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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Chaos we got: So, where’s the order?


“Out of chaos comes order,” Friedrich Nietzsche once said.

If true, then maybe there is hope because chaos, folks, is what we have all around us today.

Congress? Chaos.

The President? Chaos in an expensive suit.

State governments like Wisconsin? Chaos after the midnight hour.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Chaos where people die.

And so on.

The economy is in chaos. Even the rich are losing their homes in foreclosure. If the fatcats can’t afford to live, what chance does the average American have?

Hell, even chaos is in chaos. Polls show most Americans things are going to hell…and that it will get worse.

For once, even most experts agree.

So maybe the only solution is to sit back and wait for the order the Fred said would come out of all this chaos.

But when?


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19 thoughts on “Chaos we got: So, where’s the order?”

  1. Chaos or order? A government of the people or a dictatorship? The people control chaos; they have no control over order. Democracy is chaos. Chaos is a beautiful thing.

    • Thanks Griff for the bittersweet vidclip. It somewhat choked me up to watch it because it’s a powerful statement as to how much we really need each other. His first taker was the little old lady to which he had to kneel to accomplish the hug.

      It’s tragic that the leaders of this nation have conspired to squander our national wealth and even our heritage all for a few dollars, euros or shekels more.

      Little do these greedy mattoids realize that the line in the sand has been drawn concerning the physical parceling off of our nation to offshore entities. I’m sure they have plans to do that too if necessary.

      We will have to join together to rebuild that which was once good and it can be done, but not without bloodshed I fear…Our mighty cry to this fetid intrusion of fascism run amok within the highest levels of our government shall be as for all time… No pasarán…! : |

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Yo ray…

      Seemingly you’re quite the poet and don’t know it because your feet are ‘long fellows’ if anything.

      Doug’s capable of defending himself, but to me it’s the height of rudeness to come on to a guy’s site; ie., “his site” and then proceed to p*ss on his shoes via some not so clever doggerel.

      If you are capable of this level of writing then so too you are able to write something of merit with a little depth concerning the chaotic conditions within our nation and the world at large…no? / : |

      Carl Nemo **==

    • Thanks for the link concerning the possible implementation of a gold standard.

      Unfortunately our entire modern era pardigm has been built upon a fiat currency system backed by nothing other than ‘faith’.

      Bernanke’s seemingly endless QE scheme is not something he hatched on his own behalf although he has an inflationist’s bias which is based on his ideas of the best Rx necessary to prevent a depression. Regardless, there’s an invisible hand behind him that seemingly wants to destroy the USD. I’m suspecting it’s ‘Globalists ‘r Us’ . This massive printing of U.S. currency is unwarranted to the point that it’s in our face and deadly to all citizens. So too, notice no emergency sessons are called to pull the plug on this guy. Granted he’s appointed for a term, but if saving the nation’s currency is important then there’s definitely power to stop him, but Congress isn’t doing so.

      If our central bank and the rest worldwide were interested in moving to a gold standard then the simplist route would be to open a “gold window” at local branches nationwide; ie., chartering banks to buy and sell the popular bullion coins in their various denominations. Folks could both buy and sell these coins bypassing shady characters such as pawn brokers and even many coin dealers. By doing such it would create a liquidity for such coins. The premium charged for the transaction would be minimal and it would allow banks another source of revenue via these premiums. People that were interested in having gold coins could simply purchase them at their local bank and hoarders would have a safe outlet to liquidate such coins in order to convert them to currency. This would allow gold to become much more liquid and fungible creating a linkage between the two. Gold would still be traded too as a commodity so it would still be subject to a daily spot price in order to determine the exchange rate. Now one would say what happens if gold declines overnight then the bank is left holding the bag? Not so if they operate a hedging department via the commodities markets. They can always be market neutral by buying and selling futures contracts to prevent any losses on a daily basis by creating a tight “collar” around the daily price swings by being both long and short, the purpose not to profit, but to prevent losses. Institutional hedgers get a deep discount on the cost of their contracts. General Mills (wheat/flour), major oil and energy distributors or any large user of a commodity hedge their positions due to the large amounts held in storage. It also prevents volatility in daily pricing. This is the very purpose of commodities markets.

