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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Sen. Schumer calls for increased public WiFi security


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Sen. Charles Schumer on Sunday called on major U.S. web site operators such as Amazon and Twitter to switch to a more secure protocol to prevent identify theft and other security breaches in places like coffee shops.

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1 thought on “Sen. Schumer calls for increased public WiFi security”

  1. Scrutiny is a two way street.

    Much like a river information flows,
    the more open the flood gates outcome, world wide it shows,
    special interests power is out numbered,
    by the few and utterly powerless.

    Pull up a rock and croak,
    soon their accusation of false echo’s will soothe our savage breast,
    thus the status quo regenerates.

    Truly a pity the fourth estate is happy to hit singles but never get a man across home… Hack..

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