to think about what or why anything happened. The term “silly conspiracies” are always there waiting to be used by someone who will never take the time or effort to locate the truth. Most of the time, the truth is impossible to locate and other times, the very government we live under has the key. Did anyone here bother to read the Commission Report and search it for consistency from the CIA/FBI reports?

    Whether you, Doug or Carl, like it these disasters will always be considered cold files. Maybe when everyone is dead and forgotten, someone might take the files and open to see what the hell went wrong? Or will we be up to our asses in more Charlie Sheen stories and silly things like AlQueda and Islam will be forgotten.

    In my world CHB is dead and died after all mention of 9/11 was forbidden. As a child of history will 9/11 disappear just as Atlantic died? I could ask easily 100 questions about that day that can not be asked. The difference is that I will never forget what I saw and read on that morning. I saw those bodies jump to keep from burning. It is not necessary for me to ask anything here as the label of “silly conspiracy” is all there is.

    Carl there are many scientists who will not let this die. National Geographic will not close anything until it is solved. I have no need to keep it going here where nobody gives a damn.

    My family lost many sailors in Pearl Harbor and when a movie was made about it, many of my family members were involved in the filming, descriptions and even with the deaths of the people involved,. Another film was made years later and more information was lost during that production.

    Nobody cares…..

  15. “Also, at the height of the 9/11 conspiracy madness, those who buy into the absurd notion that the Bush administration had a hand in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon trotted out — as their “credible” spokesman — no less than Charlie Sheen.” …extract from article

    Since the subject of 9/11 is verboten on this site per your guidelines, maybe it’s not a good idea to use 9/11 as a supporting thesis for a rant concerning flakey media personalities etc.; I.E., using a subject for which you allow no discussion or debate. For every opinion there’s a counter argument, since none of such is allowed on this forum concerning 9/11, then to make such a bold statement concerning the Bush administration’s non involvement is simply conjecture, no different than those that claim conspiracy was involved.

    Granted it’s your site, but to me it’s a “yellow flag alert” concerning contrived censorship since you wish to use 9/11 in an article serving your editorial purposes with no rebuttals allowed.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Carl:

      The point of this column was that any cause, political party or philosophical group loses credibility when they embrace questionable characters like Sheen, Bachman, Palin, et. al.

      The subject of 9/11 was never declared verboten on this web site. I did make a decision that endless rehashing of the various conspiracies here were a waste of time and bandwidth. That decision stands but there is not, nor has there ever been, a ban on serious discussion of the event and its aftereffects. Huffington Post has a far more strict ban than we do.

      My point is that when you trot out a celebrity like Sheen or off the wall political types like Bachman as a spokesman to bolster a cause, it casts doubt on credibility.

  16. I’ve always been perturbed by the use of the term “legitimate” when it comes to children. Children are precious gifts, and that should be the end of defining them. What irks me is when those like Gov. Huckabee wail on about the legitimacy of a fetus (which I agree with) but then they become “illegitimate” as soon as they are out of the womb.

    As regards 9/11, I’m not sure if there ever was a conspiracy, per se. Rather a conspiracy in the sense that a predictable confluence of events was assured by a teeming well of incompetence and mediocrity. And this has been going on for decades. The Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations are about as organized and coherent as a soup sandwich.

    Robert Frost once said that the one word in the English language he did not like was “exclusive.” To me, this lies at the center of this article. The people mentioned here are all surrounded in a bubble of exclusivity and entitlement. There are those who agree with them and fawn over them. Anyone else simply doesn’t exist.

    They all remind me of the old phrase, “Don’t go stepping in the stuff you’re trying to sell us.”

  17. You wrote a very interesting commentary on what gets into the brains/minds of Americans during these days of insane reporting.

    Had 4 planes gotten mixed up in a storm and fallen into the Trade Centers and Pentagon and Pennsylvania, it would have been explained as an act of God. Let me explain why it wasn’t done…..

    Many devoted voters worked very hard to keep Gov. Bush from being elected in 2000. You were around here and must have read the reports of his corruption in Texas and his inability to form intelligent words to explain his future plans. Many of us had read dozens of books on his agenda of bringing God into the government. Whether he used false concepts or he was directed by Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell to save us all from hell; we will never know.

    Many of us questioned the intelligence of Washington D.C. exactly the same way we questioned FDR on that Sunday Morning in Pearl Harbor. It takes an aware and thinking American public to put actions in their rightful corner.

    The political groups mentioned in your commentary are all running on the premise that there is only one God who controls America from top to bottom. Gov. Huckabee stated clearly that it is the responsibility of the government to keep all Americans on the right track to heaven. Palin is another who believes that any action to promote Jesus Christ is justified if it means tearing down the reputations of other Americans.

    In my 60 years of reading and analyzing what makes Americans tick, it has been proven that their minds stop dead when questioned about government responsibility. It is the brainwashing that destroyed many European nations when the church rewrote their criminal laws. If something looks suspicious, blame God.

    I asked some questions about 911 just as I asked about Pearl Harbor. Our government has never answered the obvious questions and we find ourselves in a secret load of meetings where everyone’s ass is covered except the victims.

    Blaming Hollywood is the final insult. Our movies and television scripts come from all source of stories. Nothing is more violent and cruel than taking stories updated from the bible. If any family allows their children to watch television for more than 3 minutes a day, they are responsible for the lack of brains, ethics, and vocabulary and can be declared brain dead during the elections. Charlie became a celebrity when every damn cable news station sold products during the coverage of this out-of-control fool.

    When I read this commentary this morning I thought it was a joke until I read the reply.

    Our federal government is manipulating us by party labels. This puts corruption first in their list of problems and we will buy it and of course never question the actions of our leaders.

    America is not ready for individual freedoms because the people need guidance from religious leaders before we can think out of the box where these fools have placed us. We will continue to be led by threats of the final days and our sinking into hell. The GOP has spent years on this plan of a religious political party. I saw it rise just after WW2 and Americans were just as stupid and stubborn then as we are now.

    Several times a year, I require a cleansing bath to wash off the supernatural dirt that has been thrown over me. I will never fall into the religious attitude that only Christians can be worthy of American values. I hope to drive down to Pasadena next month to hear Drs. Shermer and Dennett talk about living without superstition in our lives.

    Maybe in the next administration of government, the American people will be able to think for themselves and drop kick those fools who are running for office in the GOP. I could learn to live in Socialism and even in a world where gays are not accepted. I don’t want to but I could. What I could not accept is that God runs my government under the same rules that the Pope ran the inquisitions.

    I had hoped that CHB would be more open minded but when the news runs out, it will always come back to what God wants. It is your own personal Charlie Sheen moment.

    I won’t live long enough to see two Americans fall deeply in love and want a commitment to live together as a family. It might even come down to saying that “the marriage certificate” is just another god damn piece of paper.

    Sorry Chief, but you lost me a long time ago and today the ink of rejection is blotted.

  18. You may be right, but for Huckabee to point a finger at Natalie Portman without turning around and pointing the same finger at Bristol Palin is bullsh*t. It basically says “we’ll ignore what Bristol does because her mother is one of our own, but we can tar and feather Natalie Portman because she’s one of those ‘Hollywood Liberals’ and deserves what she gets”. Sorry, but Mikey should have been equally condemning of them both.

  19. As someone who has worked in healthcare for a couple of decades, I can tell you that Hollywood does have an effect on young women, perhaps people in general. These kids have no clue what they are getting into when they become parents. Should Hollywood be a role model? NO ! But it is. There was a time when studios had morals clauses in actors contracts. Perhaps if they did we would be spared the Charlie Sheens of the world, and others.

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