      The purpose of my suggestion would be to create a gold friendly environment for the common people. They can buy tenth ounces which would better suit their needs since laying out money for entire ounces would be prohibitive for most folks. A tenth ounce is about the size of a U.S. dime. If gold starts moving higher to the multi-thousand dollar plus range, then the mint could crank out 1/20 ounce counce coins. Pure silver rounds, older Morgan dollars as well as pre-64 silver-based coinage could both bought and redeemed at these windows on a spot bullion price basis too. Silver can be hedged too to prevent institutional losses.

      Will they do this? I think not because central bankers are counterfeiters at heart and don’t want the common people to have anything of value in their possession. It would allow people to feel independent, disconnected and insulated from their inflationary shenanigans. Instead they want desperate people doing the bidding of a corrupt government. The dispensation of fear is of utmost importance, since it gives them control over the unwashed masses.

      As far as the imminent demise of the USD, I think many of the pundits are premature. There’s quite a bit of unsettling things occuring in third world regions including almighty China in terms of food price inflation. When things get loose and goosey in these nations their money managers still gravitate towards the USD for the “carry trade”. Buy cheap USD and use the ‘loan’ to buy another that’s paying a higher rate of return such as the Australian dollar. A goodly portion of the saying that our debts are backed by “the full faith and credit of the United States” is not simply based on economics, but our still prevailing class as the world’s singular superpower especially in a nuclear sense. Rest assured if we weren’t providing world stability in a strategic sense, then one of the other superpower wannabes might do something stupid in terms of fomenting a major war. So this perception of military strength is linked to the stability of the USD. FOREX concerning currency trading in these times is basically a skewed beauty contest where the least ugly of the lot is the strongest on any given day.

      I’m providing a link to an editorial by Bryan Rich and expert on currency trading and is part of the Weiss family of subject matter experts on “Money and Markets.” They offer a free subscription to their valuable market related information. I highly recommend investors to subscribe. No, they won’t flood your e-box with SPAM.

      Let’s hope for the best and that things will shake out far better than myself and others predict. . : )

      Carl Nemo **==

        • Hi Almandine,

          I’m thinking you and others would enjoy this vidclip of a California man trying to hand out a free one ounce Canadian Leaf. Some of you may have viewed the clip before, but I’ve enjoyed it a number of times. It makes my head swim as to where our citizens’ priorities lay. Evidently ‘credit is money’ to them and the order of the day is to party hearty until the fat lady sings her last rendition of “America the Beautiful” as the USS America slips beneath the waves to the watery grave of history’s boneyard of nation’s past. : |

          As a followup thought. Witnessing the abject stupidity of these people on the street in this vidclip will also give readers on CHB a dipstick sampling as to how un to ill-informed our fellow citizens are on most of the issues of the day and that’s why we’re easy pickings for the crimpols and their shadowy controllers in D.C.

          Carl Nemo **==

          • “one ounce Canadian Leaf” …extract from post

            I was both mortified and laughing at the same time when I read this “brain fart” of yesterday. My apologies!

            should read: “one ounce Canadian Maple Leaf”

            What if it were an oak leaf, fig leaf, banana leaf or whatever; regardless it’s still is one ounce of gold…?! : D

            Carl Nemo **==

  2. Here’s the order. Like livestock to the slaughter, people lining up for wanding and groping after getting off a train. Hey, didn’t Janet promise no more searches for kids under twelve? Oh well, it looks like kids enjoy the extra attention from the smurf patrol.

    What? You demanded change. You demanded safety. This is all for your own good. They are already at most airports. Just wait until they are at the malls, sporting events, the bus stations, the train depots, randomly stopping vehicles on the highway, and using mobile Z-backscatter vans to x-ray your homes and cars as they drive by. Janet has promised that is next to come. So don’t worry. The comfort you demanded is now mandatory. Bend over and ready yourself.

