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Friday, June 21, 2024

Federal government sends healthcare funds to worried states


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The federal government on Thursday announced funding to help states evaluate health insurance rates and run preventive medicine programs, just as many state officials worry they cannot afford to carry out reforms included in the massive healthcare law.

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9 thoughts on “Federal government sends healthcare funds to worried states”

  1. All joking aside, when has the government ever put the citizens in a win, win situation without the intentional backfire planted somewhere in the firing order ?

    The word ” If ” in the language of legislation always outweighs how, when, where, and why we should follow like sheep the What Me Worry , Alfred .E. strategy…Hack..

  2. Preventative medicine sounds an awful lot like planned parenthood.
    What ?
    Where are those confounded house republicans ?

    • Hey Bryan –

      Wasn’t even talking programs… healthcare… unions… politics… anything.

      I’m thinking debt, pure and simple. What IS the answer?

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