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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Drug war dispute to dominate Obama-Calderon meeting


MEXICO CITY/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Mexican President Felipe Calderon will press President Barack Obama to crack down on U.S. drug consumption and illegal arms sales when they meet on Thursday to smooth over troubles in their drugs war alliance.

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5 thoughts on “Drug war dispute to dominate Obama-Calderon meeting”

  1. There’s an easier solution, de-criminalize and regulate/tax drugs now listed as illegal. That plugs the $90-billion sink hole we call the “War on Drugs” and makes these thug drug runners obsolete overnight. Prohibition only encourages more illegal activity. It didn’t work for alcohol, it isn’t working for these “illegal” drugs.

    Of course then al-C.I.A.da would need to find a new scheme for revenue…but that’s their problem!

  2. seriously, lmao. I meant NAACP, not collegiate athletes. Gets confusing with all the acronyms flying ’round.

  3. @ M. Terry. You sir, need to stop making sense. You obviously have not realized how your proprosed changes would hurt the feelings of the all the LULAC, NCAA, MALDEF, and RAZA people. I mean, that would really offend them, if we implemented Mexico’s immigration laws. Are you racist?!? You must hate brown people, wanting to SEAL the border. How would they feed all their kids and start their gangs? How would they traffic narcotics accross our border? Man….you logical people kill me.

  4. There is a glaringly simple solution to this whole thing. It comes in 3 parts.

    1. Seal the border. Not with a couple of convenient “photo op ready” sections of fence. (apologies the the good folks in and around Brownsville Tx.) but, SEAL the border AT the border.

    2. Immediately bring into law a replication of Mexico’s law concerning the treatment of those apprehended as being in the country illegally. Make this effective quickly, make it effective AND enforced. No amnesty for those that are already here. Couple that to putting teeth behind drug enforcement. The American taxpayer would be far better served by our valiant, and brave men and women of our armed forces by service here in our own country. We have the best military in the world. Too often we use it everywhere else but here. Let’s bring them home. I suspect that retention rates would go up significantly if the hardship of being separated from ones family was not imposed so often. Granted, some foreign presence will be needed to preserve American interests abroad, but no where near what we have out there currently.

    3. Stop all trade with Mexico unless full cooperation from the Mexican government is immediate and complete. Recall our Ambassador, and close the embassies too. We don’t need them as much as they need us. As a country we can and will do just fine not having cheap jeans “assembled in Mexico” in the local Walmart. Equally, domestic companies could and would, be better for the return of local industry replacing what we used to get from Mexico. As I said, they need us a whole lot more than we need them.
    We need to have Washington grow some gonads and send this bozo packing.

    • A spot-on Rx for our border problems with Mexico, but will it happen, not only no, but hell no.

      I distrust our corrupt government so much so along with my knowledge base of the CIA’s ‘time-honored’ trafficking in drugs, that I could visualize he and Calderon griping to each other that ‘business’ isn’t all that good due to the current border interdiction and that Obama needs to ‘lighten up’ if anything. I’m not joking either. Those are the types of discussions that Bush or a Clinton would have had with Vincente’ Fox former President of Mexico. Obama is simply another CIA cutout.

      Mexico is nothing but our ever ‘handy’ banana republic abutting the U.S. It’s great for drug smuggling, smuggling in human traffic, white slavery even engineered terrorism onto our nation if the need should so arise for a false flag op.

      You can’t expect corruption to confront the same. The U.S. and Mexico are both cut from the same cloth…period!

      That also explains why the borders continue to be so porous. / : |

      I’m providing a link concerning the former President of Mexico’s Bush/Clinton links. Rest assured “the beat goes on” different names, but the same old b.s. M.O. ….!

      Carl Nemo **==

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