    • Let’s face it Woody, when you see TSA ‘officials’ brainwashing kids concernig the new societal paradigm to be, it should definitely trigger a heads up to adults as to what’s happening before it’s too late.

      Maybe entertainment along with endless access to shopping has a far greater allure than the concept and enjoyment of FREEDOM…!!!

      Weren’t those the last words shouted in the movie…”Braveheart” from the tortured lips of William Wallace played by Mel Gibson?

      Carl Nemo **==

  3. Well it can and cannot be depending on conditions.

    Take steam, condense it to water, then cool the water further and it becomes ice a stable manifestation of water. So from the disordered state of the heated water molecules of steam we reduce it to liquid water, then to a more ordered form of matter known as ice which will stay in such state as long as not acted upon by an increase in temperature. Of course the process can be reversed from ice cube to highly disordered steam.

    This is physical example, but the same can go for societies along with its associated complex problems which can only exist as a function of human psyche’s and intellects creating such. They are an abstraction and many different societies along with their respective rules for living can be created and have been throughout human history.

    In this realm, we being sapient creatures, the best measure of a functional society is if our basic needs as a functional rational animal are being met? We must have nourishment, shelter, clothing to protect us if the climate warrants such and freedom from threats to our well-being and the enjoyment of association with our mates/family/tribe/clan/city state/nation or whatever. If any of these inputs aren’t being supplied as a dysfunction of the model then we will feel threatened and therefore will be unhappy to desperate. We are currently in a phase that we are beginning to both sense and feel threats to these basic needs therefore moving towards disorder.

    So the measure of our current societal condition is that we are beginning to feel threatened by the unraveling of many social contracts between the individual citizen and our government which represents that of a contract between us, our body of laws and our elected representatives as guided by our founding document the U.S. Constitution. It being the basic law of our land and is now seemingly being treated as a trivial to nothing document by our scoflaw’s in Congress and the Executive Branch.

    We’ve had a few periods of in the history of the Republic where this aforedescribed system was stable and comforting with little thought of default on this social contract, but we are now moving towards a period of disorganization of the system. We have not reached the nadir of our misfortunes as a people whatever level that might be or for how long the period might last, but from there we can move back to hopefully a more settling state of society. There are no guarantees that the new “system” will be exactly linked to the old one and out of the ashes might come a new nation or many out of one through Balkanization of the Republic but on goes the process for better or worse relative our sense of comfort and security.

    Although Nietzsche’s words are cause for reflection it does not represent an absolute immutable exchange; “out of chaos comes order”.

    The problem I have with Nietzsche in general is that he is too emotional and tends to make “profound” statements about nothing. It is almost like he is trying to be the ubermensch without the vaguest idea how to go about being the ubermensch …quoted from Alan Turing
    Many people have heard of the Taoist terms Yin and Yang along with its round symbol showing a wavy white area meeting a similar dark area conjoining the white within the confines of the circle. Within each light area there’s a small dark circle and within the dark area a small white circle. The larger areas represent what might be called opposites which could be anything; ie, light/dark, female/male, life consciousness/death unconsciousness etc. or simply chaos vs. disorder abutting order, but within each of these major patterns or trends there exists the seed of that which is opposite to its greater nature with the ability to become so in time. The best people have a spark of badness within as well as the worst have a spark of goodness within too. The point being that everything is within a constant state of flux with neither being necessarily good or bad, but simply an excercise in relativism with no absolutes as a function of our psychological perceptions. Societies vs. their systems of government are no different.

    Carl Nemo **==

    • You are correct Almandine in that chaos “is order” relative to the mechanisms of the continuum. Chaos manifests the force that drives the process; I.E., the heartbeat of CREATION! Possibly the hand of chaos is god/God…?

      But, at our level of existence relative to such there are many sub-nestings within the greater unfolding of the iterative nestings of that which simply … “IS”…!

      Carl Nemo **==

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