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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Obama takes first steps on road to 2012 elections


MIAMI (Reuters) – President Barack Obama took the first steps on the road to the 2012 elections on Friday, presiding over the first of many fund-raising events to ensure his Democrats can compete against the Republicans.

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1 thought on “Obama takes first steps on road to 2012 elections”

  1. What’s so tragic about this perma-electioneering ritual is that these ‘elected one’s’ accomplish nothing positive for “We the People” while in office, but are ever so eager to get themselves and their party apparatchiks reelected.

    This nation is going down the tubes so to speak. It’s not some figment of mine and others imaginations. We’re experienceing deep hurt as a function of ‘globalism run amok’. Evidently their corporate masters truly call all the shots while those we elect to represent and lead are nothing but their ‘running dogs’.

    Seemingly this President along with Congress don’t get it concerning the fact that this nation is harms way and if they do; then all I can say is they are all collectively speaking, “enemies of the state” out to scuttle the USS America…! : